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Called to Coach
The Launch of the New CliftonStrengths® Top 5 Report
Called to Coach

The Launch of the New CliftonStrengths® Top 5 Report

Story Highlights

  • What does the new CliftonStrengths Top 5 Report contain?
  • How can the new report help you better understand and apply your strengths?
  • When, how, and in which languages will the new report be available?

Called to Coach Webcast Series -- Season 12, Episode 1

Below are audio and video plus a transcript of the conversation, including time stamps.


The new CliftonStrengths® Top 5 Report packs a lot of ways to uncover your potential in its 16 pages. Gallup's Dean Jones says the report is "better at bringing people into the world of strengths than anything we've ever done." What's new about the report, and how do these changes affect the Signature Themes Report, the Strengths Insight Guide -- and your Top 5? In what ways can the report help you -- and those you coach -- tap into your dominant talents and help you productively apply your strengths? Join Dean and Gallup's Andrew Bridger for a peek inside the new report and a glimpse into the powerful way it can help those who are beginning -- or continuing -- to discover their strengths.


We really wanted to not only just make it a reflective Aha! report for people to better understand themselves, but make it very easy for people to apply their strengths throughout their life.

Andrew Bridger, 6:17

One of the things that really makes a difference for people, in terms of mastering their strengths, is they're out sharing their strengths with others.

Dean Jones, 21:32

Jim Collison 0:00
I am Jim Collison, and this is Gallup's Called to Coach, recorded on, on November 21, 2023.

Jim Collison 0:21
Called to Coach is a resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths. We have Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches share tactics, insights and strategies to help coaches maximize the talent of individuals, teams and organizations around the world. If you're listening live on our page, there's a link to the chat right above me there. If you're listening on Facebook or LinkedIn, you can leave comments below the video. If you have questions after the fact, you can always send us an email: Don't forget to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app or right there on YouTube, so you never miss an episode. Dean Jones is our host today, Dean is the Global Talent Development Architect and Senior Learning Expert for Gallup, as well as the chair of Gallup's Diversity Council. And Dean, always great to have you on Called to Coach. Welcome back!

Dean Jones 1:03
Thank you, Jim! Good to be here. Super excited about today's session. So we got some, we got a big announcement today. This is a, this is a special session, where we're going to be talking about, we have an all-new CliftonStrengths Top 5 Report. This report is going to be launching on Jan. 20. We want to give people kind of a preview of the report today. This report has been in the works for a while. So there's been a crew, including our friend Austin Suellentrop, who recently left Gallup, but there's a crew that's been working on this report for a while. It'll replace our current Strengths Insight Guide. And I am so excited to be able to share it with you all today. We're going to actually look at the report itself; we got a sample report we're going to show everybody. It'll include more resources than ever, both for people who know their CliftonStrengths and for people who are just discovering their CliftonStrengths. And as part of that kind of inside look today, we're going to talk about all, some of the logistics around the launch of the report, so everybody knows kind of what to expect, as we start to go around that. To do that. Jim, I brought a friend.

Jim Collison 2:09
Always good to phone a friend, Dean. Always good.

Meet Our Guest on This Episode

Dean Jones 2:11
Exactly, I was like, yeah, exactly -- the more, the merrier. So joining us today is Andrew Bridger. Some of you may know Andrew. Andrew is our, Gallup's Director of Marketing for CliftonStrengths. And so, Andrew, do you want to just kind of tell people about yourself? Great to have you here today.

Andrew Bridger 2:27
Yeah, thanks for, I mean, I always love when I get phone, a phone a friend; I'm always happy to join. So I'm Andrew Bridger. I have been with Gallup for just over a decade. And I'm the Director of Marketing for CliftonStrengths, as Dean just said, so I get the awesome opportunity to wake up, up every day and think through, How do we bring strengths to more people? So whether that's through this content that we're working on with, with Jim Collison here or anything on our website or anything you see on social media, we're thinking through, How do we bring more strengths to more people? So really excited. I lead with -- I forgot to lead with that -- I lead with Competition®, Activator®, Achiever®, Strategic® and Futuristic®. So, fairly intense; that's why Dean and I get along so well. We are always working on things.

