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Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaching tools, resources and content! Keep track of this page. It will be home to the most up-to-date information for coaches.

01. Getting Started as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Coaches Directory

The coaches directory provides a simple way for you to find other Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches based on country, state/providence or language -- and for them to find you.

To have your biography and picture listed in the coaches directory, please log in to Gallup Access and update your coaching profile.

Your Coaching Profile

Gallup Access is your platform to locate all your coaching certification resources and more:

  • Download your official Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach certificate.
  • Update your coaching profile and add your information to the Certified Coaches Directory.
  • Download your Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach logo.
  • Manage your unique discount code for future purchases.

To access your account:

  • Log in to Gallup Access.
  • Click the Profile icon in the upper-right corner of your dashboard and select My Account from the drop-down list.
  • Click Coach Certification on the My Account page.
Login to Gallup Access

Your Unique Promo Code

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, you are eligible to receive 350 discounted codes for $10 off the retail price. You can apply the discount to multiple types of access code purchases: CliftonStrengths 34, Upgrade to CliftonStrengths 34, Top 5, CliftonStrengths for Managers, CliftonStrengths for Leaders and CliftonStrengths for Sales. This discount is good through the end of the calendar year and resets yearly.

Your unique code is listed at the top of the Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches orientation emails in the header:

If you no longer have access to these emails and have forgotten your code, please email for your unique code details.

Note: To use your discount code and purchase additional assessments, visit The discount is not automatically applied -- you will need to enter your discount code every time you make a purchase.

02. Navigating Gallup Access

Video Tutorials

Gallup Access is home to the tools and resources you need to coach individuals and teams to greatness. We've compiled a playlist of video tutorials so you can explore the platform and how to:

  • sign in
  • manage your codes
  • redeem codes
  • access digital kits
  • find CliftonStrengths reports

Don't forget to check out your digital kits! Gallup Access is where you'll go to access these kits, which are full of resources to help you get started, and they are a tool you can come back to time and time again.

Our goal is to provide resources to help you deliver quality coaching to your clients. The tutorials will help you become familiar with Gallup Access' layout, functions, resources and tools.

Gallup Access Platform Demo

How to sign in to Gallup Access

How to switch accounts in Gallup Access

How to make a purchase from the Gallup Store

How to reset your password in Gallup Access with multiple accounts

How to reset your password in Gallup Access

How to create an account on the Gallup Store

How to find your CliftonStrengths reports on Gallup Access

How to find your username in Gallup Access

Finding your Purchased CliftonStrengths Codes

Navigating Code Management

Redeem and Distribute Codes

Customer Support

When you've watched the video tutorials and consulted the Gallup Access Help Center and still can't find the answer to your question, reach out to our customer support team. The team is ready to answer any question you may have about our platforms.

For help specifically about your certification status, email

Consumer Account vs. Subscription

After completing the CliftonStrengths assessment, you were given a consumer account on Gallup Access. The consumer account is the standard for all CliftonStrengths users, as it contains the results of your CliftonStrengths assessment, your reports, Gallup's recommended advice and learning, and the ability to manage codes.

You can also purchase a subscription for Gallup Access. A subscription gives you access to additional resources -- most notably, enhanced code management and team resources that can be helpful for you as a strengths coach.

The subscription is $1,500 per year. And as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, when you purchase the subscription, you will receive 30 CliftonStrengths 34 codes (a value equal to that of a subscription).

Feature Consumer Subscription
CliftonStrengths Assessment CliftonStrengths Assessment is included CliftonStrengths Assessment is included
Standard CliftonStrengths Reporting Standard CliftonStrengths Reporting is included Standard CliftonStrengths Reporting is included
Advice & Learning Advice & Learning is Limited Advice & Learning is included
Code Management Code Management is Limited Code Management is included
Batch Reporting Batch Reporting is not included Batch Reporting is included
Team Management Team Management is not included Team Management is included
Team Strengths Grid Team Strengths Grid is not included Team Strengths Grid is included
Team Theme Ranking Team Theme Ranking is not included Team Theme Ranking is included
Team Theme Frequency Team Theme Frequency is not included Team Theme Frequency is included

There's not a right or wrong time to upgrade to a subscription -- it's best to consider who you will be coaching this year. We are here to help you determine the right time for you to move to a subscription. Please contact us, and we can discuss your situation and the right move for you.

03. Your Coaching Community

Learning Series

At the start of each year, we host a complimentary, weeklong series of educational webcasts exclusively for Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches. The webcasts feature key insights from Gallup coaches and experts to expand your knowledge of CliftonStrengths and strengths-based coaching. Our goal is simple: to help you continue your development as an expert coach.

