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Insights From 14 Years of Coaching: Curt Liesveld

Insights From 14 Years of Coaching: Curt Liesveld

Webcast Details

  • Gallup Called to Coach Webcast Series
  • Season 1, Episode 2
  • Learn from one of the all-time best CliftonStrengths coaches, the late Curt Liesveld, as he shares about one of his passions: coaching.

On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with guest coach Curt Liesveld, who has been a strengths coach at Gallup for 14 years. Curt answered the call to coach after realizing his "intense interest in the nature of human beings." Along with a sociology degree and a theology background, Curt uses the CliftonStrengths assessment to study humans and transform their raw potential into talents at which they excel.

Curt not only coaches individuals, he also coaches other strengths coaches who want to improve the wellbeing of others. He genuinely enjoys coaching others and seeing the impact strengths-based coaching can have on people's lives.

Here are some highlights and insights from Curt Liesveld's Called to Coach webcast:

Transforming "being" into "doing."

We have to care equally about who people are and what they do. Being is who we are by nature. By focusing on our strengths, it helps us understand how to do what we do best.

How many people lived their entire life not knowing what their strengths were?

This question always loomed in Don Clifton's mind. It sincerely troubled him to know that people went their entire lives devoid of the opportunity to do what they do best every day. This same question serves as inspiration for coaches to help others discover their strengths and live fuller, happier lives.

How do unlikely strengths pairs work together?

There are 561 possible pairs of themes and any of them can work together to make up who you are. The two themes that most unlikely fit together are Activator and Deliberative; a person with this pair has a sense of urgency and caution at the same time. When unlikely themes are paired, we have to start thinking, "How does that give me an advantage?"

Can your strengths change over time?

At the core of who someone is, there is something enduring and consistent. Once you become an adult, there are consistencies between who you are and who you'll become. There are some things that do change, however. What you know changes because your education expands your knowledge, your skills change because of your experience and practice, and your values can change over time due to events like marriage and the birth of a child.

For more insights and information from Curt, watch the full video above.

Curt Liesveld's Top 5 CliftonStrengths: Responsibility, Relator, Maximizer, Learner and Analytical.

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