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Gallup at Work Summit: 2021 Preview

Gallup at Work Summit: 2021 Preview

Webcast Details

  • What can you expect at the 2021 Gallup at Work Summit?
  • How will the Summit cover wellbeing, and how can you get a copy of Gallup's new book, Wellbeing at Work?
  • What new technological features and breakout sessions on the workplace and CliftonStrengths will be available?

Abbie Goranson, Gallup's Event Manager, was our guest on a recent Called to Coach, along with several other organizers and presenters at the 2021 Gallup at Work Summit -- Gallup's professional development and workplace conference -- to be held virtually on June 8 and 9. Abbie and the other guests shared what you can expect to learn at the Summit, including some technological improvements from last year's virtual Summit, some highlights of this year's Summit, and how you can get a copy of Gallup's new book, Wellbeing at Work, if you register for the Summit by May 15. Wellbeing in the workplace will play a central role in summit presentations, and the list of distinguished presenters will include Dean Jones (Developing Outstanding Managers and Team Leaders Using CliftonStrengths), Jacque Merritt (Curate and Coach: Designing an Engaging Executive Coaching Journey) and Danny Lee (Activities, Techniques and Strategies to "Up" Your Team Coaching Game) -- and all three preview their Summit sessions on the webcast.

Gallup Called to Coach Webcast Series -- Season 9, Episode 14.

So we have a wide range of topics of breakouts this year. One of the main ones, as we have been talking to people from around the world, is wellbeing. Wellbeing in the workplace is ... a hot topic this year.

Abbie Goranson, 11:17

You will be able to choose your breakout sessions of choice the day of, and we don't ask anybody to register for them in advance.

Abbie Goranson, 29:29

All of the presentations will be available to download after the session is live, just like in the past. And you will have access to all the presentations for 90 days, along with the videos.

Abbie Goranson, 28:08

Jim Collison 0:00

I am Jim Collison, and live from our virtual studios around the world, this is Gallup's Called to Coach, recorded on April 9, 2021.

Jim Collison 0:20

Called to Coach is a resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths. We have Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches share tactics, insights and strategies to help coaches maximize the talent of individuals, teams and organizations around the world. If you're listening live, love to have you join us in our chat room. There's actually a link right above me right up there to it. That'll take you to a YouTube page. Sign in with your Google account and there's a chat room that is there. Ask us your questions live. If you're listening after the fact, send us an email: Don't forget, subscribe on your favorite podcast app or there on YouTube. A great way to stay up to date on all the things that are going on. Abbie Goranson is my guest today. Abbie's Gallup's Event Manager. She is my Gallup at Work Summit coach, by the way, all things working me through the process as it's getting done and probably right now the hardest-working person at Gallup as we get ready for the Summit. Abbie, a welcome back to Called to Coach!

Abbie Goranson 1:11

Thank you, Jim. It's so exciting to be here. And I was just following the chat. And it's so fun to see some of the names that I know we've had attendees in the past. And I just realized I need to join this more often to see some of our past attendees more frequently. Thanks for having me.

Jim Collison 1:25

Yeah, they're a little bit like groupies at times when they come out, when we do these and they all know each other. It's great to see new folks join us live. It's kind of, you know, the Summit experience is a lot like this, and you're gonna have some updates on it. We've got some improvements coming to it from last year that it's specifically around this experience. So I know for you, as you watch this, it's a great, it's kind of that you're looking for that same experience when we think about the Summit. But why don't you take a little second, let's walk through, just give us, tell us a little bit about you, your role. Folks may not, they may be new to it, and what you're doing for the Gallup at Work Summit.

Abbie Goranson 2:03

Yep, so I'm the Events Manager here at Gallup. I manage the Summit, and I also manage our other events worldwide that are outside of our courses that our, our clients and our attendees pay to attend. So we have a few, some of you may have attended our Summit in London and Singapore. But our main event is obviously our Summit here in Omaha that is, for the second year, virtual this year -- June 8 and 9 for those who have not signed up yet. Last year, we moved the event to virtual with everything going on in the world. And with so many uncertainties over this last year, with, Will attendees be able to travel? Last year, we had over 60 countries, representatives from over 60 countries.