We select topics to meet the needs of new and experienced coaches.

The 2024 learning series consisted of Gallup coaching experts leading the conversation on the following topics:

  • Leading Effective Group Strengths Sessions
  • Powering High Performance Through Strengths and Engagement
  • How to Coach Using the New Top 5 Report
  • Using the ICF Coaching Competencies in CliftonStrengths Coaching

Additionally, we hosted two live-coaching sessions featuring two different Gallup coaches.

Couldn't make it to the live sessions? No worries. Watch these powerful webcasts on-demand and earn ICF CCE Resource Development hours.

Watch the 2024 learning series on demand.

Date: 2024 Learning Series
Duration: 1 hour
Date: 2024 Learning Series
Duration: 1 hour
Date: 2024 Learning Series
Duration: 1 hour
Date: 2024 Learning Series
Duration: 1 hour
Date: 2024 Learning Series
Duration: 1 hour
Date: 2024 Learning Series
Duration: 55 minutes

Professional Credits

Gallup's popular courses provide transformational learning experiences to a wide variety of professionals, many of whom have professional certifications specific to their industry. As a company committed to creating better leaders and managers, we want to ensure our courses offer the best possible experiences and the biggest benefits to you.

To support your professional development, we have received approval to offer continuing education or recertification credit hours for many of our courses. Some of the most prominent professional organizations have granted their approval, including the International Coach Federation (ICF), the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Want to see the details for a specific course?


Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches Newsletter (monthly)

As a certified coach, you will automatically be subscribed to the Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches monthly newsletter. As part of the powerful global community of coaches, you'll receive exclusive coaching tips, discounts, resources and more.

If you do not receive this newsletter within your first month as a coach, reach out to

CliftonStrengths Insights Newsletter (monthly)

Sign up to get our best strengths-based development content delivered directly to your inbox every month.

Each month, we'll send you our latest and greatest:

  • articles and videos full of advice for using a strengths-based approach
  • webcasts that will help you coach others to succeed using CliftonStrengths
  • research and reports you can use to improve your workplace and outperform your competition

Plus, you'll receive exclusive:

  • interviews with Gallup's experts on strengths-based development
  • invitations to strengths-based learning opportunities
  • product updates, including first looks at upcoming releases

Gallup at Work Newsletter (twice monthly)

Subscribe to get our latest workplace insights and advice delivered to your inbox twice a month. Knowing what topics and research are important in the workplace is an asset to your coaching practice.

Get proven insights and thought leadership about:

  • how to create your ideal company culture
  • practices to improve manager-employee relationships and processes
  • the best ways to develop and retain employees
  • how HR leaders of other companies handle the toughest issues and save their company money
  • popular workplace topics, such as flextime, working remotely, hiring top talent, the employee experience and much more
A report cover for the CliftonStrengths Demographic Report.

Download our latest CliftonStrengths Demographics report that addresses several of the most common questions we get regarding demographics and includes demographic coverage of over 25 million respondents.

Download the CliftonStrengths Demographics Report

Social Media

Join these Facebook groups, where coaches interact regularly to provide tips, insights and coaching to each other on a variety of topics related to strengths coaching.

And follow CliftonStrengths on these channels to stay current on the latest strengths-related information and insights:

04. Coaching Tools and Products

Popular Coaching Products

You already know we are your source for CliftonStrengths codes. But did you know we also have bestselling books, learning tools and materials to support you? Browse the essential Gallup resources that have helped millions of people around the world apply their strengths.

Assessments: Help people learn what they're best at and maximize their potential. Uncover patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving with the CliftonStrengths assessment. (Don't forget to use your discount code!)

Books: Get invaluable advice -- backed by Gallup research -- with one of our books on topics ranging from strengths and leadership to wellbeing. Our library includes nine bestsellers, including one of the bestselling business books of all time, StrengthsFinder 2.0.

StrengthsFinder 2.0

It's the Manager

Strengths Based Leadership

Strengths Based Parenting

Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements

CliftonStrengths for Students

image of three pages from CliftonStrengths Managers report

A CliftonStrengths Report Specifically for Managers

Learn about your strengths through a manager lens to get the best out of your team.

Check out the CliftonStrengths for Managers report and get:

  • your top 10 themes
  • instructions for using this report now and into the future
  • how your themes contribute to your success
  • how your themes could get in the way of your success
  • action items that you can implement immediately
  • a practical outline for achieving your goals

Learn how to develop your skills and do what you naturally do best with the CliftonStrengths for Managers report.

image of three pages from CliftonStrengths Sales report

CliftonStrengths for Sales: A Role-Specific Report for Salespeople

Customize your coaching even more and learn how to help salespeople use their strengths to navigate their everyday tasks and challenges.

