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Discover the CliftonStrengths® for Leaders Report

The best leaders lead with their strengths in mind. Check out the CliftonStrengths for Leaders report below and discover your strengths.

Strengths-Based Leadership

What Are the Best CliftonStrengths for Leaders?

If you are a leader, your strengths are the best strengths for you to lead. There are no "top leadership strengths" that are better than others. Regardless of what your lesser strengths are, and regardless of what domain you lead with, your dominant strengths give you what you need to lead successfully.

Here are some examples of leadership strengths:

A leader with high Achiever may set high goals and encourage their teams to do the same. They serve as a great resource for those who need motivation to do more.

A leader with high Positivity may serve as a stable presence during times of disruption or instability. Their positive outlook helps their team members see possible solutions and keeps morale high.

The 34 CliftonStrengths themes are all leadership strengths because each one of these can help you succeed.

Individuals who use their strengths in their role are more likely to be engaged in their job, report having an excellent quality of life, and strongly agree that they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day. In short, the most effective leaders are always investing in their strengths.

New Report

Your Top CliftonStrengths With Insights Customized for a Leadership Role

image of three pages from CliftonStrengths Managers report

Whether you already know your CliftonStrengths or are ready to discover them for the first time, the CliftonStrengths for Leaders report may be the best report for you.

Discover your natural talents, and then receive a report that gives you insights and advice based specifically on your results to help you become a better leader.

Who is the report for?

Leaders at any level, in any kind of organizationTo lead others, you must first learn how to lead yourself. This report will help you do just that.

Aspiring leaders: those looking to become better leaders Whether at work or in life, leadership is more than a title. If you lead, this report is for you.

If you want to know more about whether the content is right for you, download the sample report for an overview of the content.

Here's What's Inside

The CliftonStrengths for Leaders report is brand new content that is unique to this report. It can help you lead yourself productively, lead others confidently and cast a strong vision for your organization.

The report includes:

  1. 1 Your top 10 CliftonStrengths themes
  2. 2 Instructions for using this report, today and in the future
  3. 3 How your strengths contribute to your success
  4. 4 How your strengths could get in the way of your success
  5. 5 Action items that you can implement immediately
  6. 6 A practical outline for achieving your goals

Here's What Leaders Are Saying About the Report

"I appreciate the directness of this report … for me, it's the appropriate tone to set when talking to a leader."Marie, Executive Coach

"I saw my Individualization theme in a different way on this report, and for the first time. The first "hinder" statement startled me a bit, not that it isn't true, but because it is true. It's something I'm going to pay attention to and see how it emerges for me."Jon, Department Director

"The content is scaled up to think bigger than self, and I think that's really useful. Especially for leaders trying to scale their impact beyond themselves."Janna, Team Leader

Combine These Products for the Greatest Value and Most Powerful Insights

CliftonStrengths for
  • CliftonStrengths assessment
  • Leader strengths insights
  • Hindrances to watch for
  • Reflection questions
  • Action items
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Greatest Value
CliftonStrengths for
Leaders + CliftonStrengths 34
  • CliftonStrengths assessment
  • Leader strengths insights
  • Hindrances to watch for
  • Reflection questions
  • Action items
  • Custom strengths insights
  • Your areas of excellence
  • Navigating blind spots
  • Managing your lesser strengths
  • Unique domain distribution
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