Abbie Goranson 2:45

So we just didn't know what the world would look like this June. And we thought, Let's make sure we get this experience right this year -- instead of trying to change things in the last month, like we did last year -- to make sure that we brought everyone who have grown to love the experience that the Summit brings, we're hitting their expectations. So second year in a row, we're virtual. And we're really excited about some of the changes for those who have attended our virtual event last year that I know we're going to get into a little bit later. The, the event fee is $495 this year, and our Certified Coaches on the call, you do get a discount coach Certified Coach for $100 off for a $395 rate.

Jim Collison 3:28

Let me be really clear on that code, because there's a little confusion: all caps -- CERTIFIEDCOACH, no space; all one word -- CERTIFIEDCOACH. If you have some questions, you can email us, but that's the easiest way to get that discount code for our Certified Coaches.

Abbie Goranson 3:41

Exactly. And then another thing to remember is we do offer courses just around the Summit that are not available at any other time of the year. And for all Summit participants, you choose the course that you want to add to your registration at a 15% discount. So included in this is also one-on-one coaching calls. And these calls are customized to what you and your coach determine you want to work on. So it's really customized to your needs. And they're scheduled based on your availability.

Abbie Goranson 4:10

One of the questions that we have come in is, when people register, and for many of those who have registered already and may have chosen to add a coaching call at a discounted rate, is thinking that these occur before the Summit. Because of all the logistics, we want you to take your learnings from the event. You will get contacted after the event concludes to schedule your one-on-one, based on your best availability after the Summit. So just know that. But we're excited to have those offerings. We had a lot of attendees take advantage of that last year and had great success.

Jim Collison 4:41

There's a lot of, there's a lot of moving parts in that. And I'll just encourage folks to go to to see, and scroll down through the page. All those events that you're talking about, the, the add-ons to it with the special pricing listed there. And then there's an Agenda tab that's up there as well, if you want to see the complete agenda. It's been posted. The keynotes are there. We're super excited about Satya Nadella coming to be kind of our lead keynote. Abbie, I think you did that just for me, because he's a hero of mine. Like I was a Microsoft MVP for a lot of years, and when I heard that he would be coming to speak, that's a big deal. So we're excited about that.

Jim Collison 5:15

Can you talk a little bit about the mechanics of the Summit, as far as What's going to be available? What are we going to do? Maybe how is it the same or different from last year?

Abbie Goranson 5:23

Yep. So this year, and I'm just going to talk about last year. Last year, we did one full day, and we found out that was a lot to do in one day. It was a lot of learning; it was a lot to take in. And it was very fast. We also realize that we do have attendees from around the world in 60 different countries. And while we bring people here in Omaha, and we had the timing based on what the event would be in Omaha, that doesn't always work best for everyone. So we've shortened the days -- 11 to 4 [U.S.] Central time in looking through, creating half-days for our East Coast and West Coast participants. And we know this isn't obviously ideal for everyone around the world. But we're trying to shorten that time frame. So if it isn't ideal, it's at least a shorter time.

Abbie Goranson 6:06

And for both days, we offer kind of the same sort of structure. So we open with a keynote. And then we go into 2 hours of breakout sessions. You have 8 options during each of the hours to choose from, based on, you know, the topic of your choice to attend live. And then we have a closing keynote. On the first day, we have an hour of networking designated, and we're super, super excited about the networking experience. We know we didn't nail it last year with the text networking. In all of the networking this year, you'll have the opportunity to do video networking. We're adding some new features with a speed networking feature.

Abbie Goranson 6:40

So if you are going, you will be able to answer some questions about what things that you want to talk about. And we have a technology that finds other attendees that also want to talk about the same thing. And you're set up in a room like, like a Zoom call that you get 2 minutes to talk to another attendee about that subject. And then you switch to a new person. And after the event, you get a full, or after the speed networking, you get a full transcript of everyone who you talked to with their contact information so you can continue the conversation after.

Abbie Goranson 7:08

We also have topic roundtables similar to last year, but we're setting them up in a way where you can, again, talk about the topics in a, in a video way, so you can see the people that you're talking to, which just really enhances that experience. And even though it's not in person, and you're not doing the hallway little group chats, we're trying to replicate that as best as we can in the virtual platform. So we're super excited about this.

Abbie Goranson 7:32

After the, we know every year, we hear from attendees, "I wanted to attend 30 of the sessions. And I only could choose, you know, 4 live." And we really struggled this, with this with our live event. But moving to virtual, we now have the opportunity so all attendees can view all of the sessions being offered on demand for 90 days in the platform. We'll have the platform up, and you can go in and out, based on your schedule and availability, along with other kind of surprises that we'll be announcing here in the next month for some interactivity outside of the breakout sessions.