Reimagining the CliftonStrengths Top 5 Report

Dean Jones 3:10
Yeah. We were just laughing before the, before the broadcast today. We were talking about Activator, my Activator, Andrew's Activator, the two of those together. It's very exciting. So Andrew, why don't, we're gonna start today, why don't you just tell us about the process that kind of led up to this report? Can you just talk about, How did we decide to create the report? Kind of what was the impetus for doing all this? Can you just give us some of the background there?

Andrew Bridger 3:35
Yeah, absolutely. So I was lucky. I've been a part of all of the role-based reports and the CliftonStrengths 34 Report. So going back, I think it's been 7 or 8 years now, since we first created that kind of new report. So I've been a part of all of them, in some facet or another. But it really started a couple years ago. And it's how, the thought was, How do we reimagine the Top 5 report? How do we not just design it and make it look better than what it used to look like, but how do we bring more value? How do we provide more insights for people, for, for existing users who know their strengths or have known their strengths for many years or people just starting? And so for the past couple years, we've been spending a lot of time doing user testing, focus groups with clients, coaches, all sorts of usability things, to figure out how we could go from what was the Strengths Insight Guide to this new Top 5 report and make it just, not only better looking, but the content even better than it was before?

Dean Jones 4:25
Yeah, that was one of the things, I will tell you, Andrew, the first time I saw it, that was one of things that really struck me was it real, it's packed with all this great, valuable strengths information. And it's scaled for somebody who's just being introduced to strengths. But one of the cool things for me, we were talking about this before, was it, literally from the first kind of Top 5 report, it introduces people to all these great concepts that are part of what we know is kind of our, you know, the basic level of strengths education. It really does bring people, it's, I think it's better at bringing people into the world of strengths than anything we've ever done. Right. Can you, can you talk about some of the things that the report includes? Because there's so much packed into the report.

Andrew Bridger 5:06
Yep. And I know you'll, you'll show some of this stuff off here in just a little bit. But what was really fun is, when we first started down this road, and we had a huge whiteboard of What could this be? Like, what all could we pack into this thing? And all the way from, you know, our insight statements that we have to, Do we include things on weaknesses and managing our lower 4 strengths, too. So starting from a huge whiteboard, and then starting to kind of tailor down of, like, OK, how much do you put into the actual report? What complements each other as best as possible? How does it kind of build on each other, right?

Andrew Bridger 5:36
And so some of the things that are in this new report that you'll see here soon is, so you, you understand your Top 5 strengths -- rightfully so, Top 5 report; you get your unique Insight Statements. So the Insight Statements are not changing. Some of them have been cleaned up from a vernacular perspective -- you know, words change over time; we wanted to make them more succinct and clean to read. But some of the newest stuff is, we have theme pairings that are in this, which Dean'll get into. It's my favorite part of this new report, because it's something that hasn't existed in any of our other reports before. Action items, we've got all sorts of resources to help people better understand their strengths -- from a Name, Claim, Aim perspective to having conversations with others. We really wanted to not only just make it a reflective Aha! report for people to better understand themselves, but make it very easy for people to apply their strengths throughout their life, whether that's at work, at home, wherever it may be -- we wanted to make sure that this could be a piece of content that they could take and apply outside of just reading it.

Who Has Access to the New Report?

Dean Jones 6:36
That's so cool. That's so cool. And, and as you said, Andrew, we're going to talk about some of the cool parts of the report and show you a little bit of report. One question is, so, will everybody who's taken CliftonStrengths have access to this report? Can you talk about that for just a minute?

Andrew Bridger 6:50
Yep. Quick answer is, Yes. So the best part about this for all of our existing users is you don't have to do anything. Come Jan. 20, when we launch this new report, it will be in Gallup Access. You don't have to, you don't have to do anything at all; everyone who has taken strengths before will already have access to it.

