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Tell learners they have potential? Sure. Help them develop it? Absolutely.

Educators who bring our coaching and talent-development expertise to their schools invest in a lifetime of positive growth and better outcomes for teachers and students alike. Everyone has natural talents, and our courses teach you to apply and develop your own, no matter your role as an educator, while also spotting and developing the talents of your students or your faculty.

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Solve problems and create opportunities at your institution.

Your mentorship matters. Students who have a mentor during college demonstrate greater academic achievement and career development during their time in college.

What's more, Gallup's research has linked meaningful mentoring relationships during college with positive long-term outcomes for graduates after college, including higher wellbeing, employee engagement and more positive perceptions of their alma mater.

But outstanding mentorship isn't simple, and it's not easy. Great mentors must offer guidance, wisdom and tools to encourage students' long-term success.

That's the value of CliftonStrengths. Mentors who use CliftonStrengths have a proven approach to talent development that leads to long-term success and increased wellbeing. With CliftonStrengths, you'll have the knowledge, tools and common language to promote thriving wellbeing when students need it most.

Recommended Course:
CliftonStrengths for Students: Advisors

Teach, mentor, advise, guide and lead using CliftonStrengths. Educators who use CliftonStrengths have a robust, intuitive way to develop students' talents and improve their academic success, engagement and wellbeing.

With a strengths-based approach, you can help students name, understand and develop their natural talents through regular practice and continued learning.

But using CliftonStrengths goes beyond talent development. When you focus on what is right with students -- rather than what is wrong -- you build genuine, meaningful connections with your students.

Recommended Courses:
CliftonStrengths for Students: Advisors
CliftonStrengths for Students: Champions
CliftonStrengths for Students: Leaders

Read for yourself. We've rigorously tested what happens when CliftonStrengths hits the real world, and our approach has been abundantly confirmed.

Strengths Meta-Analysis

Technical Report

Absolutely. CliftonStrengths helps faculty and staff develop in their roles and fulfill the mission and purpose of your educational community. Use CliftonStrengths in your department, with teachers in your school district or even to build CliftonStrengths initiatives at your university like some of our best-practice universities do.

Recommended Course:
CliftonStrengths for Students: Leaders
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Implement a CliftonStrengths development plan across your campus.

Want to create an engaging and thriving campus culture? Gallup can help you get there. Partner with us to bring strengths-based development to every member of your campus community -- because talent shouldn't develop in a vacuum.

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Help students today become active citizens tomorrow.

Many educators strive to make a difference in the lives of their students and in the broader fabric of society. Teaching students to be more effective with their talents safeguards their wellbeing and empowers them to contribute meaningfully as future citizens.