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Leadership & Coaching

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Go beyond manager training. Develop managers to support organic growth.

Encouraged by her mentor, 17-year-old Claire Elliott embraced her strengths, became a certified coach and now guides others on their strengths journey.

Called to Coach

Unlock your potential as a leader through applying your CliftonStrengths -- and leveraging the strengths of others -- and build an environment of trust on your team.

Called to Coach

Share in the insights gained as we explored the 34 themes through the lens of a leader in this Season 2 Wrap of The CliftonStrengths Podcast.

You are unique, and your strengths pairings are too! Learn several common and rare strengths pairs and how to grow your talents into your greatest advantage.

Discover your natural talents, and then receive insights and advice based specifically on your results to help you become a better leader.

Called to Coach

Learn about the workplace needs that "The Great Resignation" is really pointing to, and how leaders and organizations can address these needs and engage and retain their employees.

Called to Coach

Learn how coaches can guide leaders into greater self-awareness and more effective leadership as they help them develop their talents into strengths.

Called to Coach

Learn how to build an unstoppable team that is unified, overcomes obstacles and achieves goals through CliftonStrengths and effective coaching.

Called to Coach

Learn how combining CliftonStrengths and 360 feedback sessions can empower your coaching and facilitate true leader development.

Discover the key traits of effective leadership, learn to develop leadership skills, differentiate between leadership and management, and build successful teams.

Called to Coach

Join us as a coach of senior executives shares his perspectives on CliftonStrengths, maintaining great client relationships, maximizing a 360 program and more.

What is coaching, really, and why should leaders care?

Your top CliftonStrengths -- the things you naturally do best -- can help you manage better, meet your goals and improve your team's success.

While some worry about a boss-less, remote workspace, Novartis AG's "Unbossed" program actively seeks unbossing -- by turning managers into self-aware coaches.

Discover insights on leadership coaching from two executive coaches with a decade or more of coaching experience.

Help employees navigate the evolving workplace with a reboarding strategy based on the five drivers of organizational culture.

The CliftonStrengths assessment crosses 25 million completes. Here's what Gallup learned about strengths when we looked at the aggregate data.

Learn how leaders at Hologic have improved their workplace culture, inspired employee engagement and built trust and stability during turbulent times.