Dean Jones 7:06
Great. That's, that's awesome. So you really don't have to do anything immediately. Everybody who's done CliftonStrengths will have access to this Top 5 report, in addition to any other reports that they've already purchased, right. So they've got access to that, so that they can take advantage of this -- that you don't have to do anything to do that. Automatically, it's just right there. Right?

Andrew Bridger 7:24
Right there. Yep.

Dean Jones 7:25
That's perfect -- on Jan. 20, when it launches, right?

Andrew Bridger 7:27
Yes. Yep. You got it.

Changes -- Top 5? Signature Themes? Strengths Insight?

Dean Jones 7:30
Yeah. Tell me, so Andrew, tell me a little bit about the Signature Themes Report. So that's been the report -- I know that some, some folks have got that baked into, to courses that they're working on. Is the Signature Themes Report going away?

Andrew Bridger 7:34
Great question. And part of this is the naming of this new report is the "CliftonStrengths Top 5 Report" to help with some of the confusion we've heard around the naming of our "Top 5" reports. So the Signature Themes Report is staying. That is not going away; that's still available in all of those languages, and a really good starting spot. The Strengths Insight Guide will be going away. So on Jan. 20, when you log in to go see your reports, the Strengths Insight Guide will no longer be there; it will be replaced with this new CliftonStrengths Top 5 report. So if you do want a copy of that Insight Guide, make sure you go in and download it prior to that, so you have a copy. Because once that date changes, that will go away. But Signature Themes Report, to your point, Dean, will still be there.

Dean Jones 8:24
So the Signature Themes Report -- that's got all the standard definitions of your Top 5 -- that's staying, right?

Andrew Bridger 8:29

Dean Jones 8:29
The Strengths Insight Report will be replaced. Right. So before Jan. 20, if, for some reason, you want that Strengths Insight Report, you know, you should go download that. What, what I have heard -- people have asked me, Will my, are my Top 5 strengths gonna change yet when I go to this report? So you said some of the, some of the, some of the, some of the insights have kind of been cleaned up a little bit. Will my Top 5 change? Or do I need to retake the assessment in any way? Can you just talk about that piece, please?

Andrew Bridger 8:58
Yep. Great question. So your, your strengths will not change. We don't recommend people retake the assessment; there's no need to. All of your existing strengths results will then just flow into this new Top 5 report. One thing that you mentioned that I think is really important to reiterate is the insight statements from the Insight Guide and the insight statements from this new report will essentially be the same. So if you're, if you're concerned about losing content or losing, you're not losing anything at all. Everything that was existing in the Insight Guide will be in the new Top 5 report, plus some. So you, don't be concerned about losing content and getting, making sure you download the old one.

Sharing Your Top 5, Unused Top 5 Codes

Dean Jones 9:35
Yeah, here's the thing is I'm laughing at, I'm watching the chat, and the coaches are going nuts. It just makes me laugh. Can you imagine if your strengths changed? Right, exactly. Sorry, I'm not Activator anymore; No. 1 Deliberative®. Hey, here's another kind of related question along this, too, Andrew is if, if I've shared my current Top 5 report with somebody; if I've shared these Strengths Insight Guide or my strengths with somebody, will they have access to this new CliftonStrengths Top 5 Report?

Andrew Bridger 10:08
Yes, they will. So the biggest part, one huge part on the technology side that we worked through with this new report is, How do we make sure this is a seamless transition for everyone? So you will see no adjustment or nothing new in how you are sharing reports. Everything that you had shared previously will still be shared; they'll still see your new report. Any unused codes you may or may not have will still unlock access to new report. So it really is very little change management on the customer side. Now on our side, obviously, we're working very hard to make sure that goes as smooth as we, as we possibly can. But on the customer side, it will be a very seamless transition.

