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Product Preview: CliftonStrengths® for Managers Report

Product Preview: CliftonStrengths® for Managers Report

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  • What is the CliftonStrengths for Managers report and who can benefit from it?
  • What is included with the report at each of the three price points?
  • What should coaches and others know about how to effectively leverage this report?

Gallup recently launched its CliftonStrengths for Managers report -- a tactical tool designed for you if you are a manager, leader or influencer. How do your strengths show up at work or in your work or life role every day? How can you pull in your strengths and aim them at a specific goal you're working to accomplish? How can your managing, your people leading, your influencing become more strengths-based and move you (and your team) toward greater success? In Part 1 of a series on the CliftonStrengths for Managers report, Austin Suellentrop, CliftonStrengths Portfolio Manager at Gallup, joins Jim Collison on the webcast to guide you through this new report and answer your initial questions.

Gallup Called to Coach Webcast Series -- Season 9, Episode 30. This is Part 1 of a 5-part series. Access Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 of the series on the CliftonStrengths for Managers report.




The first thing about this [CliftonStrengths for Managers] report that I think is really important: This is much more of a tactical tool than many of our previous reports.

Austin Suellentrop, 6:51

The target audience for this report is anybody who has to get things done through other people.

Austin Suellentrop, 32:34

We feel extremely confident that ... the content in [the report] is unique; it's the only place you're gonna find it. But it's straightforward, direct and bold enough to help managers take action.

Austin Suellentrop, 30:26

Jim Collison 0:00

I am Jim Collison, and live from our studios around the world, this is Gallup's Called to Coach, recorded on May 21, 2021.

Jim Collison 0:20
Called to Coach is a resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths. We have Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches share tactics, insights and strategies to help coaches maximize the talent of individuals, teams and organizations around the world. Today we're going to be talking about the CliftonStrengths for Managers report. If you're listening live, love to have you join us in our chat room. There's a link on our live page right above me there. It'll take you to YouTube. Sign in with your YouTube account and join us in chat. If you're listening after the fact -- and many of you will -- you, and you have questions, you can always send us an email: Don't forget to subscribe to Called to Coach on any podcast app; just search "Gallup Webcasts." And on YouTube there, there's a button in the bottom right-hand corner. Subscribe to get notified whenever we go live. Austin Suellentrop is our host today. Austin is the CliftonStrengths Portfolio Manager here at Gallup and one of my best friends at work. Austin, great to have you on Called to Coach. Welcome back!

Austin Suellentrop 1:08
It's always a thrill, Jim. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Jim Collison 1:10
You bet. We are excited today to talk about the CliftonStrengths for Managers [report]. We've been talking about it in pieces, but kind of today is the whole shebang. Austin, what do you have for us today?

Austin Suellentrop 1:21
Yeah. So thank you, Jim. And thank you everybody out there for joining us live and on the recording. This is, again, this is an exciting day for us -- the launch of this report is coming next week on May the 27th. So May 27 global, you'll be able to go onto the store and see all the marketing content around this, purchase this report, unlock it for you, for any managers with which you work. We're really excited to get this out there. So this morning, I'm going to share a bit on the front end of sort of, What is the report? What did we do to create this? A little bit of the process behind it. And then I'll walk you through page by page. So you know the, the sections and the content blocks that are in this report.

Austin Suellentrop 2:04
And then on the back end, answer questions and make sure you're comfortable with, with this on the front end. So I do want to kick us off. One of the things we have done with this report is we have created some really great marketing collateral around it. And this marketing collateral is not just designed for us to get the word out to the world about the report, but also for you as coaches to be able to leverage when you're trying to show your clients. Why should they care about this? Why, why would, why, why do I need another report? What's the, what's the difference between this and that? Right? So I want to kick us off with a little video that we've produced, sort of overviewing the report. So Jim, why don't you hit play.

Mike McDonald 2:43
No matter how long you've managed a team or how good you are, there is a better way to do it. There's no shortage of advice on how to become a better manager. In fact, there are millions of pieces of advice, but it's not about the quantity. You need real advice that's proven to work, and we have the answer. Gallup has studied the world's best managers for over 50 years. We know how they lead. We know how they work. And we know how they win. And we've helped over a million managers globally be better at their jobs and have brought strengths to over 100,000 organizations. And the one thing that we've found is this: Managers either make a company grow or they make it fall behind, and there is no in between. And the chances are it's not their fault; they're asked to do a lot of things with very little time to do it. In fact, most managers feel like there's not enough time in the day. They're paralyzed by the pressure to meet performance goals. They're unsure how to help their teams resolve conflict and solve problems. Or they feel like they're struggling to balance their own work while they're managing a team. Each one of these struggles has to do with performance, engagement, culture and wellbeing. This report combines expertise and research in a way that is personal and accessible to you. And it will quickly become the single greatest resource you have ever used as a manager. As you use this, not only are you going to know yourself better, but you're actually going to be able to put this information into action and do more of what you're already great at. Your time is valuable. Your team needs you. So start using your strengths, improve your team's performance, learn how to manage your way and accomplish your goals.

Austin Suellentrop 4:34
Awesome. Thank you, Jim, for playing that. Hopefully you recognize Mike McDonald in that video, right. Mike is a good friend of the coaching community and has been an expert on management and strengths here at Gallup for many, many years. Mike was one of the experts that was heavily involved in the creation of this report. And when we think about what was said in that video, sort of how we kick it off, managers are overwhelmed, A) with things to do; B) with people telling them how they should do it. And in a world where everything is going a million miles an hour, and things are changing so fast around them, the time to sift through all of this advice and sift through all of these different things they could be doing just doesn't exist. They need direct guidance; they need the best of the best advice in front of them at a moment's notice.

