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Look Back at the Top Insights From Gallup's 2018 K-12 Research

Look Back at the Top Insights From Gallup's 2018 K-12 Research

by Jennifer Litton

The state of education in America is rapidly evolving due to technological advancements and curriculum reform. Perhaps the biggest challenge that the nation's K-12 school districts are facing during this transformation is finding and keeping talented teachers. Sixty-one percent of superintendents struggle with recruiting and retaining good teachers.

Education leaders can look at their culture, their employee engagement and the success of their principals to shape what happens within their walls. We help K-12 schools focus on what they naturally do best using our strengths-based approach.

Gallup Education provides analytics and advice for education leaders to help them build a thriving school community -- one that allows each student to reach their full potential and that focuses on what is strong rather than what is wrong.

Help your students discover their talents and then develop those talents into strengths. You can provide the nation's youth with a better path to a successful future.

Take a look back at the top K-12 insights released by Gallup in 2018:

Where do you stand on the use of digital devices in the classroom? Without strong support from teachers regarding the value of digital devices in the classroom, the promise of technology in education won't be fully realized. Read our study with Google on U.S. K-12 computer science education.

U.S. K-12 teachers believe their input needs to carry more weight when important decisions are being made at the school level. Optimize the performance of your staff, school and district with Gallup's employee engagement offerings.

The nation's superintendents are challenged to find and keep good teachers, and to improve the academic performance of underprepared students and deal with the effects of poverty on student learning. Gallup can help districts recruit and retain talented teachers and gain strategies to create thriving schools. To learn more, register for our on-demand webinar.

How prepared are the nation's graduates to succeed in the workforce? What are the best measures of success, according to K-12 superintendents? Discover how some districts are forging partnerships with employers to blur the lines between education and work. Learn how you can take steps to build a more positive school culture with the Gallup Student Poll.

How can we find the next generation of high-potential business builders who will shape the future? Your students can take the Builder Profile 10 assessment to identify whether they have a rare determination and drive, an unusual relationship with risk, and a need for independence and freedom. Learn more about the builder initiative and how it can positively affect your students' lives.

How satisfied are your students' parents? Parents of K-12 children in the U.S. remain more satisfied with the quality of their own child's education than with the quality of U.S. education overall. Show parents how they can play an active role by helping develop their child's innate talents with Strengths Based Parenting.

Whether you are for or against ranking systems, the goal should be to create opportunities for each student to be motivated in a way that fits them best, ultimately driving them to achieve a great career and a great life. Download our State of America's Schools report today.

Education leaders can look at their culture, their employee engagement and the success of their principals to shape what happens within their walls.

A fundamental reconsideration of federal education policy and making positive strides in students' readiness for their postsecondary pursuits could go a long way toward making superintendents more excited about the future of K-12 education nationwide. By focusing on a systematic strengths development process for educators and students, you can help transform your school's culture and harness the potential of your educators to empower your students to do what they do best.

Discover Gallup Education's insights and advice to transform your school:

  • Gain strategies to create thriving students and schools with courses for educators.
  • Learn why educators at all levels use CliftonStrengths to develop thriving students and schools by watching this video.
  • Read the book Building Engaged Schools.

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