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Combining BP10, CliftonStrengths Creates Powerful Solutions

Combining BP10, CliftonStrengths Creates Powerful Solutions

Combining BP10, CliftonStrengths Creates Powerful Solutions

You're familiar with the power of CliftonStrengths and how you can use it to maximize your clients' potential. With the BP10 assessment, you can identify how someone is uniquely wired and what kind of a builder they are. In this blog, we discuss how you can utilize both assessments, to create a more rounded, holistic approach to helping your clients to think about their journey, build a path to success and ultimately, live their best lives.

Do you know someone like Salma?

As a financial auditor, Salma has come to a crossroad where her career is stalling, and she knows that she can offer the world more. After completing a business degree, she went right to work. She took a few different personality assessments to help her foresee the future of her work. But she is still looking for a job that meets her expectations and fulfill her purpose. She completes her daily tasks at her desk, but they do not fill her bucket. She is often bored and closes her eyes to dream about the business she should have started. Her dream is filled with vivid images of how her business contributes to society.

Have you met Salma before? Of course not, because we made her up, but let's keep this discussion going. Her story aligns with what coaches face daily in coaching conversations and presents an opportunity to leverage the results of both BP10 and CliftonStrengths. With this in mind, let's discover more about Salma to reflect further on how these results can be applied to daily life.

Salma's assessment results:

CliftonStrengths Top 5: Context, Analytical, Learner, Belief, Empathy

BP10 Dominant Builder Talents: Disruptor, Confidence, Selling, Profitability. Role: Conductor

Salma's CliftonStrengths summary: How she does what she does.

We can theorize that Salma loves to think, learn, and can feel the decisions she is making. Her context keeps her in perspective as to what is happening, and her Analytical/Learner guides future outcomes. Once aligned with a decision, Salma's Belief ensures the right decision and her authenticity shines. As always, her Empathy keeps an eye on the wake left behind from a decision and she knows each decision made has a relationship consequence worth an evaluation.

Salma's BP10 summary: What she can do and what she believes she was born to do.

We can hypothesize that Salma's unique building talents give her the potential to know herself well and have a strong self-belief. Her talents include:

  • She likely can imagine possible futures of an enterprise and be a change agent disrupting the industry to gain market share.
  • She can set clear goals and always looks for efficiency to add value to the bottom line.
  • She is likely very persuasive and can inspire internal and external customers to long-term loyalty and commitments.
  • She likely possesses great management talent bringing order to the chaos of a new venture.
  • She can find the right people for key positions, while trusting others to take responsibility for those key roles.
  • She is likely demanding with little self-doubt and does not hesitate to act on her own, regardless of what others think.
  • She likes metrics and holds herself and the team to those metrics, and she gets things done even when things get in the way.

Combine BP10 with CliftonStrengths for powerful solutions and tools to succeed.

Who does not want Salma on their team? She, like all of us, has innate talent that can be developed with potential to build. Building is what you create of value that others want to buy from you, and your BP10 results explain who you are, what you can do, and what you believe you are meant to do specific to building.

BP10 does not tell individuals how to apply their builder talents, what type of business to build or how profitable a business might be. BP10 gives an awareness of our builder talent, our natural way of thinking acting and behaving centric to business, a common language for conversations to develop builder talent, and insight to forming complementary partnerships.

CliftonStrengths helps us understand how we do what we do in all areas. How you apply your builder talents will be maximized through a lens of CliftonStrengths. Salma's best potential for success as your client will be helping her understand her innate talent to build through the four keys to building, the first key being self-awareness. Once she begins the process of self-awareness of her building talents, then how she will develop them will be maximized with her CliftonStrengths talents.

For example, she may have the talent to find the right people for key positions, named in her BP10 assessment. How would she go about applying that talent? She might think of previous times (Context) when she selected teammates for a group project and how she went about that process. She might gather facts and information (Analytical/Learner) on the best ways to select a team. She will likely assess fit to the role and manager, as she has a strong conviction to team (Belief) and measures the emotional response (Empathy) of the selection questions. By having self-awareness of her builder talent to select key people, combined with the self-awareness of how Salma naturally thinks, acts and behaves through investing in her CliftonStrengths, this powerful combination is the best path to exponential success for Salma.

What's next for Salma?

Salma has unlimited potential to build. The lens of BP10 assists in unlocking the top building talents of what she can do and the lens of CliftonStrengths decodes how she will be most successful with her builder talents. The product: unlimited potential aimed at excellence. And maybe, just maybe, help to fulfill her purpose.

Steve Allen's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Achiever, Deliberative, Consistency, Belief and Individualization; his Top 4 BP10 Dominant Builder Talents are Independence, Knowledge, Determination and Confidence.

Adam Hickman's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Ideation, Command, Analytical, Competition and Individualization.

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