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Deliver High Well-Being

Deliberately address the whole person, not just the employee. Gallup helps you create a culture of well-being that optimizes how your employees work and live.

The Challenge

Moving beyond wellness programs.

Employees' well-being directly affects your organization as a crucial driver of business outcomes. It is a vital part of the employee experience and an important factor in your attraction, retention and engagement strategies.

When done right, well-being is a huge differentiator for you as an employer and as a business.

Done right is the key.

Effective well-being strategies focus on more than employees' physical health, programs or contests. You need an integrated strategy that accounts for everything that helps people lead a life well-lived and execute a job well-done.

Our Approach

Treat every business interaction as human interaction.

Regardless of what business you are in, you are in the people business. Your employees are your greatest asset.

When they do well, so do you.

Gallup, in partnership with Sharecare, has developed a well-being model that drives results by considering the ways employees relate to their job and, in turn, perform at work. We define well-being as five interrelated elements: purpose, social, financial, community and physical.

Gallup's approach speaks to the desires of today's employees. Employees want to work for an organization that addresses issues such as burnout and team relationships, and supports them professionally and personally. They want to be seen as a person, not only as an employee.

Our Solutions

Create a culture of well-being.

We offer a comprehensive well-being platform that incorporates individual and organizational solutions to change lives and improve business performance.

Well-Being 5 View

This 12-item survey measures employee well-being. Your managers can examine their team's scorecard and use Gallup's online resources to facilitate action planning and create real, sustainable change based on our expert analytics and advice.

Well-Being Audit & Analysis

Using our science-based model on the main components of workplace culture, Gallup's qualitative consulting uncovers the root-cause drivers to well-being in your specific culture, articulating a road map for change.

Well-Being Training

Through facilitated training sessions, Gallup equips your managers, front-line employees and champions to enact small shifts in their approaches and behaviors that promote their own and their teams' well-being.

Keynotes & Events

Gallup experts deliver thought-provoking education and motivation delivered to large audiences to increase awareness of well-being and mobilize the call to action to lead a life well-lived. We also facilitate workshops on the five elements at annual meetings, conferences and retreats.

Position well-being as a differentiator.

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