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Communication: Learning to Love All 34 Talent Themes

Communication: Learning to Love All 34 Talent Themes

Webcast Details

  • Gallup Theme Thursday Webcast Series
  • Season 1, Communication
  • Learn how themes form the core of CliftonStrengths and how to understand and appreciate your own -- and others' -- strengths, as we focus on Communication.

On a recent Theme Thursday Season 1 live webcast, we discussed the Communication theme with Gallup Learning and Development Consultant Heather Wright.

People with strong Communication talents bring attention and focus to important messages. They can find words for not only their own thoughts and feelings, but for those of others. This gives them the ability to reach out and connect with others in meaningful ways.

The Communication theme is predominant in people who have a natural ability for verbal expression and who can provide conceptual clarity and social connection. Communication is not only a social theme -- it also helps facilitate and guide understanding in conversation.

People with Communication typically value being understood; they want people to get what they're saying. Curt Liesveld, Gallup's Learning and Development Consultant who leads Theme Thursday discussions, points out that those with high Communication are not only great speakers, they are also great listeners who value dialogue.

Heather says that the Communication theme energizes her. She loves to have an audience and feeds off of the conversation. Heather leads several Gallup strengths development courses, so her Communication theme makes her feel right at home when standing in front of a group.

It's important to remember that every person will use a particular strength in a different way. While Communication fuels Heather to get up in front of an audience and speak, your Communication might make you feel comfortable in a more intimate setting. If you have high Communication but don't fully relate to some of the things Curt and Heather are describing, don't be alarmed -- this is just another example of what makes your strengths unique!

To learn more about the Communication theme and how people like Heather use it in their everyday lives, watch the full video above.

Heather Wright's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Communication, Individualization, Maximizer, Harmony and Focus.

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