Jim Collison 8:06

What about the, for credit, a lot of coaches need, you know, credit -- ICF credit, some of those kinds of things. What about the availability of that this year?

Abbie Goranson 8:15

Yes. So we have submitted all of our sessions to give accreditation, and we're currently in that process for coaching credits and then SHRM credits. So you'll see that announcement here over the next couple of weeks.

Jim Collison 8:28

And will that be posted to the site when that's available? OK, that's good. And, and really, that's really what, where folks should be kind of focusing if they have questions. Maybe come to the site first to see if we've already addressed it, right?

Abbie Goranson 8:39

Yes. And if you're registered, we do have email updates to all of those who have registered. So when we get the accreditation approved, we'll send an email to everyone who's registered. And then we do update our site. So if you're not registered, continue to go on the site as we update it. But also, I'm just going to push you to register because then you'll get all the information you need.

Abbie Goranson 8:59

One of the things I did want to talk about is if you haven't registered, even though last year, you could register through June 7, the day before the event, we had this, or the day before the event, and you can still register on that day, we have added a virtual event box this year. So for all of those on the call that know about our new wellbeing book, we are sending these out to each of our participants this year, along with another surprise. But in order to get this before the event and to interact with the tools that we're sending, you need to register by May 15. That will, that will allow us to make sure we can get you these materials prior to the event start date.

Jim Collison 9:37

Abbie, is that U.S. only, or is that, are we doing the whole world?

Abbie Goranson 9:40

Around the world!

Jim Collison 9:41

All right, so May 15 is the date on this, right? They're gonna, they're gonna get a special gift box from us. They're gonna get the new wellbeing book plus a surprise, and the surprise is pretty cool; I've seen it. So you might want to be a part of that. So this is one of those, the reasons not to wait! Like get, get out there, get registered, get your registration and do it by, do it by May 15. And that, that box will come to you. That gives us plenty of time to get that put together and, and sent to you. Anything else, when we think about the, the Summit itself that you'd like to highlight?

Abbie Goranson 10:11

Well, we just have a lot of surprises in store, I think those who have been to our live event in the past are going to be very surprised when they log in this year. You will be brought back to Omaha in a virtual way. And you'll see very, your familiar faces that you're used to see, seeing in person. So we're really excited about just the enhancements that we have really improved the experience from last year. And we had great feedback from our virtual event last year. But we're Maximizers here; we always are making things better. And so, and we're just excited that, I know one of the questions were, "Will networking be available the whole time?" While we have designated time slots, it will be available so you can continue to grow your networks. Because that's one of the main reasons our attendees come to the event is to grow their networks, connect with their favorite friends from around the world that are all passionate about CliftonStrengths and, and development.

Jim Collison 11:06

Yeah, no, super awesome. Let's dig in a little bit on these breakouts because we get a lot of questions around this. Give us some, give us a little more detail about what kinds of breakouts are going to be available.

Abbie Goranson 11:16

Yes. So we have a wide range of topics of breakouts this year. One of the main ones, as we have been talking to people from around the world, is wellbeing. Wellbeing in the workplace is -- and I was talking to you about this before the call -- is a hot topic right now, with everything changing, with workplaces being remote, with workplaces being hybrid, with some people coming into the office and just the mental, the mental toll on all of this. So while our attendees are also getting the well, our new Wellbeing at Work book, we have several sessions talking about wellbeing. One of my favorite that I'm really excited about is our friend Maika is leading one around designing a culture of work wellbeing, and what that work-life balance that I know all of us are striving for really looks like. And how strengths fits into this, how relations fit into this. And so that is probably one of my highlights.

Abbie Goranson 12:17

Another wellbeing one is specifically on strengths and wellbeing. And then we also have Paul Walters, who's leading the manager's perspective of wellbeing, so wellbeing will definitely be talked about. We also have, if you look at all of our breakout sessions, you'll see so many CliftonStrengths sessions. I know last year, many of our attendees knew we changed the name of our event from CliftonStrengths to Gallup at Work. But when you look through all of our topics, it's really because we felt like CliftonStrengths was embedded in everything that we do. So we have a CliftonStrengths talking about agility. We have CliftonStrengths talking about manager development. We have CliftonStrengths talking about just culture.

