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Called to Coach
CliftonStrengths® Podcast: Developing Leadership Skills S2 Wrap
Called to Coach

CliftonStrengths® Podcast: Developing Leadership Skills S2 Wrap

Webcast Details

  • What strengths insights has Season 2 of The CliftonStrengths Podcast revealed?
  • What are some practical ways coaches can use the 4 Needs of Followers in their coaching?
  • How can the June 2023 Gallup at Work Summit benefit you as a coach or as a leader?

Called to Coach Webcast Series -- Season 11, Episode 12

Below are audio and video plus a transcript of the conversation, including time stamps.


Explore Gallup's CliftonStrengths® for Leaders Report and discover its ability to help you maximize the impact of your -- and others' -- unique leadership talents and strengths. Join Jim Collison and Dr. Jaclynn Robinson as they wrap Season 2 of The CliftonStrengths Podcast. What insights have they -- and others -- gained as they discussed the 34 CliftonStrengths themes in the context of leadership? And how have they practically applied what they have learned? Take one more opportunity to unlock the leadership potential of your coaching and life -- because everyone leads something.


[In appreciating the variety of these themes,] I think it was even more meaningful to go, Wow, just the depth of the partners that I have -- the beauty they bring to the table whenever we're working together.

Jaclynn Robinson, 13:25

It is so beneficial [to look at the Leader, Manager and Sales Reports]. Something tends to dance off the paper and speak to you when you're looking at them.

Jaclynn Robinson, 20:45

Jim Collison 0:00
I am Jim Collison, and this is The CliftonStrengths Podcast, Season 2, recorded on April 11, 2023.

Jim Collison 0:19
In this CliftonStrengths Podcast series, we'll look at the CliftonStrengths for Leaders Report one theme at a time, and today is the Season Wrap. If you're listening live, love to have you join us, especially today, in the chat. There's a link right above me to it if you're not, if you don't see the chat on the page you're on, click on that; it'll take you there. Or you can email us your questions after the fact: And if you're on YouTube, and you want to put the comments down below, you can do that as well. Dr. Jaclynn Robinson is our host today. She works as a Senior Learning and Development Consultant and joined me for Season 1 of The CliftonStrengths Podcast, where we looked at the book Wellbeing at Work one theme at a time. Jaclynn, always great to be with you. Welcome back!

Jaclynn Robinson 0:58
Thank you.

Jim Collison 1:00
We have spent the season thinking about, talking about not just the CliftonStrengths for Leaders Report, but also weaving that in with the CliftonStrengths for Managers, CliftonStrengths for Sales. It was kind of a nice time as all 3 of those, you know, bing, bang, boom, so --

Jaclynn Robinson 1:18
It was a package deal.

How to Find CliftonStrengths Season 2 Webcasts

Jim Collison 1:19
Yeah, we put them all out 6 months apart, kind of boom, boom, boom and have kind of slowed that down a little bit, to kind of consume these. And I felt like we spent the season consuming them. For, for those of you coming across this podcast, if you haven't, this is the first one and you're like, Oh, wait a minute, I haven't even listened to one of these! Well, OK, I'll tell you how, and then put it on pause and you could go binge those. But we've made them available as a season, as a podcast. So if you just, on your favorite podcast app, search "CliftonStrengths Podcast," you can find them that way. We have a playlist for them on YouTube that, as we're recording this, you know, we're only about halfway through deploying them. So it's not too late to get on that, on that bandwagon. But you can, you can consume them on YouTube, if that's your way of doing it. Or go to You can sign in to Gallup Access. In the Resources tab, upper left, choose "Resources," and then go, and then search by the theme, and everything we've done from all seasons of Theme Thursday, plus the two seasons of CliftonStrengths Podcasts, are available there. And you can, you can begin to consume those. So if you haven't done that yet, that would be the next thing for you to do. Jaclynn, we spent a little time on this. Give, give some idea, if you could, your prep for this. I know that's, we didn't put that in the, in the notes here, but I just thought of that.

Jaclynn Robinson 2:41
We didn't. Secret sauce.

Prepping for a Season 2 Webcast

Jim Collison 2:43
For you, talk a little bit about your prep. Because I think people get interested in that. You know, it's a weekly, we've recorded two of these every week live, and then we release them one, one a week throughout the year. What was your prep for this?

