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CliftonStrengths Courses Inspire Exceptional Performance & Create Strengths-Based Cultures

You need a proven way to ensure your employees and teams succeed. Our courses are the solution.

At the core of our approach are courses that teach managers and coaches how to practice strengths-based development.

For Coaches

Gallup Global Strengths Coach

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Get the strategies and solutions you need to help others understand and apply their CliftonStrengths to improve performance. Learn moreabout accelerated strength coaching course.

For Managers

Leading High-Performance Teams

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Learn how to integrate the strategies and principles of the world's best managers into your own unique management approach. Learn moreabout leading high-performance teams courses.

For Your Workforce

CliftonStrengths Discovery

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Give people practical exercises and activities to help them learn, appreciate and apply their CliftonStrengths to succeed. Learn moreCliftonStrengths Discovery Courses.

Gallup Courses Help You Improve Engagement and Productivity

Gallup research proves link to the science of CliftonStrengths page that strengths-based development boosts business performance.

But according to a recent report link to The Impact of Gallup Courses on Engagement and Productivity report, investing in Gallup courses also ties to positive changes in employee engagement and productivity.

In fact, organizations that invest in Gallup courses realize an estimated annual return of $1,812 in productivity per employee in the first year.

Want to learn more about how our courses can pay off for your organization?

Read the report "The Impact of Gallup Courses on Engagement and Productivity."

DownloadThe Impact of Gallup Courses on Engagement and Productivity report

Download the "Strengths-Based Development Learning Planning Guide" to find the right fit for you and your organization.

Download the Strengths Based Development Learning Plan Guide report

Foundational Courses for CliftonStrengths Coaches

Having an internal network of CliftonStrengths coaches is one of Gallup's five steps to creating a strengths-based culture in your organization link to organisations use CliftonStrength page.

These coaches are trained and certified by Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach Certification page, making them expert consultants trusted to help managers and their teams develop and apply -- not just discover -- their talents.

Browse a few of our coaching courses below, or see the full suite of options CliftonStrengths coaching courses page and learn about how you can become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach link to how to become a gallup-certified strengths coach page.

Want help finding the best learning solution for your situation? Contact us link to Contact us form.

Strengths-Based Development Courses for Managers & Leaders

As Gallup's latest bestseller It's the Manager link to It's the Manager page explains, the quality of your managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization's long-term success.

The modern workplace expects and demands that managers act less like a traditional boss and more like a transformational coach.

We designed the following courses to help you become that type of strengths-based, engagement-focused leader who guides teams to greater performance.

Want help finding the best learning solution for your situation? Contact us link to contact us form.

Strengths-Based Development Courses for Your Workforce

Your employees need opportunities to learn and grow all the time. They're better performers and better teammates when they get a chance to do what they naturally do best every day.

We designed the following courses to help your employees discover their CliftonStrengths and learn how to continuously develop them. These courses keep the common language of CliftonStrengths top of mind for your people and empower them to maximize their infinite potential.

Want help finding the best learning solution for your situation? Contact us link of contact us form.

Exceptional Performance Starts With the Right Learning Program

We can help you find the right CliftonStrengths courses for your situation. Whether you want to join us in one of the 18 countries and 55 cities where we offer courses, or you want us to bring a course on-site to your organization, get in touch and Gallup will help you find a learning approach that fits your needs.

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