Abbie Goranson 13:01

So when you look through the sessions, even though we tried to make sure that not all of our breakout sessions say "CliftonStrengths and ... ," "CliftonStrengths and ... ," CliftonStrengths and ... ." Make sure you're reading the descriptions to get a full understanding of, of what is being presented.

Jim Collison 13:15

Yeah, and, and a great opportunity, I think we'll hear from some of those breakout session leaders here in a second. But just a great reminder that, you know, really, as we think about wellbeing, strengths and engagement, those really blend together in all of our concepts, all of the things we teach, all of the things that we learn. Ralph had asked a question earlier, Are there going to be some new topics of some things we haven't covered on Called to Coach? And yeah, Abbie makes me hold some things back. So there's lots of great stuff that's coming, and so there'll be some new opportunities and some new things.

Jim Collison 13:47

I think, you know, what you're gonna hear, and we've got some wellbeing stuff kind of coming up for the book on Called to Coach, but some of our best thinking around around wellbeing is gonna be launched during the Summit. So we're gonna spend a bunch of time thinking about that as well. Abbie, anything else, as we think about those breakouts, anything else you want to share before we hear from those session leaders?

Abbie Goranson 14:07

No, I'd like to actually bring in Dean, our Global Talent Development Architect, to talk about his session, because I think his is going to be a highlight for many on this call.

Jim Collison 14:17

OK, let's listen to Dean.

Dean Jones 14:18

Thanks, Abbie. I am really excited to speak at the Summit again this year. I think I've been at the Gallup at Work Summit every year since we started. And every year, it's just an incredible experience. This year, the breakout that I'm going to be doing is called Developing Outstanding Managers and Team Leaders Using CliftonStrengths. I'm really excited about this topic, because, as you all know, it's really about the manager. And we know that managers have such a significant impact on teams, on associates, on organizations. That, that's really where all the influence really is in terms of engagement and the culture of the organization.

Dean Jones 14:56

And at the same time, we know that most managers became managers from individual contributor positions. And I've always been really fascinated by the fact that I just think it's so interesting that what makes people successful as an individual contributor actually undermines their performance as a manager. That really, that all those things that got them to that role are the things that, if they lean into that too much, actually undermines their performance.

Dean Jones 15:24

So in our session, we're going to talk a lot about What makes somebody a great manager? What are the kinds of things that you want to do when you're coaching managers to be successful? How to help them really own all those successes they had as an individual contributor, but also start to really focus on the things that are going to have them have high impact as a manager. We'll also talk about things like how blind spots are magnified and more central to the performance of managers, and how the lack of self-awareness can be really a killer, and how building self-awareness can really be something that is a big differentiator for successful managers. So lots to unpack in this area. And I'm really excited to be talking about it at the Summit.

Jim Collison 16:08

We'll have that new manager report as well.

Abbie Goranson 16:11

That's what I was gonna talk about. We actually, so for those that are interested in Dean's session, though a session I recommend to attend also is Austin's session, all around the CliftonStrengths for Managers report, which we are releasing right alongside the Summit. So all of our attendees can have access first, and we can dive in deep with that report, along, and how it aligns with all of these other sessions that are being presented.

Jim Collison 16:34

Yeah, it's exciting. Notice he said "CliftonStrengths" in there -- just saying, right. So look forward to that. What else do we have, Abbie?

Abbie Goranson 16:40

And I also want to pass it over to another one of our most popular presenters, Jacque Merritt, to talk about her session around coaching.

Jacque Merritt 16:48

Hi, Abbie. I'm really excited to be presenting again at the Summit this year. And I'm sure all of you coaches out there, as you've been watching leaders in action over the last year, you've been wondering about how you could be helpful to them and support them and partner with them as they've been navigating these really tough decisions. And I've had the opportunity to coach a number of CEOs and executives this last year and would like to share with you some of my experiences, some things that have been helpful that I've learned along the way.

Jacque Merritt 17:21

So really, I'm going to focus on 3 different perspectives. The first one is the leader's world. So what do executives bring to the conversation? And that has changed, I think, over the last year, the type of topics that they're bringing. So we have a framework at Gallup that I'll share with you, and that can help you understand the different balls that leaders are juggling and how you can help them navigate those.

Jacque Merritt 17:46

Secondly, I'd like to introduce you to how to create and design a really transformational coaching journey. So right from the beginning, how to introduce yourself and make that connection with the executive; what kind of assessments to use; how to involve key stakeholders; how to finish strong.