Jaclynn Robinson 2:59
I would block an hour of time, and then have all reports pulled up the -- well, when I could. So I always had the Leadership Report pulled up. And then sometimes I'd have the Sales and Manager Reports pulled up as well. And then I'd just take that time to just think about what this would look like. As we started to even wrap in the 4 Needs of Followers, that became really fun, because it's like, OK, now I'm in the Leadership Report. How do I see the 4 Needs just kind of speaking to me off the pages as I'm looking at this and starting to type up the notes? And then I'd have a real good time starting to combine the Leader-Manager or Leader-Sales Reports together, thinking about what that would look like. And maybe that's -- I think that's probably where Futuristic® for me came in. I'm naturally a visual person. And so I'd think about what that person would look like personified, if they had this theme and they're a sales leader. Or they had this theme, and they're, you know, a leader of people. So that's, that was really fun, because that felt even more creative for me. So maybe for 10 of the themes, 5 to 10 of the themes, I actually used the, the Manager and Sales Reports as well. Otherwise, it was just, What do we already know about these themes? What would it look like? etc. It was a fun process, especially for themes I didn't have like, you know, Consistency® -- really low, those Bottom 5 to 7. It's like, Ooh, this is gonna be fun. Let's see what this would look like. And I'd really think about that.

Jim Collison 4:39
When you were writing these thoughts and these ideas and, you know, we would, probably half of the content you kind of had written out, and then we would vamp on the other half of the content and spend some time talking about it. In your mind, as you were thinking about other people consuming this, was there a visual image for you? Like, were you picturing, when, we talked about combining the Sales Report and the Leader Report or whatever, Manager Report? Did you have somebody in mind? I mean, what's going on in your brain as you're writing these things out? How do you, how do you visualize that in a way? Yeah.

Jaclynn Robinson 5:19
I didn't have anybody in mind. It would just be, What would this person, you know, likely show up as? Or what might they be interested in? And that's where I would, I would take it. Sometimes I would pick people's minds, if they had that theme really high, just to see, am I on the right track? What else might you add in? And so I'd be on Microsoft Teams, pinging people? Yeah, I did that with one of my colleagues with Restorative™ high, because I have Maximizer® high and that one I really wanted some, just wanted to make sure I was going down the right path. And so that would be fun -- I might have somebody in mind to go talk to and get more insight from.

Applying the 4 Needs of Followers in Your Coaching

Jim Collison 6:00
One of the surprises -- we didn't write this in, but it was, it was immediately apparent in the very first one we recorded of incorporating the 4 Needs of Followers, right, out of our Strengths Based Leadership work. That's older work, and not separated from our current leadership stuff. But it's, it's in a different, it's kind of in a different era, so to speak. I've even had someone question us, that word "followers" on YouTube; they were like, really? Do people? You know. And so it comes from a different era, right? I mean, it's 10 or 15 years old at this point. And there may be some thoughts on kind of rewording that. You'll hear me, I, you hear me throughout the season just refer to it as "the 4 Needs." Just cause, you know, just kind of thinking through that, trying to be a little more inclusive on it. What do you think, what do you think that, as people are consuming this podcast, maybe again, or for the first time, what do you think that achieved for us? Bringing that older work in and adding it into the newer work? How would you coach coaches on using that with individuals, or what would you do with that? Yeah.

Jaclynn Robinson 7:09
I think it's really helpful. I think it's, it's been highly necessary, I would even say, in the last 3 years to help leaders or managers think through that lens of the 4 Needs, as they're thinking about their communication style and what it is they're communicating, and how are they delivering this information to their teams, to keep them hopeful and enthusiastic and forward-thinking, in terms of where the company is going or where the manager or leader is taking them. I've found it really useful in leadership Team Blend Sessions, where the leaders are coming together, and they're thinking about their talent themes. Usually, they'll have that Team Blend Session when they're already having their mini-retreat or mini-summit to think about the year ahead. And so it's been a natural -- segue isn't the right word, but it's been, it's been a pretty natural activity, I'll even say, to incorporate the 4 Needs into our strengths-based session that we're having.

Jaclynn Robinson 8:15
Because once they talk about their talent themes and they look at their team grid and they're talking about how their themes interact together, we can jump right off of that into, OK, now, as you're thinking about your strategy for the year, and you're looking at your team grid, how are you communicating with Hope? What themes are allowing you to do that? How are you communicating with Stability? What themes are allowing you to do that? And typically, there's one where they go, Ooh, we weren't thinking about that. What can we use to get there as a team? How do we want to frame up that messaging? And then individually as we go off, and we're running our own separate, you know, departments or divisions, how do we want to make sure that we're accounting for that with, you know, my Top 5 or my Top 10? So I'm really happy that we added that in, because I've naturally seen that that's been a really good element to pull into leadership Team Blend Sessions. And managers could use it too. But yeah.

