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Called to Coach
Developer®: Developing Your Leadership Skills
Called to Coach

Developer®: Developing Your Leadership Skills

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  • Gallup CliftonStrengths Podcast, Season 2: Developer
  • What is the power of Developer in a leadership role?
  • How could Developer help or hinder you in leading others?

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Explore Gallup's CliftonStrengths® for Leaders Report and discover its ability to help you maximize the impact of your -- and others' -- unique leadership talents and strengths, in this Season 2 episode of The CliftonStrengths Podcast. Join Jim Collison and Dr. Jaclynn Robinson as they discuss the Developer® theme, its power in a leadership role, how it can help or hinder you as you lead others, and how you can leverage it with the CliftonStrengths for Managers and CliftonStrengths for Sales Reports. Unlock the leadership potential of your Developer talent -- because everyone leads something.


Seeing people grow and develop is energizing to this person. So they recognize the value of coaching and motivating individuals to achieve their goals and then move beyond any obstacles that they have too.

Jaclynn Robinson, 2:06

We need [Developers] in organizations. I think it's a key to engagement; it's a key to wellbeing. It's a key to people knowing who they are with strengths.

Jim Collison, 10:22

Jim Collison 0:00
I am Jim Collison, and this is The CliftonStrengths Podcast, Season 2, recorded on January 17, 2023.

Jim Collison 0:06
In this CliftonStrengths Podcast series, we look at the CliftonStrengths for Leaders Report one theme at a time, and today's theme is Developer. If you're listening live, we'd love to have you join us in chat. If you don't see it, there's a link right above me. Or, if you're listening after the fact, you can send us an email with your questions: Dr. Jaclynn Robinson is our host today. She works as a Senior Gallup Learning and Development Consultant and has joined me for Season 1 of The CliftonStrengths Podcast, where we looked at Wellbeing at Work -- that, that pesky book -- one theme at a time. Jaclynn, thanks for coming out. Welcome back.

Jaclynn Robinson 0:54
Thank you.

Introducing Developer

Jim Collison 0:55
We are -- Happy Tuesday to you as well, I always cut you off at that point. I, I need to learn to be a little more, a little more patient with your greeting. We're talking about Developer today. Let's jump right in. What's, when we think about Developer, what, what are we thinking about?

Jaclynn Robinson 1:13
Yes, so if anybody has Developer high, you recognize and cultivate the potential in others. You spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from evidence of progress.

What Is the Power of Developer in a Leadership Role?

Jim Collison 1:25
Evidence of progress is something -- I have Developer in my Top 10 -- I'm looking for, and get great satisfaction from in people. I love to watch, whenever we do, I've made, it's maybe one of those driving forces for me in the coaching community is cause I love to see the coaches catch on to something. And then, and then love to work with them and develop them and mold them, move them. They -- don't; it's a secret. Don't tell them that I do it, Jaclynn; don't tell them I do that on purpose. But I love to do it. When we think about the power of this theme in a leadership role, how do we see that?

Jaclynn Robinson 2:04
Well, seeing people grow and develop is energizing to this person. So they recognize the value of coaching and motivating individuals to achieve their goals and then move beyond any obstacles that they have too. So not only does this support the success of the individual, but it supports the success of the organization as they focus on their development and the removal of obstacles and just that, that patience they have to watch people grow and learn or fail and learn. So such a lovely theme.

Jim Collison 2:35
Yeah, and, and sometimes, though, this is one that gets locked into a little bit of a, I can't teach people unless I have it. Or I can't work with people or help them learn if I don't have it. There are other maybe themes that play into that. But is that, is that true? Do I have to have Developer in order to be in a role to develop people?

Jaclynn Robinson 2:57
No. No. You can use, well, one, you can use any theme. But I have noticed that. So it's interesting that you mention that, because when I was coaching a manager, they had someone on their team with Developer, and they internalize their Developer to the same, you know, perspective that you're talking about. Now I need to learn this, I want to continue to develop, develop, develop. And it was a struggle. But that was a big Aha! moment for the manager of, Oh, this person is looking for development. That's what they want. They just want to continuously learn and eat it up, because that's what builds their confidence and being able to move forward. But if you don't have Developer, folks in the room, you can use, you know, other things, of course, to get to develop and learn and grow.

