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Comparing, Contrasting Woo With Other Talent Themes

Comparing, Contrasting Woo With Other Talent Themes

by Albert L. Winseman, D.Min.
Comparing, Contrasting Woo With Other Talent Themes

The CliftonStrengths theme of Woo is actually an acronym that stands for Winning Others Over. Individuals with strong Woo talents are natural networkers, love meeting new people, and easily break the ice and make connections.

Woo is socially fast, easily and quickly making personal connections. Those high in Woo tend to love social situations where they can meet new people -- they are energized by the opportunity to find about someone they don't know.

Once the connection is made, those with Woo in their Top 5 tend to be ready to wrap up the conversation and move on and meet someone new. In the world of Woo, there are no strangers -- just friends that haven't yet been met.

In this installment of Compare and Contrast, I look at the similarities and differences between Woo and Self-Assurance, Competition, and Futuristic.

Woo and Self-Assurance

Both Woo and Self-Assurance demonstrate a degree of confidence. Those high in Woo are confident in social settings, while those with high Self-Assurance are confident in their decision making abilities. Self-Assurance is content to go it alone, while Woo needs companions on the journey. Individuals with strong Self-Assurance talents tend to be independent and at peace with themselves; those with strong Woo talents tend to be interdependent and are at peace when they have made several new social connections. Those with Self-Assurance high and those with Woo high can form very effective partnerships, with Self-Assurance confidently charting the course and Woo enlisting others to go along.

Woo and Competition

Both Woo and Competition have a common element: winning. Woo is about winning others over, and Competition is about winning over others. Those high in Woo thrive when they are creating a large social network, and need others to be part of that network. Those high in competition thrive in environments where they can see where they stand in comparison to others in the network, and need others with which to compare their performance. Woo makes people feel part of the team; Competition reminds team members the goal is to win. Those high in Woo tend to love meeting people they haven't met before; those high in Competition love a chance to go against the best.

Woo and Futuristic

Woo can tend to be a very here and now theme, focusing who is in front of me now. Futuristic, by definition, is not so much focused on the here and now but rather what tomorrow may bring. Both themes share a discontent with the status quo. Woo chafes against a static or shrinking network, wanting to grow, change, and expand the network. Futuristic chafes against a static environment, constantly energized and envisioning the growth and change that tomorrow can bring. Both also have a natural winsomeness about them. Those high in Woo tend to be personally winsome and attract others to their energy and likability; for those high in Futuristic their winsomeness comes from the attractiveness and inspiration of their vision of the future.

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Al Winseman's Top 5 CliftonStrengths are Ideation, Futuristic, Maximizer, Strategic and Command.

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