Austin Suellentrop 5:26
So the motivation behind this report is we know how critical managers are to the success of any organization. We've been talking about it for decades at Gallup around how managers are the center of the success of an organization. You've heard statistics from us around their influence of 70% of the engagement being directly connected to a manager. And Mike talked about in that video: Managers either make an organization succeed, or they hold them back; there is no in between. So as coaches, as strengths enthusiasts, being able to help managers see how their strengths can help them in their role as a manager to get their job done and accomplish their goals is a critical connection point. So that video is going to be something you'll have at your fingertips to use and share. It's available on YouTube; we will be sharing the link to that YouTube video so you can send it to your clients, your prospects. You can use it to help spread the word of this report as well.

Austin Suellentrop 6:20
So I want to, I want to move on and sort of walk you through a few more pieces of this. I'm going to share my, my screen. There you go. Thank you, Jim. Right. And this is the line from that video that really stands out to me: That among the millions of pieces of advice on how to be a better manager, managers can get lost. It's not about just another piece of advice; it's about proven results that come from that advice. Right? And we have the answer in the Strengths for Managers report. So let's, let's, let's dive into what's, what's included here. Right. So the first thing about this report that I think is really important: This is much more of a tactical tool than many of our previous reports. The 34 report is very much a aspirational aspect of who you are, a long-term developmental tool. This is very tactical -- designed to be in the moment, grabbing it when you need, when you need things to know to do. It is going to focus on the Top 10 for an individual, right.

Austin Suellentrop 7:15
So we know managers need to have their full toolkit at their disposal to be effective leaders and managers of their teams. So we talk about the Top 10 here as really the place for them to focus. For each of the Top 10 themes, there are 2 pages of theme-specific content. I'll dig into what those, those 2 pages here in just a second. But that gives you 20 pages in total of theme-specific content. That's more than we had in the 34 report, right. In the 34 report, we have 2 pages for each of the Top 5, but then 1 page for themes 6 through 10. It is going to be -- at the end, you're going to see a tool; you see there on the right, we'll dig into it in a minute -- the strengths wheel -- to really help them focus on how they can pull their strengths and aim them at a specific goal they're working towards. I'm really excited to share that tool with you as well. And then each manager who unlocks this report will gain access to 2 new on-demand learning modules: CliftonStrengths Your Team and CliftonStrengths Your Leadership. So sort of another educational opportunity for them to think through how their themes impact the aspect of team and the aspect of leading that team. Right.

Austin Suellentrop 8:24
So let's, let's, let's dive a little bit deeper here. When we think about those 2 pages of theme-specific content, there are really 4 content blocks for each theme. The first is going to be, How does this theme help you as a manager? How does that contribute to your success? There'll be 3 bullets there. And then below it, you'll see 3 bullets around How could this theme potentially get in the way of your success? So those are sort of your classic Helps and Hinders, right, but very much aimed at the manager role. On the second page, you'll see 4 action items. And these action items are designed to be things that a manager can go put into practice right now. How do you go, how do you go do something this moment to get a little bit better, a little bit more effective?

Austin Suellentrop 9:10
And then the final section is sort of designed to be that reflective piece where there's two reflection questions at the bottom of the page. Those those questions are unique to each theme. So there are two questions for Significance; there'll be two different questions for Achiever; there'll be two different questions for Focus, for example, right? So designed to sort of help spur the thinking, based upon what we know about people with, with those themes.

Austin Suellentrop 9:36
We repeat that -- that section, sort of those 2 pages, for each of the, of the Top 10. We have very intentionally -- what you'll see here is you'll you're very intentionally pulling through a lot of the imagery and the color from our 34 report. We've done this because that's been met really positively in helping people sort of engage with the report and engage with the content. So you'll see that DNA-strand flow throughout. You'll see the big, bold domain colors in a lot of places. You'll also notice that the, the help statements -- those "How they contribute" are bolded and highlighted in color, but "How they may get in your way" are not. We're trying to naturally pull people's attention to how these themes help them. We want that to be the focus. But we can't ignore how these themes get in our way; we've got that content there. But that's not where we are focusing, right? We're focusing, we're strengths, strengths-based coaches trying to help build strengths-based managers -- we're focusing on how they can leverage these themes to really help them.

Austin Suellentrop 10:29
I want to thank you, the coaches, for helping in the focus-group process build this, because that was a direct piece of feedback we got from coaches that we were able to incorporate into the design. And then after the the 20 pages of theme content, right, we end with this page, which is the, our classic strengths wheel. We love -- this is the tool we've had in our Digital Coaching Kits for many years. But this is different, in that it's going to be pre-populated with an individual's Top 10 in the colors of the different domains. And then it's going to ask them to put a goal in the middle, right? What are you working towards? What are you trying to accomplish?

Austin Suellentrop 11:07
And then two simple, reflective questions towards the bottom of it: How are you going to use your strengths to accomplish this goal? And How will you know you've been successful? We know managers are focused on getting stuff done, and they're held accountable to goals. So we want to give managers a tool that came ready to go that they could print off and run with as many times as they needed to, to help them sort of think through and process through how they're going to get, get stuff done and get their team closer to success. That's sort of the, the very high-level, I'm gonna, I'm gonna get into a little more detail in a second. But that's the content of the report.

