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Turn Managers Into Coaches

Ongoing Conversations

Help your managers deliver coaching conversations that accelerate employee performance.

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Annual reviews alone don't motivate employees to perform at their best.

Employees need more frequent, focused and future-oriented conversations and a manager who acts like a coach, not a boss.

Are your managers prepared to meet these new expectations?

Gallup partners with you to embed ongoing conversations into the fabric of your organization. We equip managers to assume the role of coach and inspire greater performance in their employees. We offer a practical framework for how and when to execute the fundamentals of effective coaching conversations.

We also account for the learning curve that comes with asking your managers to shift their traditional style of communication. We help them understand the factors that influence employee performance and work with them to practice performance conversations. Your managers come away with a new mindset, as well as easy-to-use tools for putting what they learn into action.

Employees who strongly agree they have had conversations with their manager in the past six months about their goals and successes are 2.8x more likely to be engaged.

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Gallup's performance management research encompasses the thoughts and actions of more than 60 million employees.

23% of employees strongly agree that their manager provides meaningful feedback to them.

Learn how to have authentic, motivating conversations that continually point at performance.

Coach the coach.

Gallup provides courses, coaching and consulting to help your managers lead effective performance conversations.

Courses. We offer multiple courses for managers, including Leading High-Performance Teams and Successful Strengths Coaching. Participants learn how to integrate Gallup research and findings into their management approach and leave with tools, techniques and experience for creating and sustaining high performance. Our courses are offered at locations around the world and can be delivered on-site at your organization.

Coaching. All managers at all levels of performance can benefit from coaching. Gallup's expert coaches guide and support managers to ensure a smooth transition to ongoing conversations.

Consulting. Gallup has studied and worked with great managers for decades. We partner with you to develop a comprehensive training and development strategy that empowers your managers to excel in a new era of performance management.

Change the conversation.

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