Jacque Merritt 18:08

And then thirdly, I think most importantly, is, is what you do inside those coaching sessions. So how do you, as a coach, prepare yourself for the coaching session so that you can be your best possible self and be that person that the leader needs you to be in that moment? And I'll share with you some practices there. And then secondly, what are some of the things, techniques you can use with executives, things you could do inside the coaching session, to generate those kinds of insights that really motivate leaders to take action? So if this sounds at all relevant and interesting to you, I invite you to attend my session on June 9.

Abbie Goranson 18:51

Thanks, Jacque. I wanted to also talk around Jacque's session and how she really talked about the coaching perspective. And I see we had a couple questions around really how managers or focus on workplace. Really, within all of these sessions and the coaching, it all starts at a foundational personal level. So really, they start on how you coach people, and then how you apply it to your everyday role and every day you're in the workplace. So I would say that the heart of all of these starts with people development, personal development, and then taking it a next step further to how they do it in every day. One of the other sessions that is similar to this is Mara Hoogerhuis', talking about those leaders with teams, and thinking about how you develop people to grow teams and how teams can work more effectively.

Jim Collison 19:47

Abbie, let me add on that, too, you know, if I ever did write a book -- and I'm never gonna -- but if I ever did write a book, it would be titled something like, Everything I Learned About Managing People I Learned From Being a Dad. And one of these things I I think, you know, we see this well, I don't, and, to Ralph's point, he's like, you know, I don't, I don't necessarily coach a lot of leaders and managers. But we all, and as I've been looking at this manager report, we all manage things in our life, right? We all have these relationships, whether it's with our, it's with our children, or it's with our nonprofit groups, or whether it's in our religious organizations or whatever, right, whether at work. Those same management skills play in in all of us.

Jim Collison 20:24

And I know as a dad now of adult children that I have to deploy some of those manager skills, these things that we talked about as being a manager. So I think it applies across the board, whether you're in corporate America, you're in nonprofit or you're working with families, in family coaching. A lot of this new stuff coming out, maybe strip the word "manager" out and kind of put, put in that role in there. We all lead in a lot of ways. Abbie, what else do we have?

Abbie Goranson 20:48

Exactly! And I'm gonna, I think that's a great lead-in to Danny Lee's session, our Senior Workplace Consultant. So Danny, can you share your session?

Danny Lee 20:56

Thank you for the introduction. It's a pleasure to speak again, for the first -- third time, actually -- at the Gallup at Work Summit. In my line of work, many times clients ask me for Who are the best-practice companies? And one thing I find is that there are no best-practice companies, really; there's only best-practice teams. And the organizations and companies that happen to have more of those best-practice teams tend to be known as the best-practice companies.

Danny Lee 21:23

So we're going to talk about teams. Specifically, we're going to talk about intact teams and see how we can optimize or maximize the team performance by using two different methodologies. One is the coaching; we'll use the word coaching methodology, and also a strengths-based approach, utilizing the CliftonStrengths. Team coaching conversations often can feel very fun; there's a lot of discoveries and a good memory. But let's say 90 days after, we don't see much changes, or it just leave, is left as a good memory. So the topic will focus on how we can change that so it's not just a good memory and a fun conversation, but 90 days after, we are seeing some changes in behavior, improvement in culture, and the interactions within the team.

Danny Lee 22:14

Because teams are very different. Each teams are at different stages, and there are different aids. So this process cannot be rushed through. There are comprehensive pieces to consider and integrate and pick and choose from. So we will cover at the very high level, What are some specific strategies? How to design this team coaching conversation, take it down to the tactical level. How do we make sure that this conversation is aiming towards what is relevant and aiming towards performance?

Danny Lee 22:45

Then we'll also explore some specific techniques and activities so that these activities are not just creating fun dialogues, but also mobilizing future actions. And along the way, we'll integrate some tips as well as some dry humor. So if this is something that piques your interest, I warmly invite you to join my session to up your team coaching game.

Abbie Goranson 23:12

I don't know if, for those that were on the call last year, Danny was one of our top, he was one of our top speakers with his session last year, because his session was just so fun and engaging. And we're really excited. I've been working with him pretty closely on just having, kind of creating a playbook for your teams and in coaching. So I think his session's going to be great.

