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Restorative: Learning to Love All 34 Talent Themes

Restorative: Learning to Love All 34 Talent Themes

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  • Gallup Theme Thursday Webcast Series
  • Season 1, Restorative
  • Learn how themes form the core of CliftonStrengths and how to understand and appreciate your own -- and others' -- strengths, as we focus on Restorative.

On the last episode of Theme Thursday Season 1, we discussed the Restorative theme with Gallup Learning and Development Consultants Angela James and Curt Liesveld.

Those with strong Restorative talents bring a solution-oriented mindset to daily problems. They readily take on projects that others believe "can't be saved." They can analyze a situation, identify potential shortcomings, and make the necessary adjustments.

Individuals with high Restorative talents tend to be more comfortable with problems than others, and they have the ability to find the root of a problem. The motivating factor for finding the origin of a problem is the subsequent quest to land on a solution. This is why the Restorative theme falls into the Executing domain.

Having strong Restorative talents doesn't necessarily mean that an individual is actively anticipating problems. But when a problem arises, they are quick to react confidently.

Angela pointed out that her Restorative talents cause her to be her own worst critic. When she receives criticism -- even when it is constructive -- she will quickly try to find a way to fix it and determine what caused the criticism in the first place.

To learn more about the Restorative theme and how people like Angela use it in their everyday lives, watch the full video above.

Angela James' Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Restorative, Developer, Belief, Includer and Harmony.

Learn more about using CliftonStrengths to help yourself and others succeed:

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