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CHRO Conversations

Find out what CHROs at some of the most successful companies are doing differently in this interview series with Gallup Managing Director Larry Emond.

Maintaining a Culture of Builders and Innovators at Amazon

Amazon CHRO Beth Galetti talks with Gallup about Amazon's culture.

Beth Galetti

Beth Galetti
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Human

Mayo's Enduring Values Meet the New Workplace

Mayo Clinic CHRO Cathy Fraser explains "new age professionalism" in the #MeToo era.

Cathy Fraser

Cathy Fraser
Chief Human Resources Officer of the Mayo Clinic

A Conversation About Succession Management

The Microsoft performance review, development and succession planning process, called Talent Talks, embodies a growth mindset to reinvent the present and build the future.

Kathleen Hogan

Kathleen Hogan
Chief Human Resources Officer at Microsoft


Perspective Papers

Read in-depth research and advice on the workplace topics that are most important to you. Download one and expand your workplace knowledge today.

professionals sitting at table discussing graph on a screen

Designing Your Organization's Employee Experience

Learn how to create a consistent employee experience that improves individual, team and business performance.

professionals gathering around a table talking together

Building a Culture That Drives Performance

Learn how to build a culture that enhances your brand, improves business results and fulfills your organization's purpose.

professionals sitting around a table talking and smiling

Three Requirements of a Diverse and Inclusive Culture - and Why They Matter for Your Organization

Learn how to go beyond company policies and make inclusion central to your culture and employee experience.

Additional Reports


State of the Global Workplace

Discover what drives the behaviors of employees and how leaders and organizations can increase workforce productivity in 155 countries.

Research Paper

Re-Engineering Performance Management

Learn why traditional performance management systems are being disrupted, and how to improve them at your organization.

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