Jim Collison 9:14
I think it's, it's a good reminder that, that those we lead have needs. It's not the 4 things I need to tell you; it's the 4, right, it's not those needs. It's not those kinds of needs -- "I need to tell you" -- it's the 4 things, you know, it is, it's 4, it's not it, and by the way, it's, it's not complete. It's not the only things. It's not, you know, it's just, it's just these 4 ideas that came out of this work. And, and pretty strong, pretty strong needs, as we think of those that we lead. And keeping that in mind, right, keeping in mind that leadership is really about, you know, if you're leading and no one's following, you're not really leading. And so you, to bring folks along, right?

Jim Collison 10:04
In thinking of that, at least for me, it's always a great reminder that as I'm leading people, I'm doing exactly that -- is that I'm leading people. And these are people who have, they're not perfect. They have, they have bad days. Sometimes they're terrible days. And, and that we've got to account, it's just not always about getting things done. I think Don talked a lot about getting the work done through people, right. And it's an imperfect system. And we've got to we have to account for that. And I think for me, the season, as we, as we went through those, those needs, I loved asking you, you know, we'd get to a theme, and then we'd say, Where do you think the 4 Needs fits in? And it fits in all of them. That's the secret. Right? We would mention a few. Right? But it fits in all of them. And but it, I think it, I think for leaders, this should recenter us on the purpose, mission and goals of what we're trying to do as leaders.

Jaclynn Robinson 11:05
Yes. Yes. And that's what motivates and inspires employees and teams to say, Oh, OK, let's go! It's only a quarter of employees, what, feel that their manager motivates them in a way. And, you know, that really inspires them to get behind the work itself.

Season 2 Strengths Insights Gained and Applied

Jim Collison 11:24
Yeah. Well, and I think the inspiration doesn't come in telling. I think that's the thing. I think we think leadership is about telling. And it's, it's, it's not. It, I mean, yes, there are times we need to do that, right? It needs to say, Hey, guys, this is where we, this is where we need to go; this is what we need to get done. There's some of that, right? So much more to that, though, in leadership of inspiring teams to get there on their own. Right. Margaret asks that question: State those 4 Needs again. So this is out of our Strengths Based Leadership work. So if you go, we have a book, I think we wrote it 15 years ago, called Strengths Based Leadership: Hope, Stability, Compassion and Trust is what comes out of that, comes out of that, that work. And so we spent some time working through that through the season. I think I worked really, really hard to say that on every single podcast, as we go through it, just to remind you of that, as well. We also spent some time, you and I spent some time maybe thinking about these themes that we have, they're middle for us, or they're, they're on the bottom, right. And we, as we, for you personally, when you thought about the work necessary going in -- by the way, listening to the podcasts and creating podcasts are very similar, right? Just one is you just get to consume it. But you learned through this. What did you learn about yourself, going through this and thinking about these themes that not, maybe not are in your Top 10.

Jaclynn Robinson 13:00
It's that, that deeper understanding and appreciation. You already have it, but you might be 8 feet deep, and I felt like I was able to go 12 feet deep, with just understanding and appreciation of just the variety of these themes and what they, they bring to the table, especially those Bottom 5 to 7 of mine that I don't, I don't, you know, naturally gravitate towards, and I love partners that have them. So I think it was, it was even more meaningful to go, Wow, just the depth of the partners that I have -- the, the beauty they bring to the table whenever we're working together. Or being even more curious and going to them: How does this show up for you? How would you, how do you influence people when it comes to this type of theme? And learning more. And so it was just that, it was embracing that natural curiosity of how this can show up, and then just getting really excited to go even deeper into the knowledge of these themes. Because we say all the time and strengths coaches, you probably agree: You're always learning something with these themes. It's a lifetime of learning more about your own Top 10 and how they show up. But then, you know, the themes that you don't have as well. And so that's just as true for us, even though we, we live and breathe it within our Gallup workspace. So it was, I really appreciated it.

Jim Collison 14:22
I think as you, as you say those things, it got me thinking about, as a resource for coaches, using this season as a resource for managers of managers or teams of managers, right, who, who, when you're doing a team grid may have some gaps, right? May have some theme gaps, may have some domain gaps, may have some, may have some strengths -- not may; they will have some strengths in that. And they will have some gaps -- let's just be clear about that. And taking those by theme and going back and have them listening to this podcast and getting some ideas, getting some coaching, getting some thoughts on, Oh, yeah, you know, we're, we're, we may want to think about, because we don't have Consistency in this group or because we don't have any Individualization in this group, of bringing those two out and assigning some homework -- just saying, "Go, listen to these and bring some thoughts back, so some ideas in leadership. It could be a tool for leaders, coaches -- I'm just giving you some coaching here -- could be a tool for you to use with those. It's a quick 15 minutes, right? Hey, go listen to these. I see some things; go listen to these in advance. As you think of, Jaclynn, as you think also of ways of using the content, how would you, anything else come to mind that you would think about as people either listening or using it as a tool?