Abbie Goranson 23:31

And along with that, after Danny's session, one of the other ones that I wanted to call out that was similar -- he has more of the team perspective -- was Purva's. Because when we think about teams and we think about strengths, we also think about theme dynamics. And she's really gonna go through CliftonStrengths in using theme dynamics and how you think about the whole spectrum and you apply it to yourself or your team in different situations. So I'm really excited about those two sessions, specifically.

Jim Collison 24:00

Yeah, well, I think it gives everybody kind of a good kind of feel for some of the topics -- not all of them. There's plenty out there. I mentioned earlier, that full agenda has been posted. So if you want to go out to, peruse through the Agenda tab and see everything that's else is available. Abbie, anything else you want to highlight?

Abbie Goranson 24:18

Jim, I'm putting you on the hot seat now. The closing session, you are leading with Maika this year, talking about the recap. Tell me a little bit more about your close that we're super excited about!

Jim Collison 24:28

Well, we, you know, we just call it an "afterparty." And, you know, when we were together, that was a fitting name. And I think this year, we started thinking about it, and we're like, well, it's still kind of a party, but it's tougher to do that virtually. It's gonna act more like the postshow. So we get an opportunity at the end of 2 days, to, again, recap some of the learning that we had during the sessions, some of the keynote, to talk about that.

Jim Collison 24:50

We'll have, we'll bring in some surprise guests and have some great opportunities for you to interact with us on that. So for you to bring your questions and for you to, well, and who knows what else is going to happen? Abbie, we haven't even seen yet all the great technology that you have. So I'm excited to kind of be blending some of that in as well. So we'll have a great time together afterwards. If you've gone to a Called to Coach and you've visited the aftershow (all that really means is you stayed after we ended the recording), it's gonna have that feel to it. And it'll be good to be back together. I don't ever, I don't get enough Maika time these days. And so it'll be good to be back together. So we're excited to do that.

Abbie Goranson 25:29

And I'm excited that that's right after Arthur Brooks, our closing keynote. I think his, his closing keynote for the session is really going to be one of my highlights of the event, talking about hope and resiliency. I've been able to connect with him quite frequently. And he actually leads a session at Harvard. So all of our attendees are really going to be getting a glimpse in a semester at Harvard, and what that looks like to be in a resilient, resilient leader.

Abbie Goranson 25:55

So I think with that session closing and going straight into your afterparty, I don't, I'm going to have a little bit -- postshow, yes, postshow -- I think we're just gonna really end the event with a bang. So we hope that everyone on this call can attend and join us. And I also wanted to bring in, and I wanted to really push -- for updates, please stay tuned to our website. Because, and if you are thinking about registering, register, so you can get the updates as well. We do allow cancellations up to June 7. And then stay close to our social media. We have had some really fun announcements with our social channels. And I wanted to bring the mastermind behind all of the cool engagement and fun promos, Reilly, to the call, Reilly Wiley, to talk a little bit more about that.

Reilly Wiley 26:48

Hi, everyone. It's super, super fun to be on here. And yeah, I'm super excited -- leading up to the event, we'll be sharing a lot on our social media platform. So make sure you're following @Gallup on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And then if you're not, make sure you're following @CliftonStrengths as well on those same platforms. So we'll be consistently posting leading up to the event. Please make sure you're using the hashtag #gallupatwork when you're posting anything. And then we would also love to see any of your unboxing videos or pictures of our virtual event box. Please share those on Instagram or whatever platform you love using, and make sure to tag @CliftonStrengths and @Gallup, because we would love to see those and reshare those. And we'll be sharing more and more information as the event gets closer.

Jim Collison 27:36

Reilly's has been my partner in, in all things social for the last year or so. And it has been, Reilly, it's been great to have you on that team. Like you've made me a million more times effective in social. And it's not just because I'm the old guy and she's the young lady and those kinds of things. Reilly's just got a great grasp of all things that are going on around this, especially with social. So if you have any questions, you can reach out to us around that. Abbie, anything else? We're getting some questions from the chat room. Anything else you want to cover?

Abbie Goranson 28:06

Yes. I wanted to answer Elmo's question: All of the presentations will be available to download after the session is live, just like in the past. And you will have access to all the presentations for 90 days, along with the videos. This year, we're also having the opportunity to watch all the chat. So I know that was something last year, we had so many great resources in the chat while the live sessions were going on. You'll have access to all of those during your 90 days as well.

Jim Collison 28:32

What about -- I saw How soon will the session recordings be available after we're done? You know, with Called to Coach, we use YouTube; using a different technology. So what's the timing gonna be on that -- how quickly?