Austin Suellentrop 11:46
But the second thing I wanted to show you is, when we launch this report, in 6 days, which is, I just can't believe it's 6 days away; I'm so excited. When we launch this report, there's gonna be a new option now in the Dashboard, right? When you log into Access to go look at your reports, we now have a new thing to offer. And so to make space for that new offering, we had to make some, some small tweaks to the CliftonStrengths Dashboard in Access. So I want to show you some screen shots of what the landing page in Access is going to look like to make space for this. We built this, and we sort of took these changes very seriously, and they were sort of, I think, done in a very similar way to the recent code-management enhancements we made.

Austin Suellentrop 12:28
So if, when we log in now to the Strengths Dashboard on Access, this is an idea of what it's going to look like, for somebody, this is a user who has only the manager report; that's all they purchased was the manager report, right? You'll see there at the top, the name is still there, the Top 5. The DNA strand now highlights their Top 10; the periodic table now shows their Top 10. Because that's what they've got access to with this manager report. What we've done is we've, we've eliminated some of the redundancy in this page. So the listing of the themes 1 through 5 with the short definition has been sort of condensed, and they're not there. The top right-hand corner is where you see the reports at the top. And then you'll see these quick action ideas right there in the bottom right. Those are the things the most common things people are trying to do when they, when they log into their Dashboard.

Austin Suellentrop 13:18
So this is going to, gonna go live at the same time that the Manager report goes live next week. What's, what we're excited about is all of this is now above the fold, if you will, in Access. When you log into that Dashboard, this is all the first screen you see. So you don't have to scroll down to find your reports or anything along those lines. And then, so I wanted to give you a sneak peek to that. And when you log into the report section, when you click on Reports, right here at the bottom, this is where your, this is what the CliftonStrengths for Managers report sort of option is going to look like -- big, bold, beautiful, we're excited about it. You'll have that sort of the indication that it's a new, a new option for people, right? Again, very excited, all based upon lots and lots of feedback that we've had from you, the coaches, and from many of our clients over the last year, year and a half of using Access. So I'm going to take a deep breath and stop for a second. I just ran through an entire new product as well as a redesign. So let's, let's stop sharing the screen for a second, Jim. And let's just sort of take a deep breath and exhale, go to the chat. Are there any, anything big jumping out?

Jim Collison 14:27
No, the chat room has no questions, Austin. It's been super quiet out there. The -- first of all, it wouldn't be a, it wouldn't be a call if we didn't talk about translation. So talk a little bit about the video that we made plus the report and its translations.

Austin Suellentrop 14:42
Yeah, absolutely. So launching on May 27 in English; it is already actively in the, in the review process from translations. So it's been translated -- we're now just reviewing it internally -- into the same 10 languages that the 34 report is available in, OK. So it will, through July and August, that process of the QA and the review on the translations and then getting all of the corresponding pages up in those languages will be happening. So by the middle of August, we will have it available in the same 10 languages that the, that the 34 report is OK is currently available in. So we're excited about that.

Jim Collison 15:20
Austin, there's been some question on the, the personalization of the content that's coming in. By the way, lots of folks for a long time have been asking for a Top 10 report. This is it. Right? So this is the opportunity to do it. And can you talk a little bit to the, to that -- the point of the personalization in there?

Austin Suellentrop 15:39
Yeah, sure. So right now, all the content in this version is standard content. So everybody who's paid for Significance looks, those 2 pages are going to be the same content for everybody with Significance. We made that decision, really for a couple of reasons. One was, we knew we wanted to get this report global. And we wanted to get it in as many languages as we could get it as quickly as we could get it. And so the content lift, if you think about, let's just say, 10 pieces of content for each theme, about 340 pieces of world-class content, that we could then take and translate into 10 languages -- about 3,400 pieces of content, very rough math, right? If we went to the personalized piece of it; if we went to insight statement-style feedback on this, instantly, inside of just English, you get to thousands of pieces of content that need to be written. And so while we can do that, it would limit our ability to get it translated into, into 10 languages in 2021.

Austin Suellentrop 16:45
And so Version 1 of this is going to be, is going to be standard content, and we're gonna get it out in the world cause we believe the content in there is good enough and high enough quality that it's still beneficial. You will read this and resonate with the content. We've got people, when we were testing this in some of our focus groups over the last 6 months, people who have, who are strengths enthusiasts who have been reading strengths content and coaching around strengths for many years, still having Aha! moments reading this thing -- "Oh, I, I didn't connect that theme and that aspect of my role as a manager." So we're confident in the in the content quality. So that's, that's our plan. I will tell you, look, the assessment, StrengthsFinder -- the initial reports are all standard, standard reports, right. And then over the years, we evolved to Strengths 2.0 that came out with the insight-statement component. And I'm not gonna say, I'm not gonna promise you that we'll have a 2.0 version of this with insight-statement content. But there's always the possibility.

Jim Collison 17:42
Austin, tons of questions about unlocking and upgrading. Let's move, let's, let's move to that, that so we can get through -- they're ready to buy this thing, although it's not available today. So --

Austin Suellentrop 17:52
It's not available yet. Right. So here, there are really three ways you can buy -- three bundles we're going to sell this report in. And I've got a little chart here for you, right. Here on the left, this is our standard offering. If you already have completed the assessment, whether it be Top 5 or 34, it is $39.99 U.S. OK. And with that, you can see everything you get. You get the on-demand learnings I was talking about; you get, they will get access to the Manager Theme Modules inside Access. So those of you who have subscriptions to Access, you know the people you, that you send codes to, they come in and they can see those Manager-style Modules inside Access. Anybody who unlocks this report, they'll have access to those Manager Modules as well. But the top, the report, if they've never taken the assessment -- this is their first introduction, they take the assessment, they'll get the manager report, and they'll get their two Top 5 reports as well. OK.