With the CliftonStrengths for Sales report, you'll get:

  • your top 10 CliftonStrengths themes
  • instructions for using this report, today and in the future
  • how your strengths contribute to your success
  • how your strengths could get in the way of your success
  • action items that you can implement immediately
  • a practical outline for achieving your goals

Coach salespeople or sales teams toward exceptional performance with the CliftonStrengths for Sales report.

image of three pages from CliftonStrengths for Leaders report

Coach Leaders With This Role-Specific Report

The role of a leader is distinctly different from that of a manager. Discover how to get teams and individuals aligned and working toward the same goal.

Check out the CliftonStrengths for Leaders report to get:

  • your top 10 CliftonStrengths themes
  • instructions for using this report, today and in the future
  • how your strengths contribute to your success
  • how your strengths could get in the way of your success
  • action items that you can implement immediately
  • a practical outline for achieving your goals

Learn how to lead more effectively or help coach others to do the same with the CliftonStrengths for Leaders report.

Learning Tools & Materials: From CliftonStrengths coaching kits to engagement workbooks, our easy-to-use learning tools and materials give you practical ideas and action you can implement today.

Whether they are coaching teams or individuals, coaches around the world have found the CliftonStrengths Team Activities Guide to be one of their most valued tools. With 40 CliftonStrengths activities for individuals, partnerships and teams, this guide is a tool coaches use frequently!

Coaching From a Gallup Expert

As you help others discover their CliftonStrengths, don't forget to invest in yourself as well. Did you know you can purchase additional hours of one-on-one coaching from one of Gallup's expert strengths coaches? Choose either a one-hour session or three one-hour sessions in which you will strengthen your understanding of the 34 talent themes and your ability to apply your strengths in your coaching practice.

This "master coaching" for strengths coaches will serve as an invaluable asset to you on your coaching journey. Ask questions, get support and learn more about your strengths!

Learn more about why coaching is so important and how even you, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, could benefit from further coaching from a Gallup expert:

Additional Courses

Advanced CliftonStrengths Coaching: This advanced course will expand on the CliftonStrengths development milestones and help you understand how to integrate them into your coaching relationships.

"To polish even one theme so that it becomes a true strength will test your self-awareness and your resourcefulness. To hone all five is the work of a lifetime." -- Don Clifton, father of strengths philosophy and inventor of CliftonStrengths. Mastering strengths is a lifelong journey -- a journey that requires continuous learning and refinements. If you are looking for ways to advance your development as a coach and better guide people on their strengths journey, this course is for you.

Don't forget to check the professional credit hours available for these courses!

Graphic for the Gallup at Work Summit

Join other Gallup-Certified coaches and leading experts in improving wellbeing, coaching, manager development, CliftonStrengths and other business topics that influence every workplace.

05. Recertification

Recertification is required every three years (pre-2022 was every two years) and is currently free. Your recertification exam will appear in your Learning Center on Gallup Access 120 days prior to your certification expiration date. You can take the exam any time in that 120-day window.

To find your certification renewal date on your current certificate log in to Gallup Access. Click the Profile icon in the upper-right corner of your dashboard and select My Account from the drop-down list. Click Coach Certification on the My Account page for more information.

20 Questions

The recertification exam is a 20-question multiple-choice test. Please carefully read the questions and responses because you cannot change your answer after selecting it.

Use Any Resources

While you can use any course materials as resources during the exam, you cannot complete this exam with another person’s help. You must complete the exam on your own.

No Time Limit

There is no time limit. We suggest allowing 30 to 45 minutes to concentrate on taking the exam.

What Happens Next?

You'll receive your results immediately after completing the exam. If you don’t pass, you can review your responses and retake the exam for a second attempt to pass it.

If you don’t pass after your second attempt, Gallup will contact you in 24 to 48 hours with instructions on how to retest.

Gallup Catalyst

Catalyst is Gallup's exciting new program designed to seek out and listen to ideas from Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches, innovators and advocates of Gallup sciences.

image of employees working together

We're looking for thought leadership, products or platforms that use strengths and workplace engagement to enhance and expand Gallup's reach and impact.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • unique strengths-based coaching content or techniques
  • engagement methods and activities built on Gallup's coaching principles
  • platforms or products that use engagement metrics or catalog team strengths profiles

For any questions or feedback regarding the content of this page, please contact