Dean Jones 10:44
Yeah, I want to just emphasize, Jim, I think Jim Brophy asked that question earlier, and I want to go back to that about, I think he asked it on LinkedIn: What happens, if coaches have an existing stock of Top 5 codes that they own, what -- those codes are still good; you'll still use those codes. They're just still Top 5 codes. After Jan. 20, they access the new report versus the old report. Anybody who buys the, that old report before Jan. 20 will get the new report on Jan. 20. Any, anything else about that that we should be aware of as coaches?

Andrew Bridger 11:22
Nope. I thought you said that, you said that very well. So any unused code, you'll access the new report. Or if on Jan. 10, you go and send someone to take the strengths assessment, they'll get the old report. And then 10 days later, they'll get the new report. So there is no, there's nothing that they need to worry about, in terms of unused codes in distributing those.

Dean Jones 11:40
Great. Awesome. That's great. You guys, let's, let's take a look at this report. Jim, were you going to chime in here? Sorry.

Jim Collison 11:46
No, it's good. It's good. You answered, you answered those questions. Let me bring the report in. I think there's been a lot of questions in chat about what the report looks like. Guys, hang tight on your questions. We got a lot of material to cover. And we'll get questions here at the end as well.

An Overview of the New Report

Dean Jones 11:59
Yeah, that's great. Awesome. You guys, I thought I'd just give you kind of an overview of the report. And again, you know, we know that it's, I love that, the excitement around the report. I think it's so cool. I am so excited about this. I think it's gonna be really, really, really a game changer for those people, particularly, that use the Top report. A lot of, a lot of folks go straight to All 34. Of course, we want people to be able to do that. We want people to unlock all 34 themes for themselves. But for those that use this Top 5 report, I think this is really going to make a difference. Here's what's included in this report, just to give you kind of a quick rundown, right? It'll include your Top 5 CliftonStrengths themes. There's, it's got a guide for using the report today and in the future. It'll talk about how your strengths are unique to you in the report, right. It'll also talk about how your Top 5 strengths combine to make you unique, right. Andrew will reference that in a minute, and we're going to show you that in a minute. It's one of the coolest things I think about the report is right away, it introduces people to theme dynamics, right. So how your Top 5 strengths combine to make you a really unique human being, right.

Dean Jones 13:08
It's got action items that you can implement immediately. It's got an, a practical outline on how to use your dominant strengths. And it's also got a guide around having conversations with other people around that. So this is the first page of the report. So what Jim is showing you right now is the first page of the report. What it's got, and you'll see in a really straightforward way, it's got your Top 5 themes ranked, right, in terms of intensity, from 1 to 5, right. There are short statements about each theme. And it's color coded by the domains they're in. Now that may seem like an obvious thing, but, you know, the old report wasn't this way, right. And so one of the cool things is it introduces those domains right away, so people start to relate to those talent themes inside of the 4 Domains. So I think that's super useful for people around this, right. So Andrew, anything you'd add about this first page?

Andrew Bridger 13:59
No, other than the fact that, like, just visually, it just, I smile when I see it, compared to looking at the Strengths Insight Guide. It just, it looks so great, compared to what it used to.

Dean Jones 14:09
Yeah, and there's the key code at the bottom that introduces the 4 Domains there, super straight. Why don't you go to the next page? Because that's where we really get into the 4 Domains. So this is a standard page. You'll see it's customized at the top with your Top 5 -- that's the individualized Top 5. But you see all 4 Domains, and you see which themes are part of which domains on that second page. So one of the things I think this is markedly different than we've done in the past. So in the past, philosophically, we didn't introduce domains as quickly with people that had done Top 5. Here we're introducing those domains, so people start to think about their talent themes inside of those 4 Domains and how do they, how do they kind of work, work through it, right?

