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Focusing on Success: Season 4 Theme Thursday Kickoff

Focusing on Success: Season 4 Theme Thursday Kickoff

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  • Gallup Theme Thursday Webcast Series
  • Season 4, Kickoff
  • Learn about the upcoming Season 4 Theme Thursday webcasts, which focus on success, and strategies and factors for that success -- in this Season 4 kickoff.

On this Theme Thursday Season 4 webcast, Jim Collison, Gallup's Director of Talent Sourcing, and Maika Leibbrandt, Senior Workplace Consultant, talk about the new season of Theme Thursday in this kickoff event.

Welcome back to another exciting season of Theme Thursday! We would like to begin by recapping all of the great content in Season 3. For Season 3 we focused on Strengths-Based Leadership. If you read Strengths-Based Leadership, you will find that it's different from any other business success book. Whereas those books may teach you how to become successful by being like them, Strengths-Based Leadership teaches you to succeed by being yourself. We were able to talk to 34 different leaders to tap into their unique way of being successful. There is no single set of Themes that lead to successful leadership. There isn't a set profile of a leader, but the way that the Themes are constructed help influence the work that they do.

As we think about Season 4 we want to focus on success. We will be thinking about strategies and factors for that success. The interest and enthusiasm towards CliftonStrengths is going to be geared towards performance. We want you to think about not just how can you name each theme, but how can you aim them. We are going to go in-depth with suggesting the action you can take while diving into all 34.

As a coach you are not just giving assignments, but rather you're accelerating the learning within your client. There is a deep desire to understand the science behind strengths. We will dive into one Theme at a time, and give you ways to accelerate and make the most of it. We will help you harness the strengths that you have, rather than making up for the ones that you don't.

One way to help prep for our upcoming shows is with our written blog series by Al Winseman. The focus of this season of Mastery Monday is productive aiming. There is a huge spotlight on success and performance in the research behind CliftonStrengths. It is not just about studying all the ways you can be, but rather understanding all the ways you can succeed. Al focuses on what you can do productively to aim each of these Themes. He does a masterful job of coaching through his writing. These are a great tool to use as pre-work for your clients. You can deepen their awareness of what the strengths look like when they're on fire, and what they can do to aim them on purpose.

For Season 4 we will give you a brief Theme description on what it is when it's at its very best. We will then talk about what you need to be doing more of if you have this Theme. Finally, we will be discussing what environment is best for this strength while delving into Theme Dynamics. We will also talk about what this strength means for those that work with you. What can you expect from someone with this Theme? How can you celebrate them, and how can you challenge them? We will wrap up each episode with a challenge of our own that should take about 7 days to complete. This challenge will really help you activate on each Theme. Now that you understand the science, how are you able to really set this Theme on fire from where you're at?

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