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An Introduction to the Harmony® CliftonStrengths Theme

Looking to learn more about Harmony? Whether you want to know more about how to use your Harmony theme to succeed, or how to help someone harness theirs, you've come to the right place.

You'll find definitions and descriptions made popular in the international bestseller StrengthsFinder 2.0, plus ideas for how to better understand and use this CliftonStrengths theme.

What Is the Definition of Harmony?

Harmony and the rest of the CliftonStrengths themes are comprised of natural talents that Gallup has identified through decades of research.

People exceptionally talented in the Harmony theme look for consensus. They don't enjoy conflict; rather, they seek areas of agreement.

People complete the CliftonStrengths assessment to learn which of the 34 themes, like Harmony, are strongest in them.

The following theme description highlights the thoughts, feelings and behaviors you are likely to experience if you have strong Harmony:

You look for areas of agreement. In your view, there is little to be gained from conflict and friction, so you seek to hold these to a minimum.

When you know that the people around you hold differing views, you try to find the common ground. You try to steer them away from confrontation and toward harmony. In fact, harmony is one of your guiding values.

You can't quite believe how much time is wasted by people trying to impose their views on others. Wouldn't we all be more productive if we kept our opinions in check and instead looked for consensus and support? You believe we would, and you live by that belief. When others are sounding off about their goals, their claims, and their fervently held opinions, you hold your peace. When others strike out in a direction, you will, in the service of harmony, willingly modify your own objectives to merge with theirs (as long as their basic values do not clash with yours).

When others start to argue about their pet theory or concept, you steer clear of the debate, preferring to talk about practical, down-to-earth matters on which you can all agree. In your view, we are all in the same boat, and we need this boat to get where we are going. It is a good boat. There is no need to rock it just to show that you can.

Harmony is a theme in the Relationship Building domain of CliftonStrengths.

People with dominant Relationship Building themes like Harmony build strong relationships that hold a team together and make it greater than the sum of its parts.

Each of the 34 CliftonStrengths sort to one of four domains -- Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking. These domains help you understand how to use individual CliftonStrengths to succeed when you join, create or lead a team.

Learn more about the CliftonStrengths domains

How to Better Understand Your Harmony Theme

Making the most of your Harmony talents starts with gaining valuable insights into what you naturally do best.

How people with strong Harmony talents describe themselves:

  • "I am calm and even-keeled."
  • "I need areas of agreement and common ground."
  • "I love the sacrifice of personal agendas to facilitate group performance."
  • "I hate the negative effects of friction."
  • "I bring a peace-loving, conflict-resistant style."

How to Apply Your Harmony to Succeed

The most successful people invest in their strongest talents. The only way to develop your Harmony talents is to use them every day -- at work, at home and everywhere else.

The following are a few ideas for how to apply your Harmony to achieve your goals:

Work With Harmony: When two people are arguing, ask others in the group to share their thoughts. By increasing the number of voices in the conversation, you are more likely to find areas where all parties can agree. You can draw people together.

Lead With Harmony: Create interactions and forums in which people feel like their opinions are truly being heard. In doing so, you will help others become more engaged in group projects and activities.

Live With Harmony: Practice your techniques for resolving conflict without confrontation. Without these polished techniques, you might find yourself simply running away from conflicts, leaving them unresolved. This could lead you to passive-aggressive behavior.

Check out our in-depth videos from Gallup experts for more ways to use Harmony to make the most of your potential.


If You're a Manager With Harmony

Your Harmony talent makes you stronger. Lead with your strengths so both you and your team can succeed. A strengths-based approach to management will lead to:

  • better conversations
  • stronger partnerships
  • higher team engagement
  • greater collaboration

For manager-specific insights and strategies, check out your CliftonStrengths for Managers report and explore your top 10 themes and how you can use them to reach your goals.

Managing Team Members With Strong Harmony Talents

Discovering the collective talents of your team using the CliftonStrengths assessment is just the first step.

To successfully manage or lead others, you must individualize your approach. You must understand what makes each of your team members unique. And you must lead meaningful conversations about performance that focus on what each person naturally does best.

An Example of Managing Team Members With Harmony

Sometimes when others are locked in disagreement, these employees can steer them toward a solution. They will not necessarily resolve the subject under debate, but they can help team members find other areas where they agree. These areas of common ground can be the starting point for working productively together again.

Use the CliftonStrengths Assessment to Discover More About Harmony

CliftonStrengths DNA Strand image.

How Strong Are Your Harmony Talents?

Purchase CliftonStrengths 34 to reveal your complete unique talent profile and learn just how strong your Harmony talents are. You'll get personalized insights into your CliftonStrengths results and ideas for maximizing your potential.

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How to Work With Others With Strong Harmony Talents

Gallup offers resources and products you can use to help others succeed by developing their Harmony theme and all their CliftonStrengths.