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Strengths-Based Leadership Programs

Explore Gallup's research.

Managers are central to everything that a leader wants to achieve. Here's how they should be developed.

Learn how Gallup Education can help you improve student wellbeing and educator wellbeing.

Learn how Gallup's research findings and CliftonStrengths can help you create a strengths-based culture.

Revolutionize the art of management by focusing on human development through strengths and coaching.

Learn how to construct a high-development culture using CliftonStrengths.

Learn how Gallup's research findings and CliftonStrengths can help you improve teamwork in the workplace.

Just as employee engagement is a central business strategy for managers, improving teamwork should be too.

Younger generations of workers are more driven by the purpose than the paycheck, and managers are uniquely positioned to help them find it.

A conversation about employee development set a course for Southwest Airlines to become the world's first strengths-based airline.

Learn how to inspire performance by having the right conversations.

Competencies that "check the box" are limiting at best -- leaders need performance expectations built around behaviors that drive outcomes.

How competency reports can change from a "day ruiner" for your managers to an opportunity for meaningful improvement.

Check out the data and research behind the science of strengths-based development, and download our latest CliftonStrengths research reports.

Don Clifton did more than create the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. Learn about the history of CliftonStrengths and the movement he started.

Learn how the Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking domains of CliftonStrengths help you join, create and lead great teams

Learn how the best organizations use CliftonStrengths to improve employee engagement, boost productivity and performance, and grow their business.

Learn how your college, university or school can empower, engage and develop thriving students and entire campuses using CliftonStrengths.

Learn how the CliftonStrengths assessment helps you improve in your career, succeed at work and live your strongest life possible.

Want more collaborative teams? Engaged employees? Greater productivity? Stop searching and start leading your team to greatness using CliftonStrengths.

Learn how to succeed using the Executing domain of CliftonStrengths. Popularized in Gallup's bestselling book Strengths Based Leadership.