Jaclynn Robinson 15:52
Yes. If you're working with sales folks, I think this is a, well, gosh, it runs, it runs the whole spectrum of people that might, you know, really lean into this. But I do think about sales folks, too. I've been working with a lot of Sales Managers. And this has been helpful, I think, even in just my day-to-day conversations that I'm having with them as we're going through sessions together, of helping them start to map how their talents might be showing up in that, that Sales Manager position. If you've got managers that are going through a leadership development program, this is fruitful for them to, to be thinking about how their, their talent themes can support them as managers, but as they start to prepare for a leadership position in the near future or in the future. So those are even two ways that I've been applying everything we've gone through this season in my coaching and my sessions that I've been running for strengths folks. It's been really applicable. It just, because we've talked so much about it, it's one of those where it just comes to you and you're like, Hey, this is another consideration that we could think of if you've got Relator high, and you're in a sales position, or Individualization high, and you're a manager. How might you want to manage this person? What are some questions you might want to ask this individual, get to know them better? Yeah.

Jim Collison 17:21
Yeah. And it's not the, it's not an exhaustive resource. Right? There's plenty more for you to build on. But it is, it does get you started. It's some thoughts for you. I think there's some opportunities, even for coaches, to develop themselves, working back through this process to say, Yeah, where does this fit for me? I think about that -- we had a discussion about sales. And it's not about seats, but it's about solutions, right, and being consultative. And, and yet also, also, you know, being a consultant at times, right? And how does that fit in, how does that fit in with the, the overall arching theme of what you're trying to do? Not just as a coach, but where are you trying to take teams? Right? Where are you, where are you trying to get this to fit in a team, a team session?

Jim Collison 18:12
I think one of the things, you know, I, I'd actually love to, and it just wouldn't be practical, but I'd actually physically love to have those two reports out while we're doing this, and spending some time with an individual, walking them through or thinking about both of those -- whether it'd be the Sales and Leaders Report or the Managers and Leaders Report. And going through those action items and building some plans to really be like, Hey, what do you -- it's not that I can't do that, but maybe I need to find somebody to do that with. But work, actually have them, I always pictured, as we were doing this, I always picture just having them side by side and, in the action items, by theme, or even in combination of themes. Right? Each of those themes has action items, and begin to, begin to cherry-pick out of there like, Ooh I want this one and I want this one. Let's talk about this. I don't know, anything, anything else on that you'd add, from, from a learning experience?

Jim Collison 19:14
By the way, before I, before you answer, I love to hear that you've taken this to some of the current work that you're doing. I think sometimes people think we just create these things and then they disappear. These things have absolutely -- "these things" -- these podcast has absolutely grown me over the last (is that even, did I say that right? Can you say "grown me"?) -- I have grown; I have, obviously my English has not grown. But the, over the last 7 seasons of these -- 8 now -- I've grown a lot. Any, what would you add to that?

Jaclynn Robinson 19:50
I'd agree. I've, I've used this season so much. I used our Wellbeing at Work season a ton, too, because wellbeing is just so, so pertinent, and I love that topic. But I've, I've really used a lot from this season as well. It's just so helpful. And before we even started the season, I was incorporating 4 Needs into work. I was thinking from that, when I had Sales Leaders or Managers, the Sales Report perspective alongside their full 34, to just have a season where we can fully develop each of these themes from the 4 Needs, and from the Sales, Manager and Leadership Report was just like oh, it's heaven. But I will say, to your earlier point, when you were talking about having the three reports out, just for my own prep experience, it is so beneficial. Something tends to dance off the paper and speak to you when you're looking at them. And I imagine it would feel the same for coachees if they've got their reports in front of them, and they're thinking about those action items or specific statements and what really speaks to them and how they can use that and apply it within their role.

Jim Collison 21:05
Yeah, yeah, not a one-and-done read. OK, I read that. Right. But really a workbook of going through and saying, Hey, we're in this kind of situation. Great Mastermind exercise, you know, to get coaches who are in Masterminds together thinking about this. I'd love, you know, to think about it in the context of groups, right? Pull those reports and, and let's spend some time thinking about how we, how we do -- maybe I'll do some of this around the Summit with, with folks, spending some time kind of thinking, you know, thinking along those lines of just pulling those and setting them side by side.