Dean Jones 14:50
Why don't, Jim, why don't you go to the third page here. Now this is the first page that starts to introduce your Top 5 themes. So you can see, this the first theme We get the standard definition of this theme; then we get all the insight statements, right. So one of the things I love about this is that it shows you, it sounds funny, but there's like that key code in the middle of the page that shows you your Top 5, right; shows you which of your Top 5 we're working on; and again, it's color coded, relative to the domains, right. So we're able to see that. And again, those insights statements are personalized, just like the Strengths Insight Guide, those are dynamically generated statements that are unique to you and your all 34 themes, right? So they're really designed to be able to, those are your unique, the shaded statements that are unique to each individual human being around that. I think it's one of the things that makes strengths so powerful for people is, is how incredibly personalized it is for people, and how it really captures the diversity of the population. It's one of those things that makes strengths, CliftonStrengths, just so, so, so powerful. Anything you'd add here, Andrew?

Andrew Bridger 15:58
Just reiterating that this is always, as we were working through this page, it was, This is the Aha! page. Right. This is their first strength. These are the insight personalized, customized statements that describe them. And this is where people start to have that Aha! moment. Right. So just reiterating that personalized approach to this page.

Dean Jones 16:14
Yeah. This is just great. And then I love, you know, the, Justin said in the chat, one of the things is, you can see how it ties so beautifully, it aligns so beautifully with the CliftonStrengths 34 Report. Right. So there's that, just that, just that great alignment there. So when people move from this report to the 34 report, it feels, it feels like there's just the, the design is similar; It feels like there's great alignment there around that; so that's just perfect. Jim, why don't you go to, go to page 4 on that. Right. OK, great. So one of the things that, this page 4 is new. Sorry, my screen didn't refresh. There we go. Perfect. OK, this page 4 is new, and it's one of the coolest things, I think, about this new report is right away, it shows you how -- this theme, your, each theme it's talking about combines with the other four themes in your Top 5. So it really introduces the concept of theme dynamics from the very first report. And we know that understanding theme dynamics really helps people to unlock strengths in such a powerful way. It's one of the things that really makes strengths really valuable for people is, one, is knowing it's each individual theme and how that theme works.

Dean Jones 17:28
But then also understanding, How do those, how does that theme combine with other themes to make me a unique person, right? There's also action items associated with each one. And so under each combination, there's an action item that's designed to help you understand and start to develop this theme right? Now, one of the things Andrew reminded me before -- this is not personalized. So every time, for everybody that's got Significance® combined with Futuristic, as it's shown there, that statement is going to be the same; that's not individualized to each person. But it is, it is unique to that combination, right. So it's an action item that's unique to that combination that helps people get started, using those two talent themes in combination with one another, right, around that. So, and then obviously, we've got, you know, on this page, at the bottom of page 4 here, we've got some action items on how you use that theme, that Significance theme, just like every one of your themes, you'll have some action items that allow you to be able to capitalize on that and start to really develop that theme. Andrew, anything on this, or Jim, anything on this page?

The Return of Action Items

Jim Collison 18:32
Yeah, let me, action items were something we had in the Insight Guide long ago, when we, we consolidated that on Top 5, those, we removed those and placed them elsewhere. We're bringing them back as part of this new Top 5 Report, to have those action items there and available for the individuals looking. So for those of you who gave us feedback on action items, they are back.

Andrew Bridger 18:54
I was just gonna say, that was one of the big drivers of that is those focus groups that I talked about earlier, and, and people wanting more of those actions and application versus reflective in nature. And so definitely listening to those, to those who gave feedback around that and making sure we nailed that.

Dean Jones 19:11
That's awesome. That's awesome. Why don't we go to page 14. So we go through each one, as Jim's kind of flipping through this, each one of your Top 5, you have that exact same combination: the insight statements that are personalized for each, for each human being, right -- all the action items, the theme dynamics piece. Then, when you get to page 14, the other thing that's cool about this, I think somebody, Jim, I think, said earlier, How many pages is it? Right? I think there's about 16 -- is it 16 pages, I think, in the whole report? Is that right, Jim?

Andrew Bridger 19:42
Yep, 16, 16.

