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Capitalizing on Your Talent: Strengths Develop Infinitely

Capitalizing on Your Talent: Strengths Develop Infinitely

Webcast Details

  • Gallup Called to Coach Webcast Series
  • Season 4, Episode 1
  • Listen as Dean Jones discusses the breakthrough elements of strengths-based development, including the infinite potential of your CliftonStrengths.

On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with Gallup's Talent Development Architect Dean Jones.

Dean will be a guest on Gallup webcasts approximately every 6-8 weeks during 2016. He will discuss the concepts and constructs that exist behind Gallup learning courses. He hopes to address misconceptions about strengths-based developments and to ensure Gallup's research supports Gallup-Certified coaching practices.

Strengths-based development is, in fact, a breakthrough for human development. It reshapes development into a positive and constructive endeavor ties into the way humans are innately wired. Strengths-based development gives people access to new levels of performance. It is not just a different approach to development, but a powerful one. It enables people to capitalize on their talent.

Dean often thinks about the quote from Don Clifton, the founder of strengths psychology, "What if we study what's right with people instead of what's wrong with people?" When Don initially said this, the field of psychology was focused on abnormal psychology -- studying why people were deviating from the norm. So, when Don wanted to concentrate on the positive aspects of humanity, it was revolutionary. Don began a new paradigm in psychology -- he wanted to study what made people great.

Dean Jones' Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Activator, Focus, WOO, Strategic and Relator.

Learn more about using CliftonStrengths to help yourself and others succeed:

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