How Can Those With Developer Lead Others?

Jim Collison 3:40
I think we learned during the pandemic -- and I think we've always known this -- that people crave development. And so it is, I think, and we're going to talk about here is for those that have it in leadership roles. But I think it's one of those things as leaders, we need to make sure if we don't, if we can't provide it, it's being provided in some way for those that we work with. Right. So let's be specific to the report. And let's think about this, How can this theme, and as we think of Developer, how can this theme lead others?

Jaclynn Robinson 4:09
With the development of individuals top-of-mind, they might naturally inspire other leaders and managers to follow their practices. They're kind of role modeling that behavior. If they're a senior executive, they might be more inclined to establish some systemic learning and development processes that ensure employees are receiving ongoing coaching from their managers and are receiving those individual development plans. So those are the benefits; they can really start to kind of transform the workplace if they have this.

How Could Developer Hinder Your Leadership of Others?

Jim Collison 4:39
I think this is one that can be mentored well. You know, in other words, if, if you're a leader, you have this, and you do this well. There are those around you who can learn from that, I think. This is one of those maybe transferable themes, where you can say, Hey, here's some things that I do to develop people and others can, can take those maybe, maybe take some of the other themes to work with them. But maybe some of those that could be transferred -- some of those good best practice. And there's a lot of other themes that are this way. But when we think about this theme from a hindering perspective, how could this theme hinder your leadership, the leadership of others?

Jaclynn Robinson 5:18
They could spend too much time on relationships and place less time and attention on leading teams or strategizing or focusing on the organization overall. And there might be a senior leader or manager that is not meeting performance and engagement standards that's hindering the engagement of the team or the department. And this leader might be more inclined to keep them in the role longer than necessary, hoping that they can develop them or train them or stretch them. And sometimes that just the, that person might not want to exercise their own potential. And so yeah, that can definitely cause a hindrance, especially if it's a senior leader, and they have all that influence, and it's just creating disengagement over time.

Jim Collison 6:02
When we think about the role of the needs of followers, the 4 -- Hope, Stability, Compassion and Trust -- where do you think Developer fits into that model? And, you know, they can go across all 4 of these. But just, just as we, we've been bringing that in, where do you think that fits in?

Jaclynn Robinson 6:20
You know what automatically comes to mind is Hope. With Developer, they might be in a tough situation or scenario in the workplace, but they can inspire hope of, let's learn what we need to so that we can remove ourselves from this rut. I'm hopeful that we can develop the skills or acquire the necessary education or products and service knowledge so that we can create a better tomorrow for our customers or for our consumers. So think about Hope from that, because as long as you have brain gain, and you're constantly expanding your mind, there's endless potential and opportunities available. So that certainly comes to mind. And then probably just I would say Compassion too, for knowing that everyone has their own path or rite of passage that they want to walk down. And that person is such an encouraging mentor and coach.

How Can You Use Developer as You Lead, Together With the Managers and Sales Reports?

Jim Collison 7:16
I also think about Stability, in the sense that we know as we develop people, developed teams, I think, are just naturally more stable. It's not always what we think when we think of that term Stability, but it, I think, is a good way, I mean, I think teams that are continually developed are, are probably more stable teams. There's 1,000 exceptions to that. But I, just thinking generally along those lines, I think that fits in nicely there. During this season, we're spending some time also with this idea of report dynamics, where we're taking our other reports, primarily the CliftonStrengths for Sales and CliftonStrengths for Managers Reports, thinking about in the context of how could we use these two reports? So how could the CliftonStrengths for Leaders Report combined with the Sales Report, what could I do with those two reports together, thinking about it? Jaclynn's put together kind of some insights on it. Jaclynn, when we think about those two, particularly Leader and Sales, how could those two be used together?

