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Good leaders start learning.
Great leaders never stop.

Successful leaders and managers make great decisions about people. They learn how to coach and engage their employees, how to keep star talent, and how to create a culture that protects the bottom line. Data driven and designed for leaders and managers of all experience levels, our in-person and virtual learning will help you solve your toughest problems.

About our learning

Learn how we develop leaders and managers.

We teach leaders and managers how to develop themselves and how to draw out the raw potential their people possess. Our courses teach leaders and managers how to spot and develop talent, engage employees, and inspire near-perfect performance.

Our learning programs help leaders and managers:

  • learn to coach employees at all levels
  • motivate every employee with a compelling mission and vision
  • understand their own unique leadership style
  • make better decisions by understanding their own strengths and weaknesses
  • drive organizational performance
  • build relationships and accountability based on trust and transparency

Learn how to hire, develop and engage high-performing teams.

Choose performance development strategies over performance management strategies. Traditional forms of performance management are broken. Gallup research shows that only two in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. A mere 29% of employees strongly agree that the performance reviews they receive are fair, and 26% strongly agree they are accurate.

Gallup's studies of high-performing teams prove that effective performance development efforts require managers' unwavering commitment to a strengths-based, engagement-focused approach to development.

Start improving employee performance by adopting three core principles:

  • 1Establish expectations that are clear and collaborative.

  • 2Continually coach using conversations that are frequent, focused and future oriented.

  • 3Create accountability that is individualized.

Recommended Courses:
Gallup Global Strengths Coach (formerly Accelerated Strengths Coaching) and the Boss to Coach Journey

Discover and build on your natural talents. Leaders and managers develop in many ways, depending on their circumstances. But Gallup research reveals an approach to development that works across industries and geographies: Focus on and invest in what you naturally do best.

But what do you do best? And how do you do more of it?

Start by taking the CliftonStrengths assessment to discover your talents. You'll get an understanding of your own strengths and how you can develop them over time and use them to make better decisions and build stronger relationships.

Then get in-depth guidance on how to invest in your CliftonStrengths for a marked improvement in your performance. We can help with that.

Recommended Courses:
Successful Strengths Coaching and Gallup Global Strengths Coach (formerly Accelerated Strengths Coaching)

Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in team engagement. Managers who can concentrate on engaging their people can make serious gains toward their business goals. But even when managers can focus on their workers, where should they begin?

Here's a good starting place: Gallup has identified the 12 elements of employee engagement. Managers can take charge of engagement by using the concepts behind the 12 elements to create a framework for their interactions with employees: casual conversations, meeting agendas, performance evaluations and team goal setting.

But even with manager focus, engagement reaches into many areas of how an organization gets work done.

Learn More to learn how to improve employee engagement

Recommended Courses:
Creating an Engaging Workplace Course for Engagement Champions and Gallup Global Strengths Coach (formerly Accelerated Strengths Coaching)

Leaders need to develop the skills necessary to build trusting relationships with employees and teams, understand their employees' needs, take an active role in providing meaningful feedback, deal with challenging conversations, and individualize each employee's development.

Recommended Courses:
The Boss to Coach Journey


Your leaders set the tone for your company culture -- your managers make or break it.

Leaders can create inspiring messages, but every move your managers make either builds up engagement on a daily basis or deflates it.

Managers are responsible for 70% of the variance in employee engagement.

What kind of culture are you creating?

2 in 10
Just two in 10 employees think their leaders know where their organization is headed.

Only 15% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization makes them feel enthusiastic about the future.

Companies that invested in Gallup's manager development courses had an average increase of 16% more engaged employees.

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