Jim Collison 21:39
I've asked out in the chat room for, for stuff, for the individuals listening to us live, what have they learned? You can be putting those, if you're listening live, you can put those in chat. If you want to add them as YouTube comments right below us, you can do that as well. Later, after the fact I look and approve all of those. And so we'll take that as well. LaShaun says, I've learned that whether I'm in the leadership role or the "4 Needs" role, it's to my advantage and sets, sets us all up as a team to operate continually in my strengths, right? Yeah. Jaclynn, it's a question I get all the time from folks: Like Do you guys really, at Gallup, do you guys really talk about strengths as, as, like, how much do you do this? In the preshow, we probably had three, three different mentions of themes, right, for each other, We, it just so permeates. I was just in a meeting the other day where I, we just could, we got on that Maximizer thing. And then everybody was like, Oh, yeah, this is how I'm gonna maximize -- boom, boom, boom. Just hitting all those in a row. It's so funny how often it comes up here. It's not just me, right? Does that, do you experience the same thing?

Jaclynn Robinson 22:52
On Teams, in partnerships, it's, you know, if you're struggling, you can call it out. It's like, this theme is not, not likin', not likin' this right now. Or this theme, my Focus is out of whack right now. I need some, some clarity or role, you know, role clarity here. It comes up a lot, for better and for worse, as we just talk it out with each other.

Jim Collison 23:15
Yeah, it's, it's, it's constant conversation. Yeah, no, it's constant conversation, which is, which is pretty incredible. You almost miss it. Like, not, not miss it, like, Oh, I miss, oh, I missed that! But miss it in the sense that you stop realizing you're having these super strengths-nerdy conversations all the time. And, and people, like, I've been in public, and I'm like, well, that's my -- and then I'm like, Oh, they don't know anything about strengths. Like, what did you just say? And I'm like, Oh, that's right. Yeah, you don't, you don't know anything about strengths.

Jim Collison 23:50
Lisa says she really appreciated the 4 Needs were incorporated into the discussion. And Lisa, you might have inspired that even a little bit. I think early on, you said something to me about that. And, and so I took it. Margaret asks a question. She says, How long will the wellbeing training podcasts be up in the coaches website? So we have no plans to take any of these podcasts down, at this point. We -- some of the older Called to Coach sessions from the early days 10 years ago, I've been removing years just as we go. Some of that stuff goes out of date. All of the Theme Thursday content -- 6 seasons of that -- are staying. And then the wellbeing stuff will stay as long as we need it to. Eventually, it kind of goes out of date. You know, we get older, hair gets grayer. I mean, Jaclynn, you'll always stay the same. But this guy gets a little bit older each time, and so -- Oh, one of the things -- oh, this was kind of fun.

Jim Collison 24:44
So Heather mentioned, she loved the interactive strengths grid that we did a couple times -- remember when we did that? That was super cool. A good way, so if you, if you missed that, we took, I took the Excel version, jammed it into a Google Doc. Somebody helped me -- I should remember who did this. Somebody helped -- Lisa was that you? -- format, format it, so it's, it's, it doesn't, it's not perfect. It's not perfect for, for Google Docs, but somebody fixed that. And then, and I still have that in my Google Docs; we could use that anytime. Maybe we should have done that today. Yeah. Lisa helped fix that. So Lisa, thank you for -- she said, Yes, it was her. So thank you for doing that. And, and then we, we spent some time talking about it. I think one of the things where that helped, right, I mean, it just shows how easy it is to get conversation rolling around this. Right? To get, you know, in this case, we'd have 30 people fill in their Top 5 or 34, or whatever. And you can start seeing some trends and some conversation. That was kind of fun. Any, anything you, you pulled from that time together? I just wanted to show coaches how easy this was to do. Sometimes we overthink it, you know, especially virtually. Any thoughts?

Jaclynn Robinson 26:00
I think it helped us also, as we were going through the series, realize how many maybe Maximizers there were. There were a lot of Maximizers that were on that team grid or high Relator®, some Woo®. And then where we all might take a pause and go, Ooh, this might be a theme we could learn more about. So, depending on what the session was, and what the Team Grid was, it was also helpful in just thinking about our own perspective with that theme that we were, you know, talking about at that point in time. And I think I do remember Maximizer and Restorative being one where it's like, Oh, we don't have a lot of Restoratives on, on this particular podcast today. But we had already seen in the Team Grid how many Maximizers there were. And it was like, Oh, this makes sense. This might be a big learning experience for all of us. And I think we've said that, we said that a few times, as we were looking at some of the themes. It's like, Oh, this is gonna be a good learning experience for all of us. So it found its way into the podcast itself as we were going through these themes.