Dean Jones 19:45
Yeah, so I mean, that just alone is just more, much more robust. What's cool here is, starting on page 14, and I think this is something that's really going to be super helpful, is there's lots of resources beginning on page 14 for people just to start to develop their strengths. So we're bringing people into that concept of developing your strengths. I think, for a lot of people that would get their Top 5 report, not really know where to start, right? How do I get into the world of strengths? How do I start to be able to do this?

Additional Resources in the Report

Dean Jones 20:15
And so you can see, and I'll just briefly go through each one of these. One is there's, there's, so there's lots of resources to help unlock the potential of CliftonStrengths to help to be able to develop your themes. There's an exercise to begin Naming, Claiming and Aiming each one of your Top 5 strengths. And you see the QR code here that, that will lead people online to be able to support them. There's an activity that they can do around that. Again, we're introducing Name it, Claim it, Aim it, right from the beginning. So people are thinking about that as the model that they're using to be able to start to develop their strengths. There's additional resources in Gallup Access. So you see the QR code here that people can go in, sign in to their account in Gallup Access, to be able to take advantage of those Clifton, CliftonStrengths resources.

Dean Jones 21:02
Let's go to the next page, Jim. And then you can explore all 34 of your strengths. So if they're ready to upgrade -- you know, they've got their Top 5; they're ready to upgrade -- it's an easy way that people can go explore All 34. They'll be able to also explore the role-specific CliftonStrengths reports, if that's something they're interested in. And we help to kind of facilitate their sharing. So the last piece on this page is engaging in a conversation about your CliftonStrengths. How do you start to share and talk about your CliftonStrengths with other people? We know one of the things that really makes a difference for people, in terms of mastering their strengths, is they're out sharing their strengths with others. They're starting to socialize their strengths in, in, with the people that they traffic with, right. So being able to do that will be super important there. Andrew, anything you want to say about this Resources section?

Andrew Bridger 21:52
Yeah, I saw a couple of questions in the chat. So the, yes, the QR codes, so we had to account for a lot of things, right? People print their reports off and have it, have the paper copy right in front of them. Others are in Gallup Access or on the app and viewing it digitally. So we wanted to make sure that in this back section, regardless of how you were looking at this report, you could take a next step. So in here, if you're on your desktop or in the app, there are clickable links to go to those resources that we just talked about. If it's printed, you can then take your phone, scan the QR code, and get there very easily as well. So we wanted to make sure, however you are viewing your report, you can easily get to any of these additional resources.

Report Launch Date, Info

Dean Jones 22:29
It's great. So I want, I'm just sensitive of time, Andrew, so tell us again, when does the new report launch?

Andrew Bridger 22:33
Yep, Jan. 20 is when this report will launch. Now, if you guys are looking at the calendar, and I saw someone make a post about it, that is a Saturday. So do I encourage you to go in at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday morning? I do not encourage you to do that. Give us, give us some time just to make sure. So we do launch this generally over the weekend, because we do see slower traffic on our systems then, and we want to make sure we QA everything. So we will be working over that weekend to make sure everything's going as seamless as we knew it would. And then we'll start to do that external communication to all of our users about that new report the following week. So if you are excited and want to go in on Jan. 20, you are more than welcome to do so and go see it. But we will start all of that mass and large communication to our audiences that following week.

Dean Jones 23:21
That was one question I saw earlier in the chat, too, and Andrew, that I had for you is, can you talk just a little bit -- we're not going to communicate before the 20th around it. Once it's live and it's launched, then we start communicating. Can you just talk? I think people are concerned. Hey, will, will people be notified that this report is there? How will people be notified? Can you just talk about that a little bit?

Andrew Bridger 23:42
Yep. Great question. So we have email campaigns going out over the next month, just to let people know that this is coming. Now we've had over 30 million people take their strengths, and email deliverability is only so good, right? So we're doing as best as we can to let people know this is coming ahead of time, at least a month in advance, so they can go download that old report if they want to. But then again, we'll have multiple notifications via email, social, Gallup Access nudges, things like that, after the fact, so that people can go in and view that new report. So if you have not heard from us yet, you will, here in the next couple of weeks.