Abbie Goranson 28:44

We are looking at 24 hours after the session. There may be some surprises where we can get them uploaded a little bit earlier, but with making sure that they're all ready to go and working correctly, give us a good 24 hours.

Jim Collison 28:57

And just for clarification, we are we still are, Kelly was asking, 90 days, right, post-Summit those are available?

Abbie Goranson 29:06

Correct. 90 days. And I did see some questions about signing up for breakout sessions. So for those who have attended the in-person event, you remember we had jam-packed rooms and I was getting calls of, "This is a fire code hazard!" and things like that, where we started asking our attendees to preregister and reserve their spots. With it being virtual, we don't really have a limit! Where there's no fire-code hazards that I'm being called about. So you will be able to choose your breakout sessions of choice the day of, and we don't ask anybody to register for them in advance.

Jim Collison 29:37

So they don't need to do that now. That's kind of been the No. 1 question. They've registered; they're in. They're looking for that place. I had folks trying to register for the breakouts on You know, they can see the + button and they're dropping it down. "Where do I register?" So the good news is, you don't have to, right. You can, you can do it, you can kind of do it day of.

Jim Collison 29:56

But you do want to register -- just a reminder -- you do want to register before May 15. I'm telling you, if it's -- if you do it on the 16th, can't send you the box. So make sure you get that done, no, no exceptions on that one. Because it, we have to ship them all around the world. And that just takes a while to get that done. So make sure you get your registration in by the, by the, by May 15. Abbie, 2 prices, right. So $495 for the public; $395 for our Certified Coaches, using CERTIFIEDCOACH as the discount code. No other options for folks, right?

Abbie Goranson 30:28

Nope. That's our only, that's the only discount.

Jim Collison 30:31

Just to clarify that as well. Let's see if there's any other -- Oh, can we talk about the, for the folks, this is really meta, but for the folks who registered for 2020 and going to 2021, can you just kind of give that quick overview of what they need to do at this point?

Abbie Goranson 30:45

Yes, so we have sent multiple emails to everyone who had a 2020 registration that did not cancel that we moved their registration over to 2021. You should have re-registered. Because of the price difference, we actually gave all of those 2020 an additional add-on. So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to, and we're happy to hop on the phone. I know I've hopped on the phone with a couple of attendees and helped walk through that process and made sure they're all good to go. But you should have re-registered, and we have been in contact with all of those who qualify.

Jim Collison 31:21

I thought we made this really clear, Abbie, but apparently we didn't. So they're actually getting a physical box. We're really shipping something, no matter where they're at in the world, it's a box, right?

Abbie Goranson 31:30

Yep, it's a box. And there's a physical book inside. And then --

Reilly Wiley 31:35

With the Top 5 code.

Abbie Goranson 31:36

I really want to share the surprise, but I have promised I wouldn't. But I promise that everybody is gonna love the other item in the box. And it's a way that you, we're gonna do interactivity in the event. So you're going to want it, because you're going to want to participate in some of the competitions that we're doing. But definitely, you're going to love the box! And Reilly has been a part of helping get it, we have a whole team involved, making sure we have enough boxes to ship around the world.

Jim Collison 32:02

If Reilly's helping, it's gonna be a great box!

Reilly Wiley 32:05

I have one more thing too. Leading up to the event, make sure you're checking your email, because we will be sending you emails to log into the virtual space so that you can test your system beforehand. So just keep an eye on your email leading up to the event.

Abbie Goranson 32:20

Yes, and for sure you want to log in because we will be asking you additional questions for your networking. So we are, we're really putting the gasoline on the networking experience, and so you're gonna want to stay tuned for that.

Jim Collison 32:31

Yeah, it was pretty good last year, we, but we've made some massive improvements to it that you're gonna, you're gonna want to be a part of. Abbie, Lisa is asking, How much do you love your job and what are your Top 5? And, you know, realizing, this is the most stressful time for you between now and June, but, but give us your, at least give us your Top 5.

Abbie Goranson 32:49

I wake up every day so excited that I get to work with Jim and Reilly and the rest of the Summit team. So I am living the dream with a dream job. My Top 5 are Achiever, Responsibility, Discipline, Individualization and Positivity.

Jim Collison 33:06

There you go -- there's always that 5th one that's hard to, that for a lot of people is hard to remember.