Jim Collison 27:01
Yeah, we didn't do it -- I think we did it 3 or 4 weeks in a row, and then it was, we kind of let it go at that point. But it was a great way to, you know, just to highlight the conversation, show us how easy it is. Our family and I has a, we have a shared Google Doc that we use that has all the themes in it for the family. And we refer to that quite often from time to time as a family doc; great way to get the family involved in it. And so, no, that was a ton of fun. Well, any, any final thoughts? We've got, we want to transition a little bit, but any other final thoughts on Season 2? Let me ask you this question, because this --

Jaclynn Robinson 27:42
How do we top it? That's my final thought!

Jim Collison 27:44
Yeah, what do we -- chat room --

Jaclynn Robinson 27:45
I don't know what we're gonna do!

Ideas for Season 3

Jim Collison 27:46
Chat room, give us some ideas. We've, listen, it's April 11, 2023. We will not start Season 3 until, we'll say November, probably, at this point -- November of 2023. Depending on when you're listening, this, that may have already come and gone, and we may be in Season 3 already -- which is the weird part of these podcasts, right. But chat room, what do you think? What would you like to see as a, as a, as a Season 3 topic? We, you and I were just chatting about this in the preshow -- pre-preshow. And I don't, we don't know. There's a lot of, a lot of water to go into the bridge between now and then. But, but we'll still have, so Heather's asking, What will we do? OK, we'll still have some Called to Coach. The Summit's coming up, so that's a big distractor. The summer is coming up; that's a big distractor, where we normally slow down. And then we'll have some more things coming up -- we'll have some more Called to Coach things scheduled for you coming up here in the fall.

Jim Collison 28:48
You can still subscribe to the podcast. I would recommend you subscribe to the podcast, even if you listen live and go back and listen to them all again. That would be a, that would be an awesome, you know, yeah. So, Heather, not, so the live recordings of these, not till November. They'll be available one at a time in the CliftonStrengths channel, produced for you all the way, all the way to the end of the year. So you can, you can go back and do it that way. Just not live, right. One more: Jennifer says she gained an appreciation for curiosity in understanding and applying my strengths for the benefit of my community. Ask questions and listen to others reveal their strengths. So that's a really good, that's a really good outcome. So Ken says, How about CliftonStrengths in DEI work? A good thought along those lines. None of these, just because you say them doesn't mean we're going to do them, by the way -- just full transparency. I appreciate that.

Jaclynn Robinson 29:48
We like the ideas. There's a couple of things at the Summit that will be on that. Well, Danny Lee and Amatoga are going to be taking on CliftonStrengths and Culture.

Jim Collison 29:58
Yeah, and there's a little bit of that in the Learning Series for our Certified Coaches, be some, some things coming along. Holly says, For me, I watch all the ones I missed because I was working. Yeah, a great opportunity to catch up on that. Heather said, Be great if there was possibility look at themes based on demographics, gender, age, industry. Yeah. So Heather, we've been down that road. And that almost always never ends well. In fact, we've pulled, we've pulled back on all those reports, just because of the misunderstandings and misuse of that when we do that. We, we produced, a couple years ago, we produced a video talking about that. And then we have a Demographics Report now in the Ultimate Guide for Certified Coaches. If you head out there, there's some things. I don't know if we'll ever go back to that. That, that is such a, such a double-edged sword when we, when we do that. If we're not doing it right, if we're not talking about it right, if it's not represented, right, all of a sudden, you start getting, Well all men are now this or all women are now this -- whatever. Well, what about other groups? And you start adding those in, and that, all of a sudden, takes us down a path that we don't want to do. These are individual results. And we want to celebrate the individual, right? I mean, these are themes.

Jim Collison 31:24
It's human nature -- we want to roll these things up and compare ourselves. That's human nature. As coaches, resist that urge. Push that back down, and say, "No, it's about you -- not how you compare; what you do best, where have you had the most success in those? So it is, and, and Heather says, Yeah, I was still hoping. It's really helpful for women. Not as helpful as, as some have thought. And we've gotten some, couple years ago, we got some really negative feedback about that. So I don't see those coming back anytime soon.

Coming Soon: the 2023 Gallup at Work Summit

Jim Collison 31:59
We're gonna make a little transition here on this, as we think about it. Jaclynn, the Summit, because we're gonna release this, and if you're listening to this post-June 2023, you missed the Summit. And it's OK. You can stop or listen on if you want. We're gonna talk a little bit about, we're going to release this a little bit in. A couple reminders: if you're going to join us this year. Love to have you -- either both virtually, which I'm hosting the virtual event, which will be super cool -- or the, the in-person event, Jeremy will host that again. And you'll, for those, you'll all be here, lots of folks are coming. Like it's, the numbers have been, have been moving up, and it's super cool. The person, in-person deadline is May 22. So if you're -- that is a deadline! So make sure you get in and get that done before May 22, 2023. Virtual will be right up until the start of it. Jaclynn, you're spending some time at the Summit. I thought, since I had you, give us a little idea of what you're going to be speaking on. And what's the, give us a little teaser -- and maybe even a little value for folks listening.

