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Employee Burnout: Causes and Cures

Burnout is costing more than you might think. Learn the top causes of burnout and how to stop it at its source.

There is little doubt that employee burnout is a symptom of modern workplaces that are increasingly fast-paced, complex and demanding.

Organizations are responsible for the wellbeing of their employees -- alleviating burnout is the right thing to do. And, it is essential for engaging and retaining top talent.

Discover how to prevent and reverse burnout -- for the betterment of your employees and your organization.

Download Gallup's Perspective on Employee Burnout: Causes and Cures to learn:

  • the top five causes -- the root causes -- of burnout
  • the harm that employee burnout does to your employees and organization
  • best practices for combating burnout
Rating World Leaders. The U.S. vs. Germany, China and Russia

Employees who say they very often or always experience burnout at work are:

more likely to take a sick day

more likely to visit the emergency room

as likely to be actively seeking a different job

You can reverse burnout. Learn how.

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