Available in Multiple Languages

Dean Jones 24:14
That's great. That's awesome. And then one of the things I know about this report is the new report's available in many, many languages right from the beginning. So that's a little different. Usually we launch in English, and then we translate. Can you talk a little bit about, about that, and what languages it'll be available in?

Andrew Bridger 24:32
Yeah, absolutely. So for our role-based reports for the past 5 years, we've always launched with English. And then 3, 4 months later, so, is when we released our in-language versions of it. And most of that is as a QA thing on our side, to make sure that everything's working how we want. We knew, though, with the Strengths Insight Guide going away with this new report, that that wasn't a plausible option, right. We wanted to make sure that all of those languages were available, and there was no lapse in, in service, for lack of a better term. So when we launch Jan. 20 -- and I got my paper here, so I don't mess it up -- we'll have English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai. So every language that the Insight Guide was available in will be available in the new Top 5 report.

Dean Jones 25:16
OK, and again, does, do, do folks who have CliftonStrengths, do they have to do anything to get this report?

Andrew Bridger 25:23
You do nothing, other than log in and find the report. And you can find that report in the same spot where you currently find your Insight Guide. So if you go to the Reports tab in Gallup Access, there's where the, those are the reports that you have access to; you can see those, and it will show up right there. So after Jan. 20, you have to do nothing; it will be there for you to start, to start engaging with.

Dean Jones 25:43
Yeah. And again, the Signature Themes Report not going away, right. The Strengths Insight Guide is going away, right? All the information from that will be in the, in this new report. But if for some reason, you will, you, you want that format, you do have to go in before January 20 if, for some reason, you're, you know, for nostalgia purposes, you feel like you need to print it, right, like, before the 20th, you gotta go in and grab that. Otherwise, it is going away; it will be replaced with this new CliftonStrengths Top 5 Report, correct?

Andrew Bridger 26:13
You got it. If you have Input®, you may want to go grab it. If you're like me, and don't, you, you're not worried about it. So yes -- if you want it ahead of time, go get it. If not, it will be gone on the 20th.

Dean Jones 26:23
That's great. That's awesome. OK, Jim, let's take a couple questions. I think we got a couple minutes before we have to wrap here. What, let's take a couple questions about the, about the report.

Jim Collison 26:34
Let me go back. I've kind of consolidated them. And let me give you a pro trip -- tip here for a second. Go back, after we're done, this is going to be available for immediate viewing on YouTube, it's available. You'll, or if you're on LinkedIn or Facebook, those links should be available; you can review this again. We've given you a ton of information, and I'm seeing in the questions, questions we've already answered. So it's OK. There's a lot -- it's OK. There's a lot of information; go back and review this. We're going to cut it off here in just a second. But, but review the video as well. Andrew, sample report -- when will that be available for individuals to view?

Andrew Bridger 27:08
Yep, so we are working through that to be available for our coaches and for our community in December. We don't have a date yet, because we're still, I know you saw the Don Clifton sample report; there are many little itty-bitty details we're still working through to make sure that that is finalized that we're working on. So it will be in the middle of December when that will happen. What I recommend too is in Gallup Access, there is a banner in the CliftonStrengths area that links to an FAQ page all about this. So even if we didn't hit on all of the questions you may or may not have, if you go to that page we created, it has everything under the sun you could think of, whether it's from book codes or unused codes, whatever it may be, you, we will have answers on that page for you guys.

Jim Collison 27:51
It's a really robust FAQ. So make sure you can go in, log in. There's some information about that now. That's available right now, right? That I can get to that FAQ from the banner? Is that right?

Andrew Bridger 28:03
Correct. That's correct.