Abbie Goranson 33:13

Positivity, sometimes on Friday morning, I need my coffee before that kicks in, but --

Jim Collison 33:17

Listen, I love, I love and run up against your Discipline all the time on this thing. Because I'm, I'm Wild Wild West, shooting from the hip. And, you know, you're, you're trying to nail this thing down. And, and so we always appreciate that Discipline and making sure things happen. Reilly, what about you? What, what are your, what's your Top 5?

Reilly Wiley 33:36

So my Top 5 are Woo, Communication, Positivity, Adaptability and Developer. So I love people and building relationships with people. So I'm really, really happy to be a part of this team and super fun to be able to be on this call as well.

Jim Collison 33:49

Yeah, it's gonna be, it's gonna be good fun. I'm looking forward to it. We're taking, Gallup's planning on taking the entire month of July off just because of it -- so don't expect -- No, I'm just kidding. Abbie, anything else that you want to add? And we'll give a second for kind of final questions from, from the chat room. I think we've covered most of them. But anything else that you want to throw in there?

Abbie Goranson 34:08

No, I'm just very excited. Like I said, I think the highlight of my day has been to see the names that I know we've had attend. In the past, we've had a couple of our past speakers also in this call. So I'm just excited to get together with, virtually, with the people that we've developed relationships with and see you again, and then do look for the event. We will be announcing the 2022 plan of attack during our event. So we're excited to talk about that.

Jim Collison 34:37

Sonny wants to drop a compliment. We always take a compliment. So that's great. He says last year's Summit was one of the best and most well-organized virtual Summits out there, and literally BLEW, with, with capitals, the socks off some others that I went to. Well done. Sonny, thanks for that encouragement as well. And so I think with that, let me just make sure -- I think with that, we'll wrap it. Are we, Oh, am I OK to wrap it?

Abbie Goranson 35:02


Reilly Wiley 35:03


Jim Collison 35:03

All right. With that, we'll remind everyone to take full advantages of all the resources we have now on Gallup Access. Head out to And actually, I didn't know this till a couple weeks ago, but, that works too. So if you want to, it's a little bit shorter than that, you can use that as well. Lots of resources, including all of our webcasts. This one will get posted out there as well. If you haven't, there's an opportunity at the bottom of the page to sign up for the CliftonStrengths Community Newsletter. Reilly, why is the newsletter so important? Like why do people want to be on our newsletter?

Reilly Wiley 35:32

So many reasons. For one upcoming, you'll learn more and more about the CliftonStrengths for Managers report. So if you're curious about that new report and want to know what, what's going to be inside it, how much it costs, etc., please sign up for the newsletter. And then each month, you actually get a dynamic piece of content in the newsletter about your top strengths. So it's individualized completely to you, as well as other, other updates. So make sure you subscribe to that newsletter because it has a lot of great stuff every month.

Jim Collison 36:01

Yeah, no, it's great. And you guys, this is another thing that's been revolutionized by our Comms team is that newsletters actually happen every month now, which is super -- we used to, we'd say we were gonna do it and we wouldn't. And the new evolution of this team, and you guys, and Abbie, you as well, working on that same team, we say it; it's there. So it's super great. And it's, it's a newsletter I look forward to every single month, so get subscribed to it. Now if you have questions on anything, you can always send us an email: We, you, we can be found -- Reilly, how can people find us? Like I always say, "Just search 'CliftonStrengths' on any social platform." What would you say? What's the best way to find us?

Reilly Wiley 36:41

Best the way to find us. Our, our "at" is @CliftonStrengths. So follow us on all the social media platforms. I'm, we're, I'm posting on the CliftonStrengths Instagram almost every day. So follow that account. We're posting new things constantly. So @CliftonStrengths.

Jim Collison 37:00

All right, and we want to thank you for joining us live today. Of course, if you have questions, just email us: We'll see you a little bit later today. Dean Jones is coming on to talk about Part 2 of Developing Salespeople -- 1 p.m. East, or no, 1 p.m. Central. You'll want to be a part of that. We'll see you later this afternoon. With that, we'll say, Goodbye everybody.

Abbie Goranson's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Achiever, Responsibility, Discipline, Individualization and Positivity.

Dean Jones' Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Activator, Focus, Woo, Strategic and Relator.

Jacque Merritt's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Woo, Maximizer, Input, Focus and Connectedness.

Danny Lee's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Individualization, Empathy, Connectedness, Harmony and Developer.

Reilly Wiley's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Woo, Communication, Adaptability, Developer and Positivity.

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