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New Book Uncovers Gallup's 52 Best Management Insights

New Book Uncovers Gallup's 52 Best Management Insights

by Kelly Slater

Gallup is releasing a new book for leaders and for people who want to become leaders.

It's the Manager will help you solve the business, leadership and people problems that keep you up at night.

It will give you insights into one of the most complex aspects of any organization -- your people -- and introduce new ideas for influencing and getting the best out of them.

The book offers 52 discoveries and a framework around strategy, workplace culture, employment branding, turning bosses into coaches and the future of work for building an organization that meets the needs of its people and improves business metrics -- simultaneously.

Written by Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton and Gallup Chief Workplace Scientist Jim Harter, it's a book you'll want to share with your network and colleagues that will change the way they lead.

Here's the premise:

The practice of management has been stuck in time for more than 30 years, despite the world and workplace going through extraordinary historical change.

Organizations have fallen behind in their understanding of how people work and live and want to experience their lives. They aren't maximizing the potential of their employees and, because of this, they aren't improving productivity or boosting organic growth.

It's the Manager proposes this idea: If organizations adapt -- if they change the way they manage people and teams -- productivity, revenue, profits and organic growth will increase dramatically.

So how can organizations achieve those results?

After Tens of Millions of In-Depth Interviews With Managers, Employees, Economists and Leading Organizations …

Gallup concluded that the world's and business' most serious, short-term problem is declining economic dynamism and declining productivity (GDP per capita).

We also conclude that global economic productivity has slowed in the past three decades because of a failure to significantly change how managers lead and develop people and teams.

What's more, our research offers the answer to how organizational leaders can fix these problems.

Gallup is proposing a way that -- according to our research -- will eliminate the "defects" in how organizations manage their human capital.

Lean management and Six Sigma once fixed U.S. and global production quality by improving processes. But today, the problem is how people are managed inside organizations, not processes.

This time, Gallup is proposing a way that -- according to our research -- will eliminate the "defects" in how organizations manage their human capital. Simply put, failing to maximize the potential of every employee is a defect.

The book is based on research that included:

  • a review of everything we could find across almost all leading institutions and management literature -- as well as our own data from more than 30 years of U.S. and global workplace tracking
  • tens of millions of in-depth interviews with employees and managers across 160 countries
  • in-depth roundtable interviews with CHROs from 300 of the world's largest organizations
  • interviews with several of the world's preeminent economists

And What It Comes Down to Is: It's the Manager

The solution lies within aligning the practice of management with the new will of the world's workers. The great American dream has changed and the great global dream along with it.

Family, children, owning a home and prosperity are still important to people -- but Gallup's research shows that what the whole world wants is a good job.

This is new will of the world. And everything will change when organizations respond to that will.

As with lean management and Six Sigma, when management practices are transformed, people are transformed and organizations save enormous amounts of time and money. Everything gets better. People and teams grow and develop, and they're far more successful because their work aligns with what they want and need most in life: to have a great job.

What You'll Discover Inside the Book

It's the Manager is a playbook for CEOs, CHROs and managers that advises you on whichever burning issue your organization faces at the moment.

The book includes 52 breakthrough discoveries and advice grouped into five sections:

  • Strategy: Discover how to transform your workplace strategy and culture by making great decisions and bringing teams together.
  • Culture: Learn from research-based insights why culture matters more than ever to the success of your people and your organization.
  • Employment Brand: Align how you attract, hire, onboard and retain the best employees to make your organization one of the most desired places to work for current -- and future -- stars.
  • Boss to Coach: Transform your managers into the coaches your employees need and want. Today's employees don't want command-and-control bosses. They want team leaders who coach them, value them and help them build their strengths.
  • The Future of Work: Equip your managers to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing workplace, from managing diversity and inclusion to gig work to remote employees and flexible schedules -- and much more.

The longtime purpose of business has been to create shareholder return. We like that -- but if leaders don't meet the needs of their people, they won't see a return in the future.

Peter Drucker once wrote, "There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer."

We like that, too. But leaders have overlooked the best way to achieve that end.

The new purpose of business -- and the future of work -- has to include maximizing human potential.

It will change everything.

It's the Manager will be released in spring 2019. But you can sign up now to be among the first to get exclusive content -- author videos, excerpts and insights -- delivered directly to your inbox.


Jessica Buono contributed to this article.

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