Jaclynn Robinson 33:07
Yes, I get to talk about burnout. How managers or coaches that are coaching managers can start to identify the signs of burnout; how you can even think about rectifying it before it turns into burnout. If we, we know what the signs are, we know how to start preventing it and being a little bit more proactive. And then, What are the ways that we can start to support folks that are undergoing burnout? So my topic is on essentially burnout and wellbeing -- should be no surprise to those that know me. I love anytime we can incorporate wellbeing, we're going to do so. Yeah. And I'm on Tuesday, June 6, from 10 to 11, on site, and then of course we will be doing it virtual too. So anyone that's tuning in virtual, we're going to make sure that that Q&A is also open and applicable. And any questions you might have towards the end, when we open it up to everybody, we'll be able to pull yours in as well.

Jim Collison 34:12
The -- boy, I lost my train of thought there. It came, and then --

Jaclynn Robinson 34:18
You pulled a Jaclynn! You looked up into the air. It's my Strategic Thinking talent in action; I look up in the air anytime I'm thinking.

Jim Collison 34:26
I was thinking about that. And then all of a sudden, whoosh -- it left the station. It just, the though just left the station. Yeah. This year, we'll be doing these interviews in between the sessions that I'll get a chance to lead. There'll be a studio on site. And we'll be doing some fun things associated there in between, trying a few different things this year. And of course, because it's both virtual and in-person, we've got to do some things different to get it done. And so if you haven't registered already, the virtual, the virtual ticket is available for if you can't make it to Omaha. And we understand if you can't. I mean, it's crazy times. Travel, travel stuff and getting time off and being in Omaha. But I've heard from a lot of folks, just one yesterday, who said to me, "Jim, you know, the only reason I'm coming is to network with people." I mean, listen, the sessions are going to be great. And Jaclynn, yours is going to be awesome. But there's this huge desire to meet to be together again.

Jaclynn Robinson 35:30
Yeah, it's like the summer camp of strengths.

Jim Collison 35:33
Yeah. So yeah, a couple of reminders on the virtual session. So Margaret asks, Will the virtual Summit sessions be available? Just like every year that we've done them virtual, they'll be available for 90 days after the Summit is over. So they'll be available for you; you can go back and watch those virtual. So if you buy the virtual ticket, and you can't actually physically be at them, and we create more sessions than you can attend. For those coming in person, you'll get the virtual ticket as well, so you'll be able to go back and watch those. That's a hard 90 days, guys. That's a hard -- every year, I have to say this: It's 90 days. Don't, don't say, this last year was better than most years. I only got one or two. It was like, "Can you extend that?" I'm like, "No, actually, we can't." The cool thing is, if you attended virtual last year, they're going to open up here shortly, they're going to open up last year's sessions for you before the Summit. So you can go out and see what happened in 2022. So be watching your, if you registered last year and you're going to register again this year, be watching your email as we get a little bit closer. I think they're going to do that a month out, and we're not quite there yet. But that'll be kind of a cool reopen those back up.

Jim Collison 36:40
And of course, I would encourage our Certified Coaches who attended the Learning Series or didn't attend the Learning Series. Those are available for less than 30 days now at this point, available out there on the registration site for that. So go to your CliftonStrengths Newsletter, the Coaches' Newsletter, go to that site. If you haven't, if you didn't register, just register again, and you can get in there. Those are going to be available for less than 30 days. Then I'll move those to YouTube, and we'll actually make those available in the Coaches' Newsletter. I think sometimes, Jaclynn, the more exclusive I make things, the more people actually watch them. But if you provide them everywhere, they just feel like, Ah, I don't need to go do it. So sometimes I feel like just hiding stuff. Yeah. Just hiding it. And they're like, "Why did you hide it?" Well, I just wanted more people to watch it. That seems, that seems, that seems kind of strange. Lisa says, The summer camp of strengths! Yeah, we're gonna have a good summer here. So it's -- yeah.

Jaclynn Robinson 37:35
Make sure you bring a sweater. I feel like it's always so cold, because it's so hot at that time of year. And then you go into, you know, a facility, you go into the conference room or the center, and it's just freezing. So make sure you pack like it's winter for when you're in those rooms.

