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Transform Performance Management

From co-creating fair and accurate metrics to giving your managers a framework for ongoing conversations, Gallup positions you to get the best out of your people.

The Challenge

Meeting the future of work.

What does high performance for your organization look like today? What will it look like in three years or five years?

The when, where, why and how of work are changing. To get ahead of these changes, you have to put a laser focus on how you design and deliver performance. But with all the chatter around performance management, it can be difficult to know which direction to go or if the direction you're already heading will lead you to greater ROI.

Our Approach

Equip, inspire and improve.

Gallup helps you set -- or reset -- your performance management path. No matter your starting point or current state, we aim you at greater performance on individual, team and organizational levels.

We focus on the daily strategies used to get work done, as well as the overall strategies needed to accurately assess and elevate performance. You learn what's really driving employee behavior and how you can equip managers and leaders to meet the needs and expectations of your workforce. We partner with you to usher in a new era of performance development that inspires people to perform at their best and continually improve outcomes.

Our Solutions

Achieve optimum performance.

Gallup accounts for everything that matters in performance management -- simplified into three solutions: process redesign, ongoing conversations, and performance and development metrics. We can help you with any or every performance management need.

Process Redesign

Bring clarity to your performance management strategy. Gallup takes a systematic, data-driven approach to helping you develop, implement and sustain an effective performance management process.

Ongoing Conversations

Equip your managers to be coaches. Gallup provides courses, coaching and consulting to move managers into a new era of performance management based on frequent, focused and future-oriented performance conversations.

Performance & Development Metrics

Implement fair and accurate evaluation practices aligned to your organization's goals. Gallup examines your metrics and measurement practices to identify opportunities for improvement. We also provide hands-on education for managers to ensure they can successfully support the changes.

Get the best out of people.

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