Cost of the Report

Jim Collison 28:04
And pricingwise, this is going to, on Jan. 20, the price change, right, will go to $24.99 for this report, and that'll be all Top 5. Coaches, separate your code purchases from the reports in this, in this case, right? A lot of questions around, I'm going to be able to use those codes? Any codes you've purchased in the past, you'll be able to use. On Jan. 20, all this will happen automatically behind the scenes, and, and those reports will switch. Insight Guide will, will switch with this new Top 5 Report and be available to everyone in that way. Andrew, for the role-based reports, we've created a coaching, a coaching guide for this that we've put in the Certified Coaches kind of page for, that have materials. Are we going to do that for them as well on this one?

Andrew Bridger 28:46
Yep. We will do that for this as well. Our goal is to get this out to our coaches ahead of the launch, so that people can look at that and prepare. I'm actually, me and Jim here -- thank you for teeing me up -- are planning on working on that here in the, in the coming weeks, to make sure we have that ready for you guys. So yes, we will make sure we provide that coaching guide for, for all of our coaches.

Jim Collison 29:04
I think one of the questions too, gonna be a lot of feedback on the format. And we're pretty locked in to what's coming out on Jan. 20. But don't stop the comments coming in. If you want to give us feedback on future revisions, any of those kinds of things, we will take, we will take those. They won't go in in February -- let's just be really clear about that, coaches -- so, but we always appreciate your feedback and want to hear, want to hear how it's working for you or some ideas that you might have. Dean, as you're looking through, I think I've covered just about everything we wanted to cover here -- from a language perspective, from a sample perspective. If you're listening to this right now in November, we still have a lot of things coming to you December and January. And so if you have any questions, you can always email us: And those will just come to me. But anything else, Dean, Andrew?

Dean Jones 29:58
I would just say, I would just say, for the coaches, just make sure that you're -- in Facebook, we'll be providing updates around that. So just be watching Facebook when we go to that. Stay close to that FAQ page that Andrew mentioned. I would highly recommend that everybody go to that on and bookmark that page, so you can go back to that page if you need to around that. And we're going to continue to provide updates around this, right. And as, as Jim said, I think, the feedback is excellent. Not all the feedback will be, will be implemented right away, right? But we're use, we're listening to it. We want to make sure that, for the, that we can take the feedback that impacts the most people and, and be able to implement that. So I think --

Jim Collison 30:39
And just one final reminder, Dean, for our Certified, there was a comment in here from Heather, just a comment: We've adjusted, for 2024, we've adjusted the discount code to accommodate the price change for you. So we've been sending details out about that; not everybody who watches this is going to be a Certified Coach. But again, if you have questions, send us an email:

Dean Jones 31:00
Another great reason to be Certified!

Jim Collison 31:06
Well, I think with that, are we good? Have we cleared everything you guys want me to wrap this up?

Dean Jones 31:10
I think we're good. Yeah, you guys, I just want to say to all the coaches, thank you so much for your support. We really appreciate everything that you do. We've appreciated your feedback around this that has led to this. And, and we really appreciate all of your support. So thanks so much. We, we're excited to be able to share this with you, and we hope that this continues to kind of fuel your practice.

Jim Collison 31:31
Agreed. With that, we'll remind everyone to take full advantage of all the resources we have available in Gallup Access. We mentioned that, but an easy link to that: Log in with your credentials. All that information is available there, including this new report, starting Jan. 20. We're excited. For coaching, master coaching or if you want to become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, like Dean was mentioning earlier, send us an email -- I've said this a dozen times already -- but It's amazing how many emails I get to my name that say, "What's that email address?" And I think it's easier to remember that than my name. Anyways -- stay up to date with all our future webcasts by joining us in the Facebook groups or the LinkedIn groups as well. I'm out there all the time on LinkedIn, if you want to, if you want to do that, or find us just by searching CliftonStrengths. And we, if you, if you enjoyed this or found this helpful, share it with, with your coaching friends, your mastermind groups, your, those individuals that you are coaching, your organization as well. Thanks for listening today, and thanks for coming out. With that, we'll say, Goodbye, everybody.

Dean Jones' Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Activator, Focus, Woo, Strategic and Relator.

Andrew Bridger's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Competition, Activator, Achiever, Strategic and Futuristic.

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