Austin Suellentrop 18:48
So we'll give them some of that sort of foundational content. I think the most common way we're going to, we're anticipating to see this is this middle section here, which is bundling it with the 34 report. So you, we can sell, and you'll get a discount when you buy, buy the two together. So you'll get all the content you get in the 34 report. So that's the Ebook. That's the CliftonStrengths Your Introduction On-Demand Learning, plus all the manager report content. So that's, that's a tremendous value at, at $79.99 U.S. in terms of the amount of content that they're getting. What I'm excited for really is this, this new option here on the far right, this is sort of the full manager bundle, which is the 34 report, the Manager report and the Digital Team Activities Guide for a manager for $149.99.

Austin Suellentrop 19:37
And what we're think, the thinking here is this gives a manager their personal development report and the and the the on-demand learning around their personal development. The manager's sort of tactical tool for How do I go have a conversation? How do I go talk about this? How do I how do I go put this into practice right now? And a tool to help them continue the conversation with their team well beyond just that report. At $149.99, that's a significant discount off of the sort of the standard price of them all independently. It is going to be a code that you purchase online, right. So it's going to be, it's going to operate like an upgrade or operate like a, like a CS34 code does. So it'll be a code you have in code management that you can disperse to people and redeem through through Access that way.

Austin Suellentrop 20:23
So you can buy a batch of codes, and just, and use the code management features to distribute and have, have your users redeem them. As a Certified Coach, if you're a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, your promo code for discounts does apply to any of these 3. You can apply it to any of these 3 and get $10 off any of these 3 products, right. So that's going to be our our, sort of our pricing and our bundling on this out of the gates. Really excited again, when we looked around the market and we looked at what other manager products and bundles look like, that, that bundle of the 34 and Manager report is a, is a value in the marketplace relative to other manager-style reports.

Jim Collison 21:07
Austin, I already have a Top 5 pricing to, pricing for this, if I already have Top 5?

Austin Suellentrop 21:13

Jim Collison 21:14
If I already, if I have the, the 34 report, access to that, pricing for this?

Austin Suellentrop 21:20

Jim Collison 21:21
It's a pretty easy structure, right, regardless of kind of where you stand? The value in it is to bring it -- all the resources that are available. So at any point in the journey, you just have to remember one. Can coaches apply their discount code to this report?

Austin Suellentrop 21:35
You can. You can apply it to any -- Certified Coaches with their promo code at checkout can apply to any 3 of these.

Jim Collison 21:41
Can, do I have to have an Access subscription to have access to this?

Austin Suellentrop 21:46
You do not; this is available to all consumers.

Jim Collison 21:51
Can I, can I pre-purchase bundles of this as well?

Austin Suellentrop 21:55

Jim Collison 21:56
Yeah, pre-purchase bundles?

Austin Suellentrop 21:57
Not today.

Jim Collison 21:58
OK, well, but I mean --

Austin Suellentrop 22:00
Yes, you, correct. When it goes live, you'll have the ability to buy, buy bulk amounts of any of either of these 3.

Jim Collison 22:08
OK. I think we're covering the questions so far. If we haven't covered your question yet, don't panic, we've got a lot of -- we still got some material to go through. And we'll be taking some questions here in the end. But I think, Austin, the summary of this is, is pretty standard pricing. We, we kind of debated back and forth about the tiers, and it's just kind of confusing to folks; we kind of simplified it with one great price for everybody. So they have Top 5. They can purchase this bundle. They can apply it. It will unlock this, whether they're Top 5 only, whether they're 34, or if they have nothing, if they haven't taken anything, they can just, they can just purchase this, and it'll take them right to the Top 5, the Strengths Insight Guide and the, now the new Managers report. Yeah.

Austin Suellentrop 22:51
Absolutely. So I do want to share a little bit around, OK, what are the other, what's the other collateral we've got for you on the other sort of pieces of things that -- to help you with this. So one of the things you're going to see out there that we'll share with all of you publicly, right, is this: the. the sort of summary. It's a 2-pager, and then the first page is OK, what is this report? Why should I, why should I buy this? What's different about it? With some testimonials from managers. And then that, that pricing grid I just showed you on screen is the second page of that. So you have, this is gonna be a great thing for you as you're talking to your clients or you're trying to make your case internally inside of an organization for why you should care. This is a quick, simple resource for you.

Austin Suellentrop 23:34
But then also, let me click on the screen -- you'd think I've done this before -- we do have a sample report. The sample report will be public, like all of our sample reports. It is -- I always, I can't say this enough: When we publish a sample report and it's got Don Clifton's name on it, those are Don's themes. So people always ask me, What are Don's Top 5? What are Don's Top 10? Look at any of our sample reports, and you can see Don's theme profile. So we have a sample report out there. Because this report shows the Top 10 with a standard content, we didn't do a full, you know, 25-page sample report. We, well, you can see here, we have the sort of introduction pages. The first theme we show in its entirety. And then the final page sort of shows you how we summarize all the other content, right?

Austin Suellentrop 24:23
So Significance is available out there in the sample report. But we're not going to publish the full entirety of that sample. That's another tool you have available to you. And then this is something I'm really excited about, around coaching, and how do you coach with this report? And this is something I'm going to be digging into. I've got another Called to Coach episode coming up in June, where we're going to really dive deep into this. But a simple framework of how does this report fit into the coaching framework, into the coaching conversations, right? How do I leverage this in a manager's development journey? Where does this fit? How do I help it? I, we put together a very sort of simple overview of our 4 Coaching Conversations that we teach in GGSC. What are some tools that make sense in these different conversations? And how does this connect in?

