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One of the most important decisions your organization makes is whom it names manager.

Managers drive individual and team performance and play the most important role in helping employees connect with each other and their organization. And they must do all of this in an era of constant change.

Managers carry heavy -- and rewarding -- responsibilities. But Gallup finds that only about 10% of people actually have high talent to manage. The vast majority of people in management roles need training and development to successfully meet the demands of their role. Gallup helps you create a comprehensive approach to manager and team leader development that is based on finding more of the right talent and developing the talent you have.

1 in 2 employees have left their job to get away from their manager at some point in their career.

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58% of millennials say "quality of manager" is extremely important to them when applying for a new job.

Organizations fail to choose managers with the right talent for the job 82% of the time.

Relentlessly support your managers.

Find and cultivate potential.

Gallup accounts for all facets of manager and team leader development. We help you identify and select great managers and equip managers at all levels to continually improve in their roles. Our solutions are immediate and easy to implement.

Workforce analytics. Building the strength of your management "bench" often begins with an understanding of what your best look like. Gallup evaluates your high-performing managers to determine which characteristics and behaviors define their excellence. We take those findings and add our research into what the best managers in the world do differently. The result is a profile of your ideal manager that informs hiring, promotion and development decisions.

Hiring. Gallup Manager Assessments scientifically and systematically uncover the natural talent that is crucial in a management role. Instead of settling for just better-than-random, your organization can drive real business outcomes by identifying and selecting the right manager talent.

Courses and coaching. Ongoing learning and development are crucial for managers at all performance levels and in all types of manager roles. We provide a wide range of development options, from courses and workshops to one-on-one coaching. We also provide critical resources such as conversation frameworks and action-planning tools.

Aim managers at improved outcomes.

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