Jim Collison 37:53
Yeah, it's a little chilly. Bring some rain gear. It usually means we get a thunderstorm or two. If you're, if you're not familiar with thunderstorms in the Midwest, we get those, we get those here. And so an umbrella or some rain gear might be helpful to you as well. We'll look forward to seeing you here. Gallup at Work Summit 2023. Jaclynn, any other final thoughts before we kind of wrap it for the year? Still plenty of things going on. Follow us at and all that other stuff. But any other final thoughts as we wrap the season?

Jaclynn Robinson 38:25
We'll figure out something that we want to do for you all for November. Yeah, well, I hope you all can attend the Summit. It is a really great networking event -- that is very true. Whether it's virtual, or you're on site, you just feel that sense of strengths-based energy in the room or in the virtual room. So please sign up, if you have that opportunity. It is a really good learning experience, as well as a networking experience. And thank you all for joining us this season. We couldn't have done it without you. Truly, it would just be, you know, Jim and I talking. And after a while --

Jim Collison 39:04
We would have done it without that.

Jaclynn Robinson 39:05
We would have. We like talking to each other. You kept us honest. You kept us on track. And you brought in a lot of good learning and questions.

Jim Collison 39:17
Yeah, it's a lot more fun, it's a lot more fun when you guys are out here. Jennifer, Jennifer says, she says, She really liked Jaclynn's comments on the lifetime of learning of our strengths. And that Gallup continues to explore and provide resources for us. And we do indeed -- this is part of that resource package. I, it's always interesting. I, there seems to be a desire, an appetite for just more and more. And I always say, "Well, have you listened to the podcast?" And they're like "Well, I mean, no." I'm like, "Have you gone back and listened to what we've done? I mean, there's years of wisdom" -- not from me, but from the hosts, from the other hosts who have been on here.

Jaclynn Robinson 39:58
Definitely you too, and your words and phrases. We still have to get you to do --

Jim Collison 40:02
It was kind of a good year for that for me. Don't, don't, don't put it, don't say "book." You know how I --

Jaclynn Robinson 40:08
Audiobook, audiobook, then.

Jim Collison 40:10
Series, podcast series, just an audio podcast series on that. We, we appreciate you guys. You are very welcome, you know, some, some accolades out there, some thanks for, for doing that. And thank you guys for coming out and being a part of what we do. And, and thanks for joining us. Like Jaclynn said, we couldn't do it without you. We would; it just wouldn't be as good. So we appreciate, we appreciate you guys as well. And thanks for coming out live. Stay close on There will be some things -- I'll get Jaclynn back. You know, let's get through the Summit. We got a lot of things coming up. Lot of things are happening with this. We got a lot of things coming up here in June and July. I'm gonna take some time off, which I desperately need.

Jaclynn Robinson 40:57
I love when Jim takes time off. It's great!

Jim Collison 41:00
Desperately needed. But not until, not until June. And then we'll come back in the summer and get some things done. We'll remind everyone to take full advantage of all the resources we have available now in Gallup Access. If you haven't been out there in a while, head out to Log in, go to the Resources tab upper left, choose whatever you want. In this case, any of the themes, and everything we've done -- most everything -- is available out there for you that way. Stay up to date -- I mentioned this before -- stay up to date on all the webcasts by following us on Eventbrite. You have to create an account there, but go to -- no, go to and -- "BRITE" is B-R-I-T-E on that -- create an account, follow us. You'll get a notification, an email notification. Don't block it, but you'll get an email notification from them whenever we publish anything new. Join us on any social platform by searching "CliftonStrengths." The strongest channel right now is LinkedIn. Like what Reilly is doing with the CliftonStrengths channel on LinkedIn, if you're not on, if you haven't gone out there and found our page on LinkedIn, just search "CliftonStrengths." Lots of great conversation going. Doesn't, doesn't diminish anything we're doing on the Facebook group. Facebook group can be a little demanding. So that LinkedIn group is still pretty nice -- I'm just saying, guys -- the LinkedIn group's more fun to hang out with than our Facebook group, but --

Jaclynn Robinson 42:21
Every platform has its own culture too, and like own style. So I think that creates a difference too.

Jim Collison 42:27
I think it does. I think it does. A little cavalier on Facebook; a little more professional on, on LinkedIn. So it's just my honest opinion. So you can join us on either of those platforms just by searching "CliftonStrengths." Thanks for joining us today. For those listening live, we'll do just a smidgen of postshow. With that, we'll say, Goodbye, everybody.

Jaclynn Robinson's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Achiever, Strategic, Maximizer, Positivity and Relator.

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