Austin Suellentrop 25:11
Because this is designed -- this is really important -- this is designed to be an add-on enhancement to the strengths experience, not to replace anything. So this report's not designed to replace the 34 report for a manager. The 34 report is our premier CliftonStrengths report. This is designed to be that tactical, additional tool to help them think about how their strengths show up at work every day. Right. So we've, we've built that in with, with this, with this new report. And then the other thing, right, I want to make sure I tell you: This product video we showed earlier, it's going to be available, again, on YouTube, public, you can take it and share it. You'll see it pop up a lot on social media, from our social channels here in the next week or so.

Austin Suellentrop 25:55
On, on the day of the product launch, on May 27, Jim Clifton, our Chairman and CEO, has published a really great blog post that's going to go live on that day that talks about the most meaningful things managers, a manager can do. And I think you'll, you'll really resonate with, with Jim's words on this. We're really excited about that. And then you'll see, maybe a week or so later, on June 2, an article I'm helping to write really that dives deep into why we did this -- like why, why did we feel compelled to create a manager report? All of this is designed not, again, not only for us to get the word out -- it's absolutely about that. But we want you, the coaches, to feel comfortable taking this and sharing it with your clients and sharing it with your prospects and helping it sort of spread the word and create credibility and excitement among your clients' eyes as well. So that's, that's really what I've got prepared for today. I wanted to do this, get it out there, let you see it, react to it, and then spend the next 20 minutes or so just answering questions and making sure that we've got you comfortable with everything we have so far.

Jim Collison 27:00
I do want to say, so we have a lot of questions. We have a lot of specialized questions. So we could be answering those all morning as we kind of think about the different options. If, you know, if you've got kind of a unique, specialized question, shoot us an email: or contact our client support. They're kind of ready for you on this. I know there's a lot of information here. I saw a lot of questions, too, a lot of things we covered. So the good news is we, we recorded this. So if you still, if you need to go back and kind of watch it again. We spent, Austin, we spent a lot of time on kind of working through testing this, getting feedback on it, getting feedback on kind of the pricing, some of those kinds of pieces. Can you talk a little bit about the the development cycle on this?

Austin Suellentrop 27:47
Yeah, absolutely. So we, we started working on this report about 18 months ago, formally, where we sort of formally started, started the project. It's been an idea we've been sort of exploring for a lot longer than that. But one of the first things we did was we said, OK, we know a tremendous amount about managers. And we have a perspective on managers that is unique. And we have a library of content about that. So what content that we, that we've put out there and published resonates with managers the most? What, what content was sort of the "greatest hits," if you will? And that, so we started, and Mike McDonald was very heavily involved in this part of the process of working with me and the team around, well, what are those pieces that are straightforward and get to it quickly? And we started compiling a lot of that.

Austin Suellentrop 28:38
And then from that, we sort of said, Well, what do they have in common? What are the things that those man -- that these pieces of content that resonate the most really have in common? That's how we started laying, sort of landing on the helps-hinders action items and reflection piece. We took that and we went through probably four or five iterations of this report, with different focus groups, focus groups comprised of you all, the coaching community; of clients; of prospects; of people who have never worked with strengths before at all. And we got all these different perspectives around what would be helpful, what would they want to see.

Austin Suellentrop 29:14
And then along -- from that, we, again, we tested it in several different sort of forms and fashions. We wanted a design that was similar to the 34 report -- felt like that, that color, that pop, that polish -- but not so similar that it could be confused with the 34 report, right? That if you picked this report up off your desk, you looked at it and you knew what it was, versus thinking it was something else. Then also how do we create something that's concise enough and straightforward enough that it's not going to be an effort to sift through, right, that I can get straight to it? So all of that got got sort of tested back and forth.

Austin Suellentrop 29:48
And then the, what I consider to be the most sort of excite -- "exciting" is the wrong word -- the thing I take the most pride in, in the process is how many times we reviewed, edited and amended the, the content in this report. So if you think about people like Mike McDonald and Al Winseman, who are, who are experts on, on management and on strengths for years, myself, Jim Asplund -- we read through and rewrote every piece of content in here 20 times, right, alongside, you know, you all know Andrew Bridger and E.Beth Bauman, who are our talented writing and marketing communications team. All of us involved in this in a way where we feel extremely confident that what the content in there is unique; it's the only place you're gonna find it. But it's straightforward, direct and bold enough to help managers take action. So not, not a quick process here. That's why we're so excited to get it out, out to the world.

Jim Collison 30:47
Austin, would you bring that slide back up that has the pricing, the tiered, or the, the three sections as far as the thinking about that? So I think we can, I think that's worth coming back to. As you're bringing that back up, some questions about, as we think about leaders in this. And we call it a Managers report, really designed for managers, but it's really, it's really kind of a manager or leader, executive -- anybody managing anything. By the way, I think most of us have something that we manage, in some form or fashion; it might be a nonprofit, it might be a coach of a soccer team or a football team or a baseball team or a -- whatever team you have. Those are management opportunities. And so this, this report can speak to all of those. Think about this in terms of, How do we help leaders continue to be great leaders in either organizations or in things that they manage or things that they lead in? So I don't want to, I don't want to pigeonhole this too much. We kind of -- it didn't make sense to call it the CliftonStrengths for Managers, Executives, Leaders, Soccer Coaches, like it didn't make sense, right.