Jaclynn Robinson 8:16
Well, leader with Developer has an eye for high-potential talent in the development of their people. So this sales leader can hold meetings for top sales employees, share out their clients success stories and the best practices that they engaged in to make it a success. They might be more inclined to hold learn at lunches and skills trainings and just other ways that they can continue to develop their sales team.

Jim Collison 8:42
Yeah, and I think in this area of sales, there's a lot of transferable, trainable, teachable type things. Hey, where this is currently working right now, we're doing this, and it's working. And so I think in those areas, those two reports may work well together, as we think about those. Remember, each one of these role-based reports has helps, hinders and action items. And I just love the exercise of sitting down with both reports, thinking about how we can mesh these action items together. That would be, that's, that's, as I've looked at these, that would be my favorite thing to do. Let's then flip that on its side and think about using it, CliftonStrengths for Leaders with the CliftonStrengths for Managers Report.

Jaclynn Robinson 9:25
Yes. So individual development plans, I've said that a lot already, mentorship and succession planning, I think, are all pretty top-of-mind for this leader. So as a result, this leader can make these best practices expectations for management and leadership, if they are at a high level, senior level, C suite level. So as a whole, they can make sure pathways are outlined for how employees can move into other positions or promote up. They can make sure these individual development plans are a part of goal setting. And they can even build in mentor-mentee programs between the tenured and the newly tenured, just as examples of ways that they can really embrace and embed development into the company culture.

Jim Collison 10:10
Before we wrap it, I want us to get thinking. I think leaders who are Developers who have this development talent, you really do not let it hide. Do not -- we need this, like we need these in organizations. I think it's a key to engagement; it's a key to wellbeing. It's a, it's a key to people knowing who they are with strengths. And, and we need that leadership of it to multiply it through the organization. So I think you're one of those unicorns, if you're in a leadership role, and you have Developer. I'd hate to see that talent be wasted by letting it hide. Make sure you get it out there and get it done. Jaclynn, any, any other thoughts before I wrap this up?

Jaclynn Robinson 10:54
Well said, sir! Just what I'm even seeing in coaching over the last year are so many people looking for that mentor or that guide that can support them with their purpose or with their development. Or they're ready to, you know, lean into brain gain after just 3 years of getting by -- call it surviving, instead of thriving. So to your point, if you've got this theme, it's certainly one to lean into. Informally, or formally, you know, whether you're a friend or a manager or a coach.

Jim Collison 11:26
Yeah, yeah, no, and this makes, you know, we're not spending time talking about this, but a dad who or a mom who are, who have this development talent, do not let it be hidden from your children. It could be, it could be super powerful. With that, we'll remind everyone to take full advantage of all the resources we do have available now in Gallup Access. This is one of those things I've been, I'm gonna say it most of the season. So sorry if you hear me say it again, but it's a great reminder: Log in, go to the menu upper left, and then choose Resources. So the upper-left menu, Resources. Then put "Developer" in the search, and you'll see all the seasons, including Season 1 that Jaclynn and I did last year around wellbeing, plus 6 seasons of Theme Thursday, anything we wrote about it is available that way. So if you really want to dig into any of your Top 5 -- Developer in this case -- that is the best way to get that done. So make sure you do that. Figure out how to do it, and use that today. It's one of the best searches in all of Gallup Access, and I think it's just super helpful. People ask me all the time, "Jim, how do I easily find these things?" That's how. I just developed you. OK, so go out, get it done. It'll make my heart happy when you do it. Stay up to date with all the webcasts by following us. Create an account and follow us: There's a link in the show notes if you want to go directly there. Join us on any social platform by searching "CliftonStrengths," and thanks for joining us today. If you enjoyed it, share it. Subscribe, Like, all those other things that you're supposed to do out there in social media as well. Thanks for listening today. If you're listening live, stay around for some midshow. With that, we'll say, Goodbye, everybody.

Jaclynn Robinson's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Achiever, Strategic, Maximizer, Positivity and Relator.

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