Austin Suellentrop 31:50
So Jim, to, to that point. I think that, before we, before we share that screen, I think I've been asked several times, and I should have covered this sort of proactively earlier on. The target audience, right, who's the target user here? Who's the dream? It's not just people managers. Because I think, in 2021, in the workplace, there are more people that influence a person's engagement and their productivity than just their, their, their people, their direct supervisor, right? I think that myself as an example. I don't manage directly anybody; I don't have any direct reports, right? I manage cross-functional teams, I manage product teams, project teams -- all sorts of different things where I'm influencing outcomes.

Austin Suellentrop 32:34
So the target audience for this report is anybody who has to get things done through other people. So that can be a manager, a product manager, a team member who's high Influencer. There's aspects of this who will help, that will help them in that way. Right. So I think, to that point, executives absolutely play into this. I will tell you, I've got a, I've got the CEO of one of, of one of our clients who got this report, shared, shared an early version of it with his executive. And the reaction was, "I've been looking for this for years." Right. So I think that it can resonate at many levels inside of an organization.

Jim Collison 33:11
So just go across the top and work through the pricing.

Austin Suellentrop 33:14
Yeah, for sure. So this first column here, right, that you see, here you go, CliftonStrengths for Managers. This is the report if you're buying this independent. So I've already taken my Top 5; I've already taken my 34, whatever it may be. I'm unlocking this report.

Jim Collison 33:30
Or I haven't taken anything.

Austin Suellentrop 33:31
Or I haven't taken anything, right. I pay $39.99, I get the manager report; I get my Insight Guide; and my Signature Themes. So I get my unique Top 10 report and then my, my sort of standard Top 5 reporting. I also get the Modules inside Access -- those click-through Modules for all 34 themes, I get them with the manager lens, right. So I get some of the unique manager content there. I also get CliftonStrengths Your Leadership On-Demand Learning, sort of an experiential on-demand learning around my strengths and my, and leadership, and a unique one for my team, OK? That is all included for $39.99. If I've taken my Top 5 -- I've got my Top 5 reports -- but I want to upgrade and I want to get the 34 and the manager report, here's where you would go: $79.99 if I haven't taken anything, OK. So I've never taken the assessment; I'm being introduced for the first time: $79.99. That is a, that is a discount off of the retail price, OK? And then --

Jim Collison 34:40
And that'll include the CliftonStrengths for Managers report and the 34 report together.

Austin Suellentrop 34:44
Yep, it'll get, you'll get both of those reports unlocked. And then you'll also add on the on-demand learning CliftonStrengths Your Introduction, sort of the, the standard one that comes with All 34 report, and then the Ebook, OK? The third option would be if I'm looking for that plus things to do with my team -- activities I can lead with my team -- that's this $149.99. All the same reporting becomes available; we just unlock the Digital Team Activities Guide. This is the same Activities Guide that we have in printed form and have been selling for a couple years, but in a digital format -- downloadable PDFs and activities you can lead in that sense.

Jim Collison 35:24
Austin, some questions around, and we have a Strengths Based Leadership report that's been around for a very, very long time. How is this different than that?

Austin Suellentrop 35:32
So the strengths, there's, there's gonna be, I think, two big differences I'm gonna highlight. The first is how you get it. OK? So Strengths Based Leadership is only available through the book, right? You buy the book, you redeem the code in the back of the book. That report is very much designed to be a companion to that book, in that it builds on the, the things that are discussed in the book. And it is, I like to think of it as more of like the strengths for the 4 Needs of Followers. It very much filters through the lens of the 4 Needs of Followers. The second-biggest difference is this is designed to be tactical, day to day, what am I dealing with in my role? That's more aspirational, broader, more strategic view of the, of the role of the leader through the 4 Needs of the Followers lines. So I think that's the simplest distinction I can make. But this will be sellable and purchasable like as a code in bulk that you can buy and distribute, versus having to buy books to go with it.

Jim Collison 36:31
Yeah, all of a sudden, I have a, I'm hearing on the internet, a whole bunch of people are like, Wait, wait, wait! There's a Strengths Based Leadership report? How do I get this? Well, OK, so it's an older report, it's been around a long time, it's out of our Strengths Based Leadership book. You actually have to purchase the book; we don't have a separate code for it. We are looking at that as a future enhancement. We really wanted to get out, with all the work that we've done with It's the Manager and all the success we've had there, we really wanted to get a report out specific to -- for managers, and as kind of the starting point for our Boss to Coach Journey. I mean, it's really an opportunity to kind of reset that.

Jim Collison 37:09
The, the Strengths Based Leadership report really gets you a kind of a, you know, kind of a -- I don't want to call it a one-pager, because it's a couple pages, but it's kind of some, it's really around those, it's your Top 5 and some statements around the 4 Needs of Followers. And then you get the Insight Guide again. So it's really just one new report. So if you're thinking about that, if you're finding, if you've just hear, heard about that, and you're having a little bit of FOMO, very understandable. I deal with it in the community all the time. It's only available out of the Strengths Based Leadership book. Takes a little bit of effort for us, as we're converting on to Access and all these pieces, it takes a little bit effort to get those kind of done. We've prioritized this new kind of manager report going forward. Not a, listen, not a bad book for you to have, and not a bad book for your leaders to have as we talk about the 4 Needs of Followers, and there's just a ton of information.

Jim Collison 37:57
I also -- someone asked me in the chat room earlier, sorry, I can't remember who it was, if Maika and I, in Season 6 of Theme Thursday, did a whole bunch of content out of the 34 report for teams and managers kind of capitalizing on all the information that's In the Manager. Did that make it into the report? That did not; that's separate content. It's great. It's additional content for you. If you, the Season 6 for Theme Thursday would make an incredible companion guide to go along with this new Manager report. So if you've, if you're doing it, you can then go grab the, their Top 10 and have them listen to those. We've got, that'd be 5 hours of learning on their Top 10 available to them. So some great, some great pieces there. Austin, what else? Other things you want to cover?

Austin Suellentrop 38:41
Yep. So I think, I saw a question here in the chat. I got to, I'm trying my best to, to -- it's a lot -- it's a question about, Is there any intent or is it on the table to sunset or retire Strengths Based Leadership? No, no. Strengths Based Leadership has tremendous value. The book is a fantastic resource. I think that the 4 Needs of Followers, especially in the last year and a half, right, of the COVID year, had some, some reenergizing sort of, sort of life breathed into it in the market. We did a lot of content last year around leadership and the 4 Needs in sort of times of turmoil and change. I love that stuff, and it's fantastic content. It's just a different, it's coming from a different perspective than this report is. That's what I was trying to delineate.

Austin Suellentrop 39:28
So there's, no, there's no intent for us to sunset that or eliminate that tremendous value in that book. When I think about sort of anything, anything else, anything sort of bigger picture for the community to know, well, it's the first time we've launched something like this in, in our new world of, of our sort of new e-commerce setting, with everybody living on Gallup Access and so forth. So we're going to be looking for feedback through this, right. We're going to be continuing to solicit feedback on how it's landing, how it's resonating, how you're using it. You know, what, what are your success stories? What are your roadblocks you're running into with it? So you can expect us to be coming back and asking for feedback along those lines.

Austin Suellentrop 40:12
This report is only available in Access. We, so we still have some clients globally, right, who may have other, other things that they're sort of using to access strengths. This is a Access-only report. I think it's really sort of an important distinction for any of our clients out there who may be using other, other forums to get, to get content. But this is really exciting for us. I'm very proud of the team behind the scenes who has sort of made this happen, and so appreciative of our coaches and our clients who have been involved in the creation process to get us to this point. What we're launching in 6 days is distinctly different than the, the prototype No. 1 that we started sharing. And that makes me, that makes me happy and proud that we knew the motivation, and we knew the, the target we were trying to hit. And we got some fantastic feedback along the way to help us really refine it.

Jim Collison 41:06
Yeah, it's, it's been exciting. Tons of questions, as we think, and very, very specific questions. If you -- there was like a question, Where do I find the Strengths Based Leadership report? Available on the Strengths Dashboard inside Gallup Access. So if you go to and sign in, might be a good time to do that anyways; today is the prelaunch, by the way. This actually launches next week. So I have a feeling we're gonna have some folks like, "I'm logging in; I can't see it. I want to buy it today." OK, so we wanted to get a week ahead of you with some information out there. If you have some questions about reports, you can't, you can't find things in your Dashboard, give our customer assistance a call. So jump in there. It's actually faster if you use chat.

Jim Collison 41:47
So if you go to, go all the way to the bottom, there's a, there's a Customer Support button there at the bottom. Choose that. There'll be a bunch of questions. Like, we try to help you help you yourself in this. And if you punch through any of those questions, at the very bottom of the page will be a Contact Us button. It's got phone numbers, and it's got a chat room. And in most cases, we're not 24/7 on chat; we are 24/7 on the phone. But you can, you can jump in chat if it's available during that time. It's, it's open, I think we're open 9, 10 or 12 hours out of the day on that. So you can jump in there and ask questions via chat. So give it, don't, don't everyone go rush and do that right now. Let's spread it out throughout the day, or maybe, or maybe even early next week.

Jim Collison 42:31
Austin, I think another thing I want to clarify are books. And, and particularly, too, It's the Manager. The codes associated with those books are Top 5 codes. So that gets them in the door with Top 5. Then a, a $40 upgrade in this case would unlock those Manager reports. We do not have a book that has this Manager report in it today. Just to be, just -- and there are no books that have 34 codes in them as well; those are all upgrades. There's, you've stirred up a lot of questions about the Team Activities Guide; that has gone digital and is available digital. It is available as a $99 purchase there. You saw it's available as part of that package for teams with the code with the 34 report. That'll be available there as well. If you have specific questions, let us know. Austin, what -- are you OK there? What else is --

Austin Suellentrop 43:22
I told you, it's --

Jim Collison 43:24
I know you have construction going on.

Austin Suellentrop 43:25
We have construction going on. We're, we're, we're still recovering from tornadoes this spring down here. And so there's a lot of -- that's why I'm in the basement today is because there's a lot of, a lot of activity around here. No, I think I'm seeing some tremendous questions. So Andrew Bridger, my sort of tag-team partner on the communication side has, he's been sort of documenting and capturing where the hot questions throughout this process today, as well as some other conversations we've been having. So we'll put out a formal FAQ. And we'll put out some, some, some support tools that'll help answer these questions. It's part of why we're doing this a week prior to launch, right, so that we can make sure, before this hits the market, we've got those common questions we know we're gonna get hit with answered.

Austin Suellentrop 44:04
Look, feedback -- continue to give us feedback around how this works, how it doesn't; how your clients are reacting to it. I think that, that's what we're looking for here. There are, there are so many benefits to being able to offer your clients, your company, your, your partners a tailored piece of content to help them as a manager. There's just so many benefits. I like to think of things like our resource guides that we have -- CliftonStrengths Resource Guide for Managers. It's a tremendous encyclopedia. It's got everything you could want to know about how a manage -- strengths and how it impacts managers. This is designed to be much more like your diary. I don't have time to sift through everybody else's thoughts. What are mine? What are the things that I remember, that resonate with me? That's what we're trying to get to, is a quick, in-the-moment, pointed tool for you. So very excited for us. Thank you for your time to the community. Thank you, Jim, for helping put this on. And happy to do whatever I can to answer as many questions as I can.

Jim Collison 45:10
Yeah, well, you've given me a weekend worth of work. Just thank you for doing that, that I'll be, they're gonna --

Austin Suellentrop 45:15
You scheduled this for a Friday morning.

Jim Collison 45:16
I know, I did.

Austin Suellentrop 45:16
You scheduled this for a Friday morning.

Jim Collison 45:17
It's totally my fault. It's totally my fault. With your questions, listen, lots of feedback coming in about tiered pricing. And some of those, of course, this close to launch, one, we do appreciate your feedback. And we are taking it. Two, there's no way we're going to be able to change some of those things within a week. So we did a bunch of research ahead of time. So be patient with us on that. We'll continue to listen to your -- trust me, we talk about this all the time, what's, what's kind of right. It's not, we don't want to make it difficult; we want to make it easy. But when you have multiple products, trying to put them all together, that in itself is just complicated. So if you find yourself being overwhelmed, have a seat, close your eyes, take a deep breath. We're all, we're here for you. And. and we're going to, we're going to make this great. We'll take this to our Facebook and LinkedIn groups if we want to do it there, if we have a lot of questions.

Jim Collison 46:04
Be patient, because there's gonna be a ton of questions coming out around this. Or just soak up, like, hit Replay. Go back to the beginning; this will be available on replay. Go back to the beginning and listen to it again. There was a lot of information. One of the disadvantages to being live is the chat room is a huge distraction. And I did, I did find, folks were asking questions based on what we just said. And it was like -- so, maybe take a deep breath. If you're a little overwhelmed, take a deep breath. One, it's going to be fine. You got a whole week; this isn't out today. Sample reports are coming out next week when this goes live. So you'll get to see those, those pieces. We'll put a link -- in fact, I'll do that right now. If you guys stop chatting for just a second, we'll grab the, I'll grab this link and throw it -- this is the link to the video. And so if you want to go, don't download it; it's on YouTube. You can link to it; you can, you can embed it in some of the places that you have. It's not meant to be downloaded and taken. Just do it from YouTube there. And we'll have, we'll have fun over the weekend and next week, talking about this. Austin, any final thoughts before I wrap it?

Austin Suellentrop 47:09
So I just had a bit of a moment of like really excitement when I was reading the chat comments coming through. And the best coach I've ever met or been coached by is in the chat room. Her name is Alma Hughes. She is an absolute rock star. Probably the best mentor I've ever had as a coach. So hey, Alma, good to see you out there. But this is going to be the first step for us into a new world. Right. And so, really excited for this -- again, can't thank you all enough for your feedback and your involvement. Looking forward to it.

Jim Collison 47:38
Yeah. Are you doing a session at the Summit on this?

Austin Suellentrop 47:41
I sure am! How do I not talk about that? Yeah, I'm doing a whole deep dive in the Summit around this. A little bit more of that how do you build it into a learning journey? How do you build it into a development plan for managers? How does it fit into all of that? I'm going to dive deep into that at the Summit.

Jim Collison 47:55
And can, I think folks can still register for the Summit, can't they? It's still available out there? So head out to You can register today for that and get involved, and there'll be a bunch of sessions around that. Lots of strengths sessions going on. You know, we kind of put that all together as the workplace. And so we're pretty excited --

Austin Suellentrop 48:15
Join, join us and thousands of your friends. It's going to be a really great time.

Jim Collison 48:19
Yeah. All right. Well, I'm looking forward to spending some time with you guys this weekend and next week on Facebook, as we talk about this. Couple reminders: One, take full advantage of all the resources we have available on Gallup Access. I mentioned it a little bit earlier, but Gallup or go to For some of you, it might be a while since you've logged in. Head out there and log in. Again, these changes -- today is the 21st; these changes are taking place, it's on the, is the 27th the day, Austin, is that the day?

Austin Suellentrop 48:47

Jim Collison 48:48
May 27. You'll see these, and they'll kind of roll out throughout the day. There isn't kind of one time; it's kind of a roll, we'll have a rolling start.

Austin Suellentrop 48:56
So you'll start to see the Access changes probably like the afternoon of the 26th, right. And then the report will be available for purchase online the 27th. We make the changes at different times to not crash things if we're doing it all at once. So Access changes will start happening on the 26th, and then the store will be, will be updated on the 27th.

Jim Collison 49:16
So check that out. Get signed in, just get familiar -- the dash, you're like Austin said, your Dashboard will change coming. I think we have a new, better looking, more efficient dashboard that's going to be there for you. If you have any questions, you can always ping us. For coaching, master coaching, or -- somebody had asked me this a little bit earlier -- if you want to become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, and you want to know what this is all about, send us an email: We'll have somebody call you back and walk you through the process. It's pretty great that way. Stay up to date -- if this is the first time you joined us, and I think we had 1,000 or so in here today, Austin -- you can join all our webcasts and follow us on Eventbrite. Go to Join us on any social platform just by searching "CliftonStrengths." We want to thank you for joining us today. Look forward to chatting with you over the weekend. With that, we'll say, Goodbye.

Austin Suellentrop's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Communication, Activator